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  1. I'm probably in the wrong area of the forum. I searched for some time but couldn't find anything for ERP. Anyway, can anyone recommend a good, user friently, complete ERP software for an e-commerce company or provide comments if you've had experience with NetSuite or Epic? Thanks
  2. I think I'll check that one out too. Thanks Stephanie. Miriam
  3. Thanks Jenny, I'll check it out.
  4. I'm looking for a pdf editor that doesn't charge very much. From what I can tell, Acrobat wants my first born for payment . All I want to be able to do (for now) is convert pdf to word, edit, and put back into pdf. I also don't want to download a free version of something that wants to include pc scanning software or other goodies that I don't consider a goodie. Does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate your input. Thanks, Miriam
  5. Hi Karen, Is rapport the word you're looking for? Miriam
  6. I just learned about WORKetc (formerly Veetro) and wondered if anyone anyone ever heard of or used it before. http://worketc.com/ If so, I would appreciate any comments. Thanks, Miriam
  7. Oh what a great idea - This is an excellent topic!
  8. I'm with you Pat! I do the same exact thing - I started out good a few weeks ago when Dana posted something about fitness. (I think it was called "started dieting") I was walking a mile every day, and cutting down on portions, but then I got snatched up by the computer bug routine again! Just like right now! LOL!!!! I'm really glad to see this post. It's a great way to get back on track. Thanks Sally! Miriam
  9. I took the test. I wonder if two more cups of caffeine will help - it IS pretty early!? LOL!!! Thanks for sharing...
  10. Hi Debi, Welcome! I am a (virtual) newbie too. VAnetworking is without question a great source for information, and I am so glad I found it and am sure you will too. One thing I did, when I was ready for it, was become a VAinsider. I was stuck on my business plan and by joining, I got access to Tawnya's plan (along with many other great things). It's still a work in progress, but it is really helping me get through the fog. You're off to a great start knowing what niche you'd like to go into. Miriam
  11. That is so cool Tawnya! I thought about trying it some years ago, but never followed through with it...Maybe it'll go back on my list of things to do, but mainly for the candy
  12. If I understand the issue correctly, it generally works if you do: File, Send to, Mail Recipient As an Attachment. It does save a little time if you're in the document and ready to send it.
  13. Got another error message, but I too checked out the results and at the bottom it says "you've already voted" so, it looks like it's capturing the results which is a good thing!
  14. Good morning Patty, This sounds like an interesting survey. I've tried a couple of times, but I get an error message. I select how I learned about VAnetworking, click vote, and receive an error message saying that I need to click on a radio button (which I did). Am I missing a step? Miriam
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