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  1. I have done as you suggested. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi there, It has been awhile since I have had a chance to sign into the forum. My business is starting to take off, and my only child has gone off to be a soldier and is currently somewhere in Iraq. I talk to him quite often, so that's nice! Anyways, as I said my business is taking off and my husband also has a business servicing tractors. We tried a local accountant, but the chemistry just wasn't there.... I am in need of a good accountant who can give us good business advice. Currently, we are both sole proprietors, have not paid any taxes, (I believe our businesses may still be in the "red", that is that we have more in than we have made at this point). Any assistance/suggestions in this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much! Terri
  3. Hi, I think I have got a pretty decent website to work with...... I know I will have to make changes, but BOY, has this site evolved.... Thank you soooo much to Pat, Kellie, Joanne, Leanne & Cyndi, (I hope I didn't miss anybody), for your wonderful input and advice! Please don't ever stop, because as I've always said "knowledge is power". The more I know, and learn, the further I go.... I invite you all to give me feedback on my new and "improved", (I hope), website. Thanks!! Terri P
  4. I "cleaned" up the current layout and am calling it a day. Joanne is right, I'm overthinking it. Tomorrow is another day.... I can not thank you all enough for all your support and advice! Thank you!!!! Terri
  5. Hi again.... I have changed my layout again. I welcome your feedback! Thanks again! You all are great!!! Terri
  6. He everyone! I want to thank everyone for the invaluable professional advice!!! I have totally started from scratch.... If you would be so kind as to take a moment to review my new, (& improved...?), site and let me know if you think I'm headed in the right direction, I would love to hear what you all think now. Again, I sincerely appreciate everyone's professional, (albeit critical), advice!!! Thanks so much!! Terri
  7. Hi Pat, My BAD!!! I forgot a KEY WORD. "Office".. The correct site is www.upperhandofficesolutions.com. So sorry for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your help and interest!! Terri
  8. Hello, I am JUST beginning my website design and seing as this is my very first time ever, attempting this, I would love to get some feedback, suggestions and/or advice. Ok, I really need HELP. Please see my UNDER CONSTRUCTION site at www.upperhandsolutions.com. My target is any and all professionals all over the world who may need a Virtual Assistant with my skills. This is my second design. The first design was more conservative than this one... Am I in the right direction with this design or should I scrap it and start fresh. Thanks!! Terri
  9. Has anyone heard of and/or experienced Site Buid It! , http://www.sitesell.com/? It looks like a really good option..... Thanks again! Terri
  10. I have to agree. I would think that you would want to be very careful about having your clients, (note: not the same as a "boss"), scheduling to-do's for you at their own free will. What happens if you have a new client call you and you then schedule a consultation with them for the same time that the other client has scheduled time for you, (without your permission or without you accepting that time), and you don't find it until after because it is being done in two separate programs.... Wouldn't it be better if you have caller ID, and if you are working on another client's project, then let it go to voicemail and return their call at you soonest convenience. That's my opinion-- I "welcome yours"
  11. You are so right about Office Live and Melbourne. I have another domain name that I chose when I test-drove Office Live and yes, took me FOREVER to get my domain name turned over to me and under my control. And I agree with the others who say, don't go with free hosting. First, you need to show your customers you're a VIRTUAL professional business that can afford a web site, you can get hosting as low as $4 a month. Ok... You have all convinced me that I should not skimp on my website, but I definitely feel that it needs to be a priority and that I should get it up & running as a first step of getting my business a presence.... Now, I just need to decide how to get that done. Thanks to everyone for their very valuable input!! Terri
  12. This part about MS Office live, is a concern! Especially considering the fact that I did have a recent issue, and it took a week to resolve, (it was a minor issue and I had no "live" contact with MS, only email). And, since I am taking such efforts in naming, I don't want to worry about having to surrender the name due to poor customer service. Are there any other free sites that you might recommend?
  13. Hi, I am in the process of creating my domain/website and need advice... The business name I want to use is rather long, and I want to shorten it but don't want to remove/abbreviate any keywords that might optimize the search for my webpage. For example, let's say I want to start a marketing business virtually and the name of the business is MarketingBusinessVirtualAssitance.com. Would it be as effective to set up the domain as MarketingBusinessVA.com or MBVirtualAssistance.com or even just MarketingBusiness.com or Marketing.com? I have never created a website before, and as a result of advice from business associates and friends, I am going to be using MS Office Live to do. I appreciate any professional advice on this subject as soon as possible as I need to get this site up & running so that I can get my business cards done and create a presence for myself in order to enter the market. Thanks!! Terri P
  14. I came across this topic while searching for answers for my own questions, (which I will post under a separate topic). As I was reading everyone's responses I realized what a great tool we all have here as small business owners!! It's like being part of a group membership, except there are no fees, and you can "attend" the meeting, (that is log in), at your convenience. Anyways, I just wanted to make a comment about the hourly fee. I think it is very important to figure out what your expenses are, what your income needs are, and what you would like to have for time off during the year, etc... (I have an excel spreadsheet that I use, and I think you might be able to find something at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/template...0595491033.aspx or you could even do a search on free templates and find something that way). The point is, that you ARE a small business owner and you should run your business accordingly. Maybe one of your existing clients could do a case study on what you offer them versus what they save on paying for a "payrolled" employee, and then they might understand the value of your service better.... I'm just starting out and will be targeting Realtors at first, but do not want to come out of the gates short changing myself and you shouldn't either! That's my 2 cents, I hope it helps! Terri P
  15. Thank you everyone, for your valuable feedback!! I appreciate it!! Terri
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