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  1. I agree with Candy. I worked for a non-profit that used a virtual bookkeeper and that's how we worked with her. We faxed invoices, she cut checks and sent them back to be signed and mailed. It was a great set up. She also paid our credit card bills online. Angi.
  2. Terry, Please keep me updated on your progress. I would love to be included. Angi.
  3. Hi all. I'm in Cleveland. Whatever happened with the group getting together? I would like to meet some VAs from Ohio. I am also willing to drive to Columbus on a weekend. I know that MI has a VA group. Maybe we can contact them to find out how they got their group started. Angi.
  4. I am so glad this came up now. I am going to a networking event on Sunday and Monday and networking is not my strength. I spent the entire weekend with the parents of the kids on my children's bowling teams. We chatted about everything under the sun. On the ride home from Detroit a voice in my head said, "Angi you have a business now. Who did you tell about it?" Duh! I spent the entire weekend with these people and never once did I mention my business or give out a card. I have to get better. I don't think promoting my business has become like breathing yet because it is part-time. Thanks for this timely seminar. Angi.
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