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  1. Congratulations on a winning season. My 11yo is just starting his season and his team is 0-7. Not a great start. My daughter believes that it is because they have a female coach who is not fierce enough. I agree with you on how much changes from season to season. My son's abilities have greatly improved. Good luck in the playoffs.
  2. Great advice. When I worked in corporate America I would give subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of the day. Most of the time it worked and I got a nice gift. At the time I was providing service to five high level managers. In my book they were required to get me something nice. We were also pretty close, so that helped too. Angi
  3. Welcome Alana. I'm just around the corner in Cleveland. Much success with your new business. Maybe we can get together sometime. Angi.
  4. Hi Tiasha. I do event planning. I actually have four in the works right now. I did event planning for a non-profit for 7 years before I went out on my own. It requires a lot of hours and many of them are in the evening, so if you have kids you will have to choose your events wisely. All said though, I love what I do. Angi.
  5. I have a client who uses officezilla.com for contact management. He is considering switching to Act! or salesforce.com. What do most of your clients use or do you have a suggestion of a better program? The key features he's looking for are that customers data can be shared with his salesforce, and everyone can access online off the internet. Thanks for your help. Angi.
  6. I do the bulk of my work by retainer or hourly. I only use project pricing for events. Like you said, I tend to underestimate the amount of time and talent a project will take. I use MyHours to track my time and it works great for me when I remember to turn it on.
  7. I plan to use my calendar to actually schedule my time during the day. I find myself doing busy work during the day and not spending the time with my family in the evening because I am doing the work I should have done earlier. Isn't that the reason I decided to work from home? I also plan to work harder to get my clients to understand the meaning of virtual so that I can spend more hours in my office. I guess all of my streamlining will revolve around better planning.
  8. I tried, It's not the spacebar. I know it is something simple and hate to take it to the shop but I think I am going to have to. I can't get anything done and you know what that means. Angi.
  9. I hope this makes sense and someone can help. Issue: I have an Acer Aspire 5720 laptop. The problem is that every page scrolls to the bottom of the page and won't let me scroll back to the top. It's as if the page down button is stuck or something. If I drag the scroll bar up and move off the page it will stay there but as soon as the cursor moves back onto the page it drops to the bottom. This is so frustrating because I can't get anything done. It even happens in drop down boxes. I also noticed that if I hit the control key while in Firefox it makes the text smaller. Does anyone have an idea what is going on. I'm desperate. Angi
  10. Dear Santa, Can I please, please, please have a new name for Christmas? Signed, Fuzzy Horny-Baubles
  11. That is the reason that whenever I have to do directional signs I make them with arrows that stick on with velcro. That way my arrows are always pointing in the right direction.
  12. I really like your logo and tag line but I liked the other color better. It opens up so many other color schemes that you can work with on your website and other materials. Good luck to you.
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