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  1. Hey D, Would you agree that one of the top tips is to tie your PR in with something newsworthy!!?? And.....create an attention grabbling title!!! Kimmer
  2. Hi Gang, A little while ago I wrote and distributed a PR for my Daughters new business (eco-logix.ca), it was picked up by CBC Canada Radio and they want to do an interview on her!!! We're very excited!! So get those PR's out there...you never know where they'll take your business!! Kimmer
  3. Hi April, This email addy keeps coming back to me.... info@AdministrativeEssentials.com Can you email me and I'll reply? kimmer@vakk.biz Thanks
  4. Hi, Sorry for just getting to this survey now!! Is the conference going to be held in Toronto?? I would so be able to attend if it was!! Any info on the completed survey yet?? I'd be willing to help out if need be! I added a link to the survey here on the right hand sidebar.... http://www.publicity-va.com Kimmer
  5. Hi Shelly, With your list of services in there it sounds more like an ad than a pr. Can you tie your pr in with something topical?? Something that's going on in your community or in the news?? Other than that it sounds good! Kimmer
  6. WOW!! I LOVE the new look and feel in here!! Kudos guys! Kimmer Hey Tawnya- I remember quite well, when we first started this forum back in the day....boy, talk about coming a long way baby!!
  7. I am sooo gonna try and attend this year!!! Hey question for yas.....I went to Mexico a while back and lost my passport ( got mugged my 2nd day there) , any-hoo, I'm in Canada, so I would need a passport right??<<Don't get out much...lol. Kimmer
  8. Hi Sue, Great release!! And remember VAs...publicity-va.com will list your PR for free on our site, just send them over! Great extra exposure for your business! http://www.publicity-va.com/press-releases.htm list-press-release@publicity-va.com Kimmer
  9. Stacy, A great newsletter for your first time out!!! Valuable Information....loved the jokes! And your mitten images made me feel some Christmas Spirit! I always need that one image to start me off in getting into Xmas and those mitts did it ! Alot of your links under "In This Issue" aren't working for me though. Kimmer
  10. Man, I'm sooo jealous!!! Sounds like you guys had one fantastic time!!! I wanna see pics!!! Maybe next time around for me!! Kimmer
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