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  1. Hi All! I've created a new site http://www.socialfastrax.com Now....I got the idea from using these types of exchange sites myself, in the persuit of Social Promotion and Traffic for myself and clients. I was using social exchange sites by sharing others content, which in turn I gained points and was able to promote my own stuff.....I have also bought coins or points at these sites because it gives you the opportunity to be first for others to share and a higher cpc..... I gained a lot of traffic and promotions doing this! Which made my clients VERY happy and has kept them coming back! So, I got thinking, well if I'm purchasing from these sites...must be lots of others doing the same..so I built my own exchange site..by the by, I think it looks awesome, I put alot of work into it! Working now on getting members.... may seem small but have got 24 new members in only a couple days..so far! Any-hoo..to make a long story short....thought I'd offer VA's here, 500 free coins to sign up! You automatically get 50 free coins when you register, but with this coupon code>> VA-500 You'd get 550..to get you started in promoting any links, like....twitter followers, facebook likes, google +s, website traffic,youtube subscribers/views/likes,linkedin,pinterest,twitter,stumbleupon and soundcloud. So if any one is interested, please sign up and take a look around.... it really will help you promote and get traffic! All real likeminded folks..NO BOTS or other shady stuff, I've seen others doing on similar sites! any questions...ask away! http://www.socialfastrax.com ps.make sure you take a look at the video I made on the home page....it's awesome....lol Thanks Kim
  2. make sure your facebook account's subscription is not turned off! Go to your settings Click Followers in the left column Select Friends or Everybody next to Who Can Follow Me..I suggest everybody!
  3. I've found the best way to MAKE MONEY ONLINE... is to sell a product or service to people who are trying to MAKE MONEY ONLINE!
  4. I use... TODOom.org keeps track of all your tasks...and sends you a daily email to remind you of them...all free.
  5. Now that I'm back online I'll be sure to involve myself in this awesome forum again!
  6. wow Tawnya...got the daughter working with you...so cool! Hi Danielle! Yes, I remember Naomi well! She must be doing well in her business...she was a tough cookie from what i recall!!
  7. Hey Tawnya! Don't know if you remember me?....was a constant member here moons ago! Just wanted to say hey. I left the online world a few years ago (was taking care of my mom)...but got back into it a year and half ago..doing backlinking now for business'..it's going very well! Geezzz, you guys have done wonders with the forum, Wow...awesome!! Kim
  8. Try social bookmarking! It really does get you traffic!!
  9. Hi, Probably alot of VA's may not do this....but have you tried any Freelancing sites?? Now, just remember to stick to your guns and don't falter on your price points! Many people/business' looking to hire for all kinds of online work, want freelancers who do it on the "cheap", but if you go and establish yourself as a professional, you'll find many projects there, probably not right away....but as I said, don't go below what you want to be paid!! Also...at the Warrior Forum. I always see people looking for VA's Give it a go! Kim
  10. Ya, I guess I should re-introduce myself eh!! I think I was one of the first members back in the day to join this forum, 2003 I believe. Short Story---I threw myself into VAing with a gusto.....(my first attempt an working online), but I soon took on too much and burned myself out a bit!! So I felt I had to take a step back and repostion myself. So, I've been back making money online since...hhmmm, last Xmas. I have my little hands in a few different businesses now...... --I sell Small Dog Clothes --In the process of creating an E-guide to selling dog clothes --I own an Online Jewelry Store --I sell digital products --I'm really into PLR (private label rights products)--have a few sites on that topic. --Do lots of CPA Probably forgetting a few things,lol.....you must be thinking...gee, taking on a bit much again Kim?? This time, difference is I don't have any "clients" per say....customers yes, but everythings automated...so it's sooo much easier on me! I'm really loving the new medias out there...Twitter, Web 2.0 properties, etc. So, ya that's it in a nut shell....I thought about coming back here to the forum, but since I'm not "VAing" any longer wasn't sure I should?? Then I saw a post of Tawnya's on Twitter about Fav Shopping online...and said what the heck, I'll post. I sure will be stopping by now though....this still is the best forum on the net.....I learned the ropes here and I'm sure I can give some of my new found knowledge back to this forum, now that I'm back online!! Kimmer
  11. Gee, things have changed around here!! Lots of good new stuff for the VA, kudos Tawnya! Kimmer
  12. Ya, I know....longggg time! I took a break from working online but have been back at it for a few months now! Trying some different avenues/business models.. I'll be sure to stop in here more often now! Kimmer
  13. This is my FAV Jewelry Shop Tawnya! Celeb/Fashion and Fine Jewelry http://bestgiftshoppingideas.com/ Kimmer
  14. Hi and Welcome Angela!! North of T.O? Whereabouts? I'm wayyyyy North...New Liskeard, know it? Kimmer
  15. Hi, Open your website in FP and under "tools" there's an option to "recalculate hyperlinks". Kimmer
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