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  1. Thank you very much, will upload the banner onto my site later today
  2. I'd like to thank you all for your comments, as they have helped immensely, and also let me know that this can be done. I have a lot to think about but have also managed to get another VA who will deal with buisness matters for me when I take a break, which is one less thing to worry about at the moment. Thanks again for the comments, they are appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I am now 16 weeks pregnant, due on the 16th October and I am looking for some advice from those VAs that ran/run their business whilst they either have a baby or a young child running around. I know that I am going to have to take some time out and considering contracting with an Associate VA to manage my business for me whilst I am on maternity leave. In the UK, you can only get 10 'keeping in touch days' whilst on maternity leave and I was thinking about using these at the end of the month to do invoicing, and check-in with other VAs that I have managing things for me. Can any give any advice on how they did things and also how do you then deal with work when you do return, do you outsource or work around your children when they are asleep etc and work in the evenings? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lyns
  4. The agreement that I have in place for VAs that I subcontract to is that their invoice will be paid within 30 days or sooner as client invoices are due for payment within 14 days, therefore when payment is received from the client the sub VA will be paid or if I experience any problems with payment from the client then the VA will be paid within 30 days regardless. Also, if it is a little job and I bill my client on a monthly basis then I sometimes just pay the VA straight away if its not too much.
  5. I have 5 tattoo's and got them around 9 years ago, it depends on your own preference if you like tattoo's or not. All of my tattoo's are in places that mean they don't need to be on show. I have a on my ankle, a thistle on my shoulder blade, a dolphin over my belly button, chinese writing on my lower back and a lion rampant on my hip.
  6. I normally give my client that gave me the referral 10% off thier next invoice as a thank you, but only once I have received the signed contact and first payment from the client that they referred to me. I like this idea but how do you account for this within your accounts?
  7. Thanks for your advice, I think I will give her a call this morning (and hopefully she answers).
  8. I am looking for some advice on how you guys would deal with this. Once of my call answering clients is causing a little bit of havoc as she is not returning any of the calls that are being forwarded on and it is then causing me a bit of a problem when they are constantly calling. It seems that she is not doing what she is saying she is doing for her own clients which in turn is then losing them money. I need to advise her of the position but I don't want to lose her as a client as I also do some other bits and bobs for her. What would you do? I am considering sending her an email but not really 100% sure of how it should be worded etc. Any ideas?
  9. This would be interesting but it is at 11pm unfortunately too late for me (in the UK).
  10. I am looking for something online that allows myself and a client to share files, such as dictations and then the transcript. A few that I have looked into do not support dss formats. Also, when a file has been uploaded I would want the client/myself to be sent an email notification to advise that a file has been uploaded. Does anyone have any ideas of who offers this type of thing. Primarily I would be looking for something free of very minimal costs. Thanks Lyns
  11. Thanks guys, you have just confirmed my thoughts, I will contact the VA and then we can decide how to take this further. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Hi guys, i am looking for a bit of advice here. I assisted another VA a couple of months ago, covering her call answering clients while she was on holiday for a week. She took on a client for the same week that she was away, and the person was forwarded all of my details to arrange the divert etc. I have been contacted by this client as he wants this service on a more permament basis now. He advised that he didn't know which one of us to come to but as I actually did the work for him he decided to come to me. Should I pass this on to the other VA or take the work on. It feels a bit like poaching a client since he only knows me through the other VA. What are your thoughts?
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