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  1. Hi Kevin - Have you started your medical billing and coding training yet? If so how is it going? Where did you decide to do your training? I was thinking of looking into it, more so for personal reasons - two of the doctors out here that we have gone to have messed up our billing due to the coding and I want more knowledge, and you never know maybe I can help their offices do it right!! Look forward to your reply, Christina christina@vaagogo.com
  2. Thank you this helps out a lot! I will look into it... Christina
  3. Hello - First I want to say what a wonderful website and what great resources, reading the postings alone has given me so much information - thank you to all who participate! My question is "do any of you have advice on the best or easiest ways to work with a client when they want you to follow up on their outlook, emails, contacts, and calendar?" I have worked as an executive assistant, office manager, and project manager for over 20 years but in the corporate world there was an IT team to set up that network - now that I am going to work from home what would be the best way to manage this? Thank you, Christina VA-a-GoGo
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