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      Here at the #VAforum is where you'll find me sharing my most valuable, in-depth 20+ years of VA experience and knowledge through my written word. It is the best area to get your questions directly answered in detail by me, Tawnya Sutherland as I come here every morning to start my day out helping Virtual Assistants however I can. I do also share in small bytes at other social networking groups I manage online so feel free to check me out there too: Facebook group for Virtual Assistants  Facebook group for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit  Like our Facebook Page too Linkedin Group for Virtual Assistants (22,000+) Google+ Community for Virtual Assistants I look forward to engaging with you online whatever your social network.


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  1. HI Denise I haven't used SugarSync but have been a user of Carbonite for several years with no issues at all. I also use Dropbox with several clients which seems to be improving over the past year and OneDrive for my own cloud storage which I prefer to Dropbox. Sheena
  2. For the past 11 years I have been running my business with Outlook very happily. However, I would like to move to a cloud based email system that is accessible from any computer and wondered what you would recommend. Some things to bear in mind are: I have 9 different client email domains running through outlook and whilst the easiest way to go would be to use Office 365, they do seem to want to charge for every domain name. Also, I like that I can have the calendar feature on the same platform. So far I've whittled it down to Thunderbird or Mailbird but wondered if anyone had any experience with these two or if there are some that I've missed. Thanks for your help and/or comments and suggestions. Sheena
  3. Good luck with your new venture. I have been doing this for 10 1/2 years now, it's great fun but very challenging!
  4. You'll all probably think I'm mad, but I bill in increments of 1 minute - a definite "pay only for the time spent"!
  5. Hi, thanks for all your great advice. I've made a note of it all and will be going through it with the client later this week. Thanks again.... Sheena
  6. Hi Danielle Thanks for your reply which is very helpful indeed. At the moment the client is toying with combining a 'live' event with a virtual one so it could be interesting times ahead! With very best wishes Sheena
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help. One of my favourite clients has asked me to look into organising an online conference for his society. My expertise is in 'live' conferences and so I was wondering if anyone could recommend any useful tools/hosts/booking systems that will help me make the initial move forward with this. Thanks for your help. Sheena
  8. My main holiday is Christmas, when I take two weeks. During the rest of the year I may take one or two long weekends. It may sound like very little, but I am very strict and don't work weekends unless there is a major crisis. My clients accept this and respect my long winter break. Sheena
  9. I'm UK based... near Bath, Somerset. Established since 2006
  10. I actually bill to the minute with no rounding up or down of hours and find TimeTrax perfect for this. Sheena
  11. I use a headset/mic combo. I've had skype for 4 years but only installed a webcam last week because my daughter is moving to Austria for a year and I thought it would be really nice to see her as well as speak. I probably wouldn't use it for business though (I'm a bit shy that way)! Sheena
  12. Well at the age of 17 (just)and having recently raised £265.00 for the Mercury Phoenix Trust by bungee jumping - you should see the video here, her face is a picture! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzuXC3zQYfQ Dee has now finally got her new online music magazine/blog up and running. The first interview is with 'My Passion' who recently graced the front of Kerrang! magazine. There are also album reviews she has written and presented on the local radio station.... take a look if you have a minute and let me know what you think. She is after some feedback... http://www.underdogmag.com/ Thanks Sheena
  13. Hi Tawnya, I'll take your word for that... I'm putting it to the back of my mind for now. I'm just about to pick up her new business cards - she's launching herself as a music journalist and will hopefully be doing her first interview with a band on Sunday for the local radio station where she is working until she starts college in September... Very motivated young lady - I want to be young again Sheena
  14. Thanks, she's really looking forward to it.. I actually think she will beat her target, she's marketing herself very well! Sheena
  15. My mad fundraising daughter is off again but now that she's met Brian May she's even more full of enthusiasm! The story was in the local paper here: Queen guitarist backs teenage bungee jumper Dee is the one with the big grin I'm a very proud (but a nervous) mother! Sheena