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  1. I'm UK based... near Bath, Somerset. Established since 2006
  2. Thanks! I did bite the bullet and send it in the end but I think Tawnya is right - I will call my contacts in the local newspapers and offer them an interview/press release... I'm notoriously green and recycle everything - and I don't turn it on unless I need it! Thanks again Sheena
  3. Hi, I was recently asked by Business Link (a national government support network) to participate in some 'educational' films for home based business giving advice on how to run a more cost efficient and greener office. You can see the videos here - www.businesslink.gov.uk/southwest/greenerhomeoffice Would you send this sort of thing to your clients and network. I thought it might be good advice but also an opportunity for them to see me and my office. What do you think? Sheena
  4. Well, sad as it is I have always been plagued by nightmares but this latest dream was just weird!!! My husband woke me - as he's nice like that, especially when my jibbering wakes him up - "what's up this time, go back to sleep" etc etc. Well, what can say to him.... I was dreaming I was an EMAIL!! There I was being typed up and smacked on the back of the head with the send hammer, flying through outer space or wherever it was and landing with a thump in some far flung inbox. Kicked up the backside to appear on the screen and then hit on the head again with the delete button.... Is this normal, or am I morphing into my career choice and becoming completely virtual... Sheena
  5. Hi I like to do my books in Excel - but only because I hate adding up! Sheena
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