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  1. Hi Mark. Nice to meet you too! Sorry for my late reply! I kinda got bombarded lately. But, I am still keen to join the club!! Thanks for asking..
  2. Hello Nai, While your main menu works fine from the homepage. If you hover over the items, you'll see (on the bottom of the browser) the default theme links. This cause sending users to the theme demo page if they visit a main menu item from other pages like: http://douglassvaoffice.com/email-management/ Your website looks good. Maybe consider changing the right sidebar items. I hope I made this clear, and if you need any help, I will be glad to. Regards,
  3. Hi Alicia, Welcome to the forum. I am Dhia, I am new here as well.
  4. Greetings everybody, My name is Dhia. I am in my early 20s, and living in Tunisia. I came here for networking, helping other VAs and looking for some clients. I am very good at WordPress, SEO and admin stuff. I've been in business full time for around a year and a half in which I worked with around 20 clients. But, it's nothing major, they were individuals who needed small to medium tasks/projects done. I am not complaining though LOL. Nowadays, I am getting little to no work, and I need to get this working soon. So, I am considering VAInsiders membership in the next few days/weeks. I hope I can get a few clients to support the membership and earn some bucks. So, here I am. Regards,
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