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      Here at the #VAforum is where you'll find me sharing my most valuable, in-depth 20+ years of VA experience and knowledge through my written word. It is the best area to get your questions directly answered in detail by me, Tawnya Sutherland as I come here every morning to start my day out helping Virtual Assistants however I can. I do also share in small bytes at other social networking groups I manage online so feel free to check me out there too: Facebook group for Virtual Assistants  Facebook group for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit  Like our Facebook Page too Linkedin Group for Virtual Assistants (22,000+) Google+ Community for Virtual Assistants I look forward to engaging with you online whatever your social network.


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  1. Thanks! @Danielle it went well. Had some good engagement from the viewers plus we worked through a worksheet. I also received some positive feedback and also some constructive feedback which were both good. I have the recording if you are ever interested. Thanks for asking.
  2. Tawnya and I were talking and I mentioned that I was doing a webinar about "How to Make Sure you've Got a High Converting Website". She was really excited for me and asked me to post here about it since so many VA's need their websites to get more clients. It's free and there's a workbook attached so if you'd like to check it out, here's the link. https://markofapproval.com/offer/5-step-website-plan-webinar/ I'm also posting the replay for those who signup to the webinar, so if you can't make it, no worries. It starts at 8am EST on Friday 7th April.
  3. Hi Danielle. Did you manage to sort this out? What are you looking for in a security plugin? I honestly have only ever used the paid version of ithemes security and it was no better (at the time) than the free version. WordFence is the only security plugin I know that has a good scanner.
  4. Hi Mary and Denise and welcome to the forums. What will you specialise in and who will you target? I have chosen to specialise in WordPress because I know it so well. I also like working with coaches and online authorities because I know a fair bit about marketing too. Once you have your "offer" so to speak it's time to put it out there and find your clients. Here's an article which may help http://workfromhomehappiness.com/how-to-become-a-virtual-assistant-with-no-experience/
  5. You are welcome, Danielle. Learning this is a great way to add a new service to your arsenal of WP gigs. Seems many clients are very interested in having a slick, fast and well performing website. And rightfully so. By the way, have you used ManageWP? I'm starting to use it finally and like what I see so far.
  6. I came across this video that describes the plugins and resources for keeping your WordPress site fine tuned. This is a coveted service for clients and one you can provide. I particularly find that images are overlooked in the optimisation process. Here is the page with the information and links to these plugins -> https://www.wpwatercooler.com/video/ep203-plugins-speed-wordpress-website/ Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Welcome Sarah!
  8. Welcome to the group, Debra!
  9. Another method I use is frameworks and outlines. Frameworks are like blueprints and outlines make the blueprint a little more concrete.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for appreciating. @Tawnya, I love repurposing too. Here are some ideas for extracting points. Ways you can organise your knowledge ... Tips Ideas Steps Must haves Warnings Common mistakes Goals Problems Factors Objectives Objections Let's say you wrote an article on how to become a virtual assistant. You might have found you mentioned 3 pieces of software they must have within the article. You can then repurpose into another blog that says "The 3 must have pieces of software every virtual assistant needs in order to say profitable". Then you can send 4 tweets giving 1 must have at a time to link to it.
  11. I have used Norton but found it slows my system down. Anybody else found this? Thanks for the additional suggestions.
  12. Hey all, Thought I'd share my latest blog post. It's very brief and illustrates 15 pieces of content you can create. http://markofapproval.com/15-proven-content-types/ Content creation is king in the eyes of the web these days. It also builds up trust and credibility and makes it easier for people to make a decision to hire you. Some pieces include: Blog posts (E)books Step by step Guides Infographics Kits Please also note that you can repurpose one piece of content into another. Please feel free to ask for more information on the individual content pieces. For example, a kit is like a toolkit. It could have a step by step guide with code snippets for WordPress and a plugin resource list. You can also use PLR to help extract ideas. I'm actually starting a 30 day content creation challenge to teach people how to write content faster, more accurately with more pizzazz. Remember, a website is nothing without good content.
  13. Welcome, Bernie. Nice to meet you. Here is a discussion on niche selection which may help you http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/topic/22176-to-niche-or-not-to-niche/ Personally, I like to focus on those who have an online business and provide a professional service via the internet - similar to coaches and internet marketers. But I also take on brick n mortar businesses too, so know you can also be flexible as well. What services will you offer?
  14. Thanks Tawnya. I totally agree with needing a good host. Some people may think that a cheaper host is ok, but then there's the considerations of security, performance and how it all scales. Julian, I really appreciate your feedback too! I know those platforms can be quite limited so it definitely is worth checking out just how much control you need. For further information, here's an article by Chris Lema http://chrislema.com/choose-woocommerce/ on reasons why you may want to choose woocommerce.