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  1. markofapproval


    Welcome to the forum, Elizabeth! Let us know if you have any questions for now
  2. markofapproval

    What's your favorite website creator/builder?

    Thanks for this list, Veronica! I had never heard of ipage or webs. I don't think we need a prize for my favourite. But sometimes when I like something, I stick to it and become blindsided to other possibilities!
  3. markofapproval

    I'm trying out Divi

    Hey Danielle/Tawnya, I think I've worked out most of Divi LOL. I kind of like it. I feared I would haha. One service I would like to add is a white label service for freelancers. I would probably urge them to use their own Divi license key but create website for them to onsell to their own clients. I'll post more in the insider area. Thanks for your advice on Divi Danielle. One thing I like about what you said is you are getting to a point where you don't have to worry about coding because the user experience covers that. A huge innovative selling point for clients!
  4. markofapproval

    making international payments

    Hi @sherio. I agree with Tawnya and Danielle that these are part of business, but on the other hand, I agree PayPal has gone too far with the fees. If you are sending money to somebody - for example an outsourcer - pay as a service not as a "friend". That way you are a) not the one stuck with the fee for sending and b) protected by PayPal. If you are receiving money, you could try Stripe but this does mean the payer has to use a credit card. PS I was also feeling annoyed with PayPal so asked around at other options such as Transferwise, GoCardless and Stripe.
  5. markofapproval

    Thinking before jumping

    Love the training tracks!
  6. I used to use Photoshop and Illustrator. But I realised I was only using them for tasks that could be done on Canva. Although logo manipulation on vectors is an Illustrator job. Honestly in Australia, the prices for Adobe's products got too expensive for somebody who was hardly using them well. Shame because I was good at them at one stage lol. Just didn't need them. @Veronica have you heard of this program online? https://vectr.com/ I might see if i can use it to do minor changes to vectors such as changing colours lol. Or I just hire you
  7. markofapproval

    Website Design Forum Moderator - Veronica

    Hey Veronica! So glad to have you aboard. We can all learn so much from you. I love Canva but I'm probably the best at it lol so excited to see what tricks you have up your sleeve! I also used Joomla prior to WP and even went back to Joomla at one stage when WordPress was new. My, how technology changes and the landscape shifts under us. Now I couldn't live without WordPress! Would love to talk about WordPress with you sometime. Enjoy!
  8. markofapproval

    NHW: Restructuring subdomain url

    Hi Deepa. Are you using a WordPress Site? They generally need renaming at the database level. As for the general structure of the file system, you should be able to get it working in your cpanel. Could you contact your host and get them to do this for you? It might be best if you are unfamiliar with file systems and perhaps databases.
  9. markofapproval

    VA Website

    Thanks Tawnya. Yes always worth investing into a paid theme when you can for the reasons you stated. I'm actually practising my Divi skills at present.
  10. markofapproval

    VA Website

    Hi, if you are after free I'm going to suggest you try the Astra theme. It is very popular and highly regarded. Yes it does have a paid version but the free is quite good to get started. Just search for "astra" when you install a new theme. https://wordpress.org/themes/astra/
  11. Wow Marie! Talk about taking action I like how fast you've moved on this. One thing I love that Tawnya says about websites is that they are always a work in progress. SO that said, let's hit that launch button!
  12. markofapproval

    Need advice or help to create a website

    Hey and welcome to VA Networking! Danielle has some good advice with Googling examples of others. I would start with the homepage and treat it as a story where each chapter is like a section and covers a specific objective. For example, the first section would be your what you do (ie Online Assistance), why (outcome ie help make you more sales), how (method ie through project management) and who (your niche if applicable). Then try and think of the next question the reader would ask and make a section out of that. They might ask things like: How can that help me? (benefits) Who are you in a nutshell? (about snippet, link to about page) Why should I believe you? (proof factors like testimonials) Why should I act now? (snippet on pain point) What should I do next? (call to action like book a strategy session) Where can i find out more? (blog, optins) And like Danielle said you can create other inner pages like about, testimonials etc... Hope this helps!
  13. Just curious as to what caching plugins you've experimented with or tried and your result. I've used WP Total Cache but I'm finding at times it breaks my website. I think this is something to do with https caching http versions. But not certain. Caching is one of the hardest things you'll do with WP. It's not set and forget either. I keep getting emails from my ManageWP about certain sites going off the rails. Perhaps I need to consider another plugin. Your thoughts?
  14. markofapproval

    WordPress Website and Blog

    Sorry I missed this, @LeaTypeA! The only times I'll use RSS feeds is in an email client so I can keep an eye on industry blogs and curate content from them. But I hardly do that nowadays. I wonder if Google Gmail has an RSS viewer. What was the job board plugin you were talking about? I know there's one that starts as free. Is this for your client?
  15. markofapproval

    I'm trying out Divi

    Thanks for your input, Danielle. It's definitely a favourite among VAs. I didn't realise you could create custom header and footers. I tried but couldn't find a menu widget that spanned horiztonally. I guess I would have to write a bit of CSS to get that working. Anyway I'll keep on experimenting. I am getting the knack of it quickly. Ironic that I'm learning it to help others haha but I learn WP things fast. Incidentally, I just wrote a blog post on scoring page builders and started with Elementor here: https://markofapproval.com/review-of-elementor-wp/

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