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  1. I have this rogue touch screen that sparks off clicks when touched by air. I have to disable it through the device manager. Long story short, once I left this forum open and went to bed. A fly or some insect must have landed on the banner ad for Tawnya's "Ageless at Last" product. When I got up in the morning, YouTube was tearing through a playlist about women's facial products. Now not only does YouTube think I have a thing for women in facial masks, I get retargeted for beauty ads LOL. This was 3 years ago mind you so I think YouTube finally got the hint and glad it now pauses videos when left dormant. Just thought I'd share this odd story. It may help you if you think your computer is being remote controlled by a hacker, and it's just a clicky touch screen going wild.
  2. Hi Kerri! Nice to meet you. Yes Danielle and Marie are right. I am also from Brisbane. Do let us know if you have any questions on Freelancing!
  3. Looking forward to seeing you on the call. I'll be up early (AU time) for it. It's well worth it. Tawnya and Veronica have made some really solid suggestions.
  4. Welcome, Delia! Hope you get lots of great ideas from the forum and resources.
  5. Hi Jake, Have you thought of creating a course and putting it on Udemy or Teachable? I assume you don't want to do freelancing anymore or did I misread that?
  6. Hey Melissa, Does your host allow you to duplicate the site on a subdomain? You can definitely use localhost too with xampp. It's always a good idea to have a development site if you are making serious changes to the site's functionality like changing the theme or adding a major plugin. I wouldn't advise you worry about a development site if you are just changing out content. But if you are doing a redesign, it's definitely a good idea.
  7. Hi Marie, One service I think would be pretty cool as a package would be this. To extend your webinar package by offering to transcribe or create shownotes out of the content that is created. I know some marketers like James Schramko have very in depth pdfs created from their webinars, with formatting and images + transcribed text.
  8. Hey there. Is this checklist going to be used as a lead magnet, or web content? I was thinking you could create a blog post based on your experiences and then do what is known as a content upgrade, and offer the checklist as a way of building your list. Tawnya highly recommends new VAs start building their list as soon as possible. But you will have to have some way to draw traffic to your website to build your base. What are you currently using to get traffic?
  9. Welcome Sophia! It's great to meet you. It's so cool you are a content creator. Do you find content marketing helps you land more clients on the medias you write for? Or do you do solo emails and things like that?
  10. Welcome to the forums. Do let us know if you have any questions.
  11. Welcome to the forum, Elizabeth! Let us know if you have any questions for now
  12. Thanks for this list, Veronica! I had never heard of ipage or webs. I don't think we need a prize for my favourite. But sometimes when I like something, I stick to it and become blindsided to other possibilities!
  13. Hey Danielle/Tawnya, I think I've worked out most of Divi LOL. I kind of like it. I feared I would haha. One service I would like to add is a white label service for freelancers. I would probably urge them to use their own Divi license key but create website for them to onsell to their own clients. I'll post more in the insider area. Thanks for your advice on Divi Danielle. One thing I like about what you said is you are getting to a point where you don't have to worry about coding because the user experience covers that. A huge innovative selling point for clients!
  14. Hi @sherio. I agree with Tawnya and Danielle that these are part of business, but on the other hand, I agree PayPal has gone too far with the fees. If you are sending money to somebody - for example an outsourcer - pay as a service not as a "friend". That way you are a) not the one stuck with the fee for sending and b) protected by PayPal. If you are receiving money, you could try Stripe but this does mean the payer has to use a credit card. PS I was also feeling annoyed with PayPal so asked around at other options such as Transferwise, GoCardless and Stripe.
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