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  1. until
    I'm hosting a website based webinar and would like to invite members of VA Networking to join. You can read more about it or ask questions at this link:
  2. Aww, I'd love to visit Vancouver one day. It's one of the places on my list. I've heard it is quite cold there as I have a good friend who comes from there. Hope everybody who lives on that side of Canada appreciates the opportunity Tawnya is presenting.
  3. haha for a second I thought Patrick was your dentist. I'm looking forward to that list building webinar and I totally agree that we all need a coach. Sometimes the accountability and feeling that somebody is there in your corner really helps. But Tawnya, you really know your stuff as well, so it will be a powerful combination of actionable steps and accountability!
  4. Patty, have you looked at meetup.com? I'm sure there are other VAs here from Florida as well. So I'm not discouraging asking by any means. But I just had this crazy thought. Maybe you could find a group on meetup.com and, since you are a VA Insider, I would assume you have an affiliate link. Could be a chance for residual income. Just a fleeting thought Good luck with your business!
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