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  1. Julian Palmer

    New To This Forum

    Welcome to the forum Vivian! All the best to you
  2. Julian Palmer

    New to Forum

    Hello Paula, Welcome to the forum! Good luck to you in your associate degree, like you, I did study business as well. Best wishes.
  3. Julian Palmer


    Welcome Hannah, You are on the right track to making great things happen. All the best.
  4. Julian Palmer

    Website Design Forum Moderator - Veronica

    Hello Veronica, Welcome to the forum, nice meeting you and I am sure we can all learn from you with your expertise. All the best.
  5. Julian Palmer

    making international payments

    I know that when I was having an issue with PayPal fees as well I recommended to my clients about using Payoneer . You can check it out to see if it's something that could be an alternative to your client's business. Best wishes.
  6. Mine is Canva so far.
  7. I love WordPress too but most of my clients that I have worked with in the past stick to Squarespace.
  8. Julian Palmer

    Information, confused

    Karla, I am so sorry to hear that. I do agree with the suggestions that Tawnya made. Chin up you will find your landing soon.
  9. Julian Palmer

    Thinking before jumping

    Yes honestly if I had known about this before I would. The only thing I would suggest is making sure that you have content on your blog because most affiliates want to see that you have a following. All the best.
  10. Marie, So great that you are working on your site and have accomplished so much in such a short time frame. Best wishes.
  11. Julian Palmer

    New to VA

    Hello Erica, Welcome to the forum! I love shopping too but I just use ebates to do that for me.
  12. Julian Palmer


    Welcome to the forum Marie! So nice to meet you and wishing you all the success on your journey.
  13. Julian Palmer

    New to the forum!

    Gabrielle welcome to the forum! All the best on finding some new clients.
  14. Julian Palmer

    Quickbooks or Wave

    I love using wave!
  15. Julian Palmer

    Legal Requirements

    That is a good question, did you check it out based on the suggestions Marcus?

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