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  1. I guess you calculate by the task that you are assisting them with. So if they want task A to be done and it takes you x amount of time to do so, you will calculate your hourly rate by how long it takes you to do so. That's what I will do and what I think mazza was suggesting.
  2. I create a folder via dropbox or drive of their information, you may never know when these cleints might pop up in the future, but I normally will trash after a year.
  3. Hello, I think in order to offer a specialize service you will need to know the basic, but when a client does come to you they may need more than the basic assistance, so I think it will be best to learn more than the basic to offer this as a service. Best wishes.
  4. Hello susanic, I am so sorry to hear this, when I read your question my mind went blank because I don't like doing that part of my business, hope someone can assist you soon. Best wishes.
  5. Well I am based in Jamaica but I think what I more have to focus on is Tax and how much I am earning and spending. I think in the US it's more along those lines that you suggested.
  6. Tawnya thank you so much for starting this forum. I saw the Linkedin group by accident and join here as well as the Facebook group I must say it's really a great group for useful information. All the best in your endeavours and thanks a mil!
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