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  1. Julian Palmer

    An Introduction

    Welcome to the forum! I am happy that you are here and looking forward to knowing more about you.
  2. Welcome to the forum Shannon! How exciting that you are completing your degree! Happy new year to you!
  3. Julian Palmer

    My Introduction

    Welcome to the forum Rita! Like yourself, I started off offering transcription services. I didn't like it much so I offered different services. Glad you are here and I wish you a happy new year!
  4. Julian Palmer

    NEW VA

    Welcome to the forum Jambi!
  5. Julian Palmer

    new VA

    Welcome, Nancy! It's so great to have you here. Pace yourself and take it one step at a time, as the year ends you can start on writing goals you want to achieve for you and your business. We are all here if you need to ask any questions. All the best.
  6. Welcome, Kristin! I am so happy to have you here. I do hope your mom is better now and wishing you all the best as you gain clients.
  7. Julian Palmer

    New VA

    Welcome to the forum Brittany! I agree with what Danielle and Tawnya have suggested. All the best to you.
  8. Julian Palmer

    New VA

    Welcome, Heidi! So happy you are here and glad that you have never looked back! All the best to you.
  9. Julian Palmer

    Questions about training

    Hello Stephanie, I do agree with Tawnya and if you have any questions do feel free to ask here. Good luck.
  10. Julian Palmer

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    I know that some freelancers charge for words and or by content. So for example per word could start at.50 or $1 as an example or for the whole content at 1000 words $50.
  11. Welcome Tyeisha, It's exciting to embark on this new journey! All the best to you.
  12. Welcome Teishla, It's nice to have you here! If you have any questions, please free to ask. All the best on your journey.
  13. Julian Palmer

    Which is best billing software

    I have to agree that wave is the best.
  14. Welcome to the forum Latoyia! Congrats on your baby! The good thing is you started a website, not to be discouraged continue to search because you might hear a ton of no before yes. It will happen and best wishes to you.
  15. Julian Palmer

    Great to be Back After 10 Years!

    Welcome to the forum from Jamaica! Thank you for sharing that even though you started, you took a break and are ready to start over full force. Best of luck to you!

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