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    I love using WordPress and highly recommend its' usage for all your online content management needs. With that being said, I spend a lot of time using, exploring, and learning all about this tool. I truly enjoy making things look good and optimizing ideas and concepts and bringing them into action.<br /><br />Aside for work, I enjoy staying close to home. I have 2 beagles and a toddler and we all enjoy living right by a protected greenbelt that runs along a beautiful river. We spend a lot of time walking and exploring in the woodlands. In winter, this river freezes over and we really have fun walking to the islands and exploring hidden lands. Sometimes, the ice fishermen/women offer us hot chocolate along the way! check it out here http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubiz/map/<br /><br />That's one reason why we love living in Canada!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about Arnie, poor dude. I am glad he is feeling a bit better. Wait until he seems the video I shot of him dancing with the pool cue Take care, Frances
  2. Congratulations!!! This is amazing news! Although I am not surprised. The dedication, drive, and passion that you display Tawnya as well as all the other members of VAnetworking is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what lies ahead...
  3. Judy, I have not used the export feature inside the admin panel but I do indeed backup through the MySQL database. Because the MySQL database only stores some of the data such as posts, comments, and other administrative function data what I like to do at random intervals (probably should do it more often) is to login through FTP and FTP everything over to backup disk. To make things simple the key items you want to keep safe are the wp config file and the wp content folder. The wp config file is one of those loose straggling files. The wp content folder is one of the three main folders. The wp content folder contains the uploads folder and the theme folder. This will especially be useful if you have customized your theme in any way. There is a decent plugin available Wordpress-Automatic-Upgrade/. It also upgrades all of your out of date plugins as well. It allows you to save the database file. I still recommend doing the installs and backups manually especially for those who offer blog design and maintenance as this allows you the opportunity to become familiar with the files and really get to know all the ins/outs. There is a lot to learn!
  4. Wow, that is certainly interesting Pam. Thanks for sharing that information. I am currently working with a real estate broker who has over 275 agents in 2 separate offices who belongs to an Ontario Real Estate Board. He is bringing in new agents on a steady pace. I think the Ontario Real Estate Market is certainly going strong especially in comparison to what is happening in the US right now.
  5. Helen, you are probably feeling overwhelmed because you are new and not sure where to start. You are in a good place here at VAnetworking to start learning. If you are looking to fast track your way skills your best bet would be to find a paid training course that offers training in the skills you wish to learn. Mind you, you can learn by trail and error and spend many hours doing research and figuring your own way around. There are VAs out there who are training these exact skills who know the ropes inside and out. You should spend some time doing a self skills evaluation. Look at the skills you have now, what you like doing, where the demand is heading, and then brainstorm around those elements. It may take some time but your niche will find you! You could certainly start out offering the services you know and feel comfortable doing and build from there. Good luck!
  6. Tawnya, thanks for sharing the resources on your website - I will certainly be using that as a reference point going forward!
  7. Thank you for your feedback! I really do want to follow up with this and try to get it! I see other VAs listed successfully so I know it's possible!
  8. Kathy, I am so happy for you. I understand how important this is and how the waiting can be agony. I just finished the program on July 30th! It certainly was invaluable to me. My business will have been in full swing as of Oct. 22/08! All the best of luck to you and please, let me know how you make out in the program!
  9. How many of you have your site listed in the dmoz.org directory? I have submitted my site a while ago and have yet to see my site listed. I know you are not suppose to submit your site more than once. Is anyone else in waiting? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Judy, I appreciate your time. Out of all the Internet things I delve in this is not one of them, lol. The client swears that something is wrong with his account but I am not even sure where to start looking - he says to call Google. Does anyone know if you can actually call Google? Thanks.
  11. Hi Amy, with all of the green living products, organic products, and people paying more attention to health and wellness I think this niche could prove to be a good one. I don't specialize in this particular niche however, the majority of my good clients happen to be involved within this particular industry. I think if the business has an online presence that they use to generate leads then there certainly would be a good response if you offer services like website/blog maintenance, social media coordination, teleseminar coordination, web analytics, Internet research, competitive research, etc... I hope this helps somewhat, and good luck!
  12. This is great information - thank you. I will certainly be more prepared when faced with this type of situation going forward. I would much prefer to respond with empathy as Candy states and then move on with the conversation.
  13. Dana, I am glad you fired that client and I am glad the new VA did too! I just had a similar situation happen over the last few weeks. The client asked if I knew this VA and I did, I told him I met her in person and she was extremely nice. He said, yes, she is a good person. And also mentioned that he hired her a while back for a project... I spoke to this VA and mentioned I was working with the client and she said he is a nice guy. I then spoke to her and said I was having trouble with him and she said he wasn't "trainable". I then spoke to her again and said I called it quits and then she told me oh really, "I fired him too"! After she had said he was a nice guy I thought she liked working with him but little did I know..... I feel so much better with that weight off my shoulders and also to learn of her situation helps me understand it wasn't just me.
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