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  1. Congratulations!!! This is amazing news! Although I am not surprised. The dedication, drive, and passion that you display Tawnya as well as all the other members of VAnetworking is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what lies ahead...
  2. Darrell, hopefully you can attend next year! If so, maybe there will be about 3 guys there! We all had a great time, lots of networking, food, fun and learning. I wouldn't want to miss it next year.
  3. Hey everyone, I am also very excited and havn't starting packing yet either.... It is very chilly here this week - there was a tiny bit of snow today. I am in Ottawa about 3 hour from Toronto. They say it is suppose to warm up this week so we shall see... I would pack a coat for sure! Can't wait to meet all of you!
  4. Darrell, this is so amazing. I am really happy for you and wish you so much more continued success. Way to go!
  5. Tawnya and Bette are right. You do not have to charge pst on services. GST should be charged only after $30K + in earnings have been reached. If you want, you can charge GST from day one and by doing so you will be able to claim a GST rebate on any goods or services you purchase for your business. If you don't charge you cannot claim the rebate. Once $30K is reached you will charge all your Canadian clients GST.
  6. Nice job Tawnya!!! Your leadership and dedication is amazing and sure goes a long way in promoting the VA Industry! You ROCK!!!!
  7. Jenn - good thinking!!! Sherra, very exciting for you. Nice work!!!
  8. The interview aired live this morning. Sorry, I didn't post the details earlier. It was on a local Ottawa station called live 88.5. I tried to record it - the test recording worked yesterday but the actual recording didn't work this morning. I contacted the station to see if they will send me a copy. It went really well and I had lots of fun there. There were 3 announcers in the one interview who were really fun and lively. The interview was about 15 minutes long. They promoted vanetworking.com, VAC, and my site as well! Maybe I will get some traffic to my site today! Keep those press releases going - they really do work!
  9. Tawnya, unfortunatly this is a very gray area here in Canada. eBooks are in fact considered intangible person property. The GST/HST applies at a rate of 5% GST or 13% HST to taxable (other than zero-rated) supplies of intangible personal property and services made in Canada, including such supplies made by electronic means. The legislation includes place of supply rules to determine whether a supply is made in Canada. Special rules also apply to determine whether a supply made in Canada is made in any of the HST participating provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. A supply of intangible personal property or a service made in Canada, including supplies made by electronic means, may be relieved of tax under the export provisions of the Act that zero-rate certain supplies of intangible personal property and services made in Canada to a non-resident person. So, in other terms for customers outside Canada you must zero rate the GST, it must still be charged on the invoice but charged at a zero rate. This is mostly for accounting purposes specifically so you are eligable to claim ITC's (Input Tax Credits). If you do not charge GST you cannot claim a GST rebate for the goods or services that you purchased to create and/or sell the product and/or service in question. I would warn you that if you do call revenue, call more than once to compare notes as each time you will be presented with a different response - it's the same situation with all call centre's. I would advise asking your accountant - but make sure that your accountant has experience with electronic commerce as not all do. For full details please, grab a coffee and read this CRA publication on electronic commerce, "GST/HST Technical Information Bulletin" And Tawnya, please note that there is a free tax seminar in Surrey for business owners - if you want to tough it out. Or, you could always send Arnie Here is a list of all free tax seminars in Canada for small business owners. Also, there are specific invoice requirments when collecting GST (on all goods and services): Under $30, Name, Date, Amount $30-$150; GST/HST Amount, or state GST/HST Included, GST number, plust those listed above Over $150; Purchasers name, payment terms, goods and services provided, plus those listed above Hope this helps a bit!
  10. The VAccolade Award triggered a radio interview! I posted earlier about being on the radio next week. I just found out that it's because they came across my press release about the VAccolade Award I recently received! THANK YOU VANA!!!
  11. Wow, 18 years and counting... Sharon has just outlined the keys to being a successful virtual assistant. Truly inspirational...
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