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  1. Wow, that is awesome. I have not seen the site in a while. Yes, I know....I am not keeping up on all of my fashion sense and make-up tips, but it certainly has grown and changed. Congrats. I see you went to the castle in Napa Valley. I used to live 30 minutes from the castle when I lived in NorCal. Very pretty up there, eh? I hope you win. I looked at the others and they were not as informative as yours. You have learned well young Skywalker......wait....does that mean your mom is Darth Vader?
  2. Hey, I live in beautiful San Diego where the weather is always 72 degrees, with a 5% chance of rain, and a cool ocean breeze through my windows. Where do you wanna hook-up.....I mean meetup? Have you ever been to Rubio's..the most awesomest fish tacos place? It is abut 8 minutes from my house.
  3. Good luck! We are all rooting for you. P.S......... No offense, but Danielle looks like sh**
  4. hehehehehe...that is so awesome...wait...I feel a Dr. Phil flashback! You need to "kill it" as I know you will.
  5. This is what I use: Plantronics 655 USB Headset Desktop mic Both have good sound qualities. The desktop mic needs a fair to decent sound card in your computer (most modern computers do these days). It may pick up fan noise and some hum in a laptop. In a desktop it does not pickup hum or noise.
  6. Okay..accountability this week.....take a shower, shave my beard, post new topics in the computers and podcasts forum categories, streamline my overly heavy text website. Get rid of the gobblity-gook.
  7. Very cool. I did not know chicks liked hockey? I hate keyword searching so I decided to purchase a copy of the download. Plus I want you to get an awesome laptop. (Does it have a Ferrari on it?) My purchase went through, but then it got a bit "hincky". I was not given any instructions on downloading. I received an error page that my transaction had a problem, but it shows up in my PayPal account as a purchase. I also received an email confirmation of my purchase. I did what it said and sent a support ticket to David. I think you may have some "gremlins" in the back end that need to
  8. lololol...FINALLY! Good call. Karri is the best! How funny is that? I just wrote a press release for myself. I probably should have asked her to look at it, because I may know a lot about computers, but I cannot write copy to save my life.
  9. Geeez...so much confusion...introvert...extrovert, what if you are just a pervert? Oh by the way, I still need a roomie for the summit.......
  10. Okay, when I book my room, who am I sharing a room with? You know...to uh...cut costs and such.....
  11. Whooohhaaaaaaalololohaaaaaa.......OH man, I think I hurt myself. I was laughing so hard I fell off my throne and twisted my ankle. (Just as a side note: NO ONE DRIVES THE FERRARI BUT ME)
  12. 2. See ... you just told on yourself ... "...I have had online relationships..." (note: plural) Geesh!!! Boy I forget how jealous you get of me, Patty! When I meant relationships, I meant working and comrade relationships. You know you are the only one for me! Please don't beat up the other VA's.... Wait do I smell a CATFIGHT? Okay I am bringing Jell-o now. Lime Green baby!
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