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  1. I use Gmail also for all my email accounts. There is one issue that will arise if you use Gmail for sending of all your accounts. Gmail likes to use its own mail servers and the recipients of your email will get an email that list the sender as "bob@gmail.com on behalf of bob@your_real_domain.com" It tends to tell others that you are using Gmail as your mail server. The way around this only takes a few minutes and will make you look professional instead of using Gmail as a business email address. Using a gmail.com address is for newbies and we are not newbies! Go to Gmail Settings > Accounts and Import. Click “Edit Info” for the email account you’d like to fix. The first pop-up screen will be fine. Make sure "Treat as an alias" is unchecked Click “Next”. This is where you need to make the changes. Instead of having Gmail do the sending, you need to click the “Send through [yourdomain] SMTP servers”. Selecting that option will expand the dialog box to allow you to input the SMTP server info. This information is available through your web host or email account provider. If you've set up your smart phone to access the email account, you can probably find the info there. Save Changes
  2. Windows 10 looks very exciting and a very nice breakthrough and breakaway from Win 8. Very exciting stuff in the way of phones, tablets, PC's, gaming, cloud, office, etc. Windows 10 Webcast (I want the Surface Hub) I am currently using the Windows 10 Tech Preview and really like it. They are finally getting things to work cohesively. They will be offering free upgrades to anyone who has Win 7, 8, 8.1 during the first year of release (probably around Oct 2015) It is looking very promising. My wife and I are both wanting to dump our tablets and phones to purchase devices with Windows 10 this year. I never thought I would ever say that. I use the Surface Pro 3 at work and I love it. An amazing machine.
  3. I have to go on the assumption that everyone is hackable. I do believe that Amazon, Google, and even Microsoft have good security features and invest a lot of money into security. It always surprises me when a big company gets hacked. You wonder where their loyalties lie with their customers that they do not have the best security available. Sony & Apple, of all people. Come on! They must have more money than God. But I think the real interesting part of this post may have been overlooked. It is not the security of other companies. It is the notion that you have "stuff" that could get you arrested. I would actually pay to see that.
  4. Nice. Good rules to have. If you want a fast way to lose clients, tell them your password got hacked. No one in the computer/online world should ever get their password hacked. We should know better than anyone else. That is what makes us special and valuable. Oh-oh......I just heard the sound of a 1000 keyboards being put into action.
  5. Why Windows Ultimate instead of Window 7 Pro. There is a 36% difference in price.What does Ultimate offer that 7 Pro does not?
  6. I just got through talking about how insecure the internet is when I see this. Please don't blame Yahoo that your email got hacked because your password was fluffy24. (name of my cat and my favorite TV show. They will never figure that out) Take some personal responsibility against the dangers of online anything. The "it will never happen to me" is denial in it's greatest form. It is not some dude in his mother's basement drinking Red Bull's, in his sweats, hacking passwords. Here we go, the most popular passwords of 2014: 1. 123456 (Unchanged from 2013) 2. password (Unchanged) 3. 12345 (Up 17) 4. 12345678 (Down 1) 5. qwerty (Down 1) 6. 1234567890 (Unchanged) 7. 1234 (Up 9) 8. baseball (New) 9. dragon (New) 10. football (New) 11. 1234567 (Down 4) 12. monkey (Up 5) 13. letmein (Up 1) 14. abc123 (Down 9) 15. 111111 (Down 8) 16. mustang (New) 17. access (New) 18. shadow (Unchanged) 19. master (New) 20. michael (New) 21. superman (New) 22. 696969 (New) 23. 123123 (Down 12) 24. batman (New) 25. trustno1 (Down 1) Okay, I can't look at this anymore. I just want to cry. But on the other hand, I can sum it up in 2 words.....job security. Full article
  7. What do you mean you cannot guarantee work in the "Cloud". That heresy. What about iCloud? Those Apple guys know everythi....oh wait, never mind. I know, the Sony Cloud service, They backup all kinds of....oh..crap. Target has never been hacked, right! Oh...they have, okay. Chase! They are an awesome banking service that has all kinds of securti....you're kidding, them too. So you are telling me that the "Cloud" ain't safe? You mean it isn't safe as long as I don't post naked pictures and financial information. Those are some good practices Tawnya. I love the Amazon S3. I use it for a number of clients.Very secure and they backup the backups. I personally have also started using One Drive with it's 2 step authentication and simplicity across my devices for my personal Cloud Drive. But on the other hand. I never store sensitive or important information in the cloud. The cloud is not safe. Yes, Amazon, Google, and a few others have been free of the hacking issues, but I believe it is just a mater of time.
  8. What a difference a year makes. But a year in technology is like 6 in dog years. I bought a Samsung 840 Pro-Series 256GB 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD. Total price (free shipping + no tax) was $254. I now see it at B&H photo for $229. SSD's have hit that sweet spot of $1 a gigabyte or less. It is very fast, has no moving parts, and it does not get hot!! I do like that. I use that as my boot drive for my operating system & programs. I then use HDD's for file storage. It is a great drive with very good specs. It is backwards compatible with SATA I & II connections on your motherboard. SSD = Solid State Drive HDD = Hard Disk Drive
  9. I want to thank everyone who participated in helping my niece, Janessa, try to win the chance for a recording deal in Los Angeles. She ended up #507 on the list and needed to be in the Top 90 to get a chance for the talent part. Unfortunately, at this stage of the contest, it was "who you know, not what you know" that got you a shot for a talent audition. Side note: I actually did return the likes, follows, subscribes, etc. to everyone that posted from here (as long as your social media link worked). If you did not get a personal thank you from me, then I apologize. I though I got everyone. Unfortunately, Janessa is a full time college student and works 30+ hours a week, so it was really hard for her to spend time on building a social media collective in just 3 weeks. So.... that was up to me and as we all know, I suck at social media. I was just hoping that me asking for help would have been enough. I do not think I have ever asked for anything here in the last 5 years. Usually I am freely giving of my time for computer questions/support and audio/video questions & support for people and on a 1-on-1 basis. She was doomed from the 'get go' with me as her social media ambassador. Thank you all for helping me and my quest to help my niece find her niche. I learned a lot about social media.
  10. Actually it has not changed my mind. It is really funny. I thought here would be the place to show that social media is strong. I assume every VA has a FB page of some type. There are 14,000+ members here. Out of those 14,000 I got 8 "Likes". WOW, not really what I was expecting. I thought there would be a lot more. The big push came from my end of my contacts and threads. I really expected a forum, that was so heavily based in social media, would have been more supportive and willing to spend 11.6 seconds of their day to help someone. I did not think it was that big of a deal to just hit the "Like" button on a Facebook page. And I assume all VA's know how to edit their settings to disable posts in their stream if they wish.
  11. Something sounds really "hinky" with your web host. I looked at their site and they immediately tried to sign me up. I had to find the navigation at the bottom to get more information and even that is not much. They advertise lots of unlimited stuff and they say they use dual quad core processors in their servers. In theory, you should not be running into any problems. But I have a feeling the stuff they post is very vague. On the other hand, there have been WordPress plugins that can hog resources and spike server usage. Since a lot of the plugins are free and not really monitored by anybody that could be a problem. I would try enabling the plugins 1 at a time and run it for a few days. You might ask your web host how to monitor your usage and what their limits are before you get "banned". There should be something in the Cpanel to monitor this. I also assume that you are on a shared server and you are sharing resources with many others. I also see that your web host also offers a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. I would be dissatisfied if I were you. There are many crappy web hosts out there, but there are many awesome ones also.
  12. One of my favorites is "Laughing Squid" He is informative, speaks the truth, and is wise in the knowledge of Photoshop. The tutorials are free.
  13. Okay, it is the last week. All I need anyone to do is: go to her Facebook page and hit the "like" button. It only takes 11.6 seconds out of your day to help her move forward. Please, please, please do that. I would really appreciate it. https://www.facebook.com/janessaleighs She has gone from rating #20,463 to currently #387.
  14. The contest ends on 12/2, that is why the big urgent push. The contest winner will be picked 1/13/12. Thank you are all the nice compliments you have posted on her Facebook page. She was asking about you and loved the UWriteSanta idea. She is truly a great girl. She writes these dark songs and then will talk about butterflies and fuzzy bunnies. The videos were recorded at her mother's house. "Break the Silence" was recorded in her mom's kitchen with me handling the recording duties. She plays all instruments, writes, sings lead vocals, and all background vocals. It was all her. I just pushed the "record" button. Thank you again for your support.
  15. I did all of those. Thank you so much for all your nice words about Janessa. She truly appreciates it. She was gushing how nice your comments are. You need to link your twitter account to the little birdie link to the left here, so I will not have to search you down (I found you). Right now it goes to a 404 page. The Skype and Facebook links work.
  16. Thank you Miss Patty. I went to your Twitter site to "Follow" you, but I already was........I guess what they really need is a "Stalk" button..
  17. As many of you know, I am not a fan of Social Media, as I think it is gimmicky and does not really mean anything. I have been an opponent of it from the very beginning back when MySpace was the ‘go to’ site. Now you have a chance to prove me wrong! All of you that have given me so much grief about me not conforming to the Social Media phenomenon can show me that YOU ARE RIGHT! I have recorded my niece who is a singer/songwriter and entered her in a contest at Guitar Center to win a recording deal with an award winning producer for 3 songs. Here is the catch. She has to show growth on her social media sites. This will be the true test if social media really works. So here is what I need from you: Go to janessaleigh.com and click the links below her video to “Like”, “Subscribe”, and “Follow”. (Please do all 3) It does not cost anything, you will not get any spam, no emails, and will not be on some weird site/list anywhere. In return, everyone who does do that, I will reciprocate to you. Show me this thing works. I would really appreciate if you all could help me. Brief bio on Janessa She is my niece. She just turned 20 years old. She goes to San Francisco State University studying graphic arts for advertising and also studies theater. She works in a nursing home as an entertainment assistant for the elderly who have dementia / Alzheimer’s. She and I recorded 4 songs for a self released CD last year in my home recording studio. We are set to do another 4 songs this holiday vacation in December. I am very proud of her
  18. Due to the flooding in Thailand, HDD (hard disk drive) prices have almost doubled in price due to a shortage. Unfortunately a lot of electronics come from Thailand and we could see a sharp rise in electronics prices in the near future for a while. The days of the $79 1TB hard drives are gone. But on the other hand SSD's (solid state drive) are not affected and may come down in price to take it's spot in the storage wars. Currently SSD's are smaller in size and cost more. Right around $1.50 a gigabyte as opposed to HDD's @ $0.09 a gigabyte. But they are fast and small in size. We shall see.
  19. We have worked out a deal to take it out in trade......
  20. Wow, that is awesome. I have not seen the site in a while. Yes, I know....I am not keeping up on all of my fashion sense and make-up tips, but it certainly has grown and changed. Congrats. I see you went to the castle in Napa Valley. I used to live 30 minutes from the castle when I lived in NorCal. Very pretty up there, eh? I hope you win. I looked at the others and they were not as informative as yours. You have learned well young Skywalker......wait....does that mean your mom is Darth Vader?
  21. You should expose that VA for who she is. It is like a rape victim never filing charges. If you don't stop them, they will do it to someone else. You have to stand up and save others from this evil do-er's style. From what I understand, she has done this to others and no one every says anything. Maybe it is people like her that gives VA's a bad name. All it takes is one bad apple. And I personally know that Big T. has had a problem with her too. This in not an isolated incident! Break the chain! signed, TVOR (the voice of reason) P.S. I could not find a synonym for "voice" that started with an "H". ....
  22. I have had a client who used Wix. The sites are in flash and have horrible SEO. I convinced him to use Wordpress and the site is now very slick and happy. I have a friend who uses Weebly and he really likes it. It seems to be okay. Good luck.
  23. If you drag the files you want to back up on to an external drive, then there is no need to buy the Serif Paragon Hard disk management. The only reason Windows 7 is bugging you is because it does not know you are using that process. It has a built in backup process, if you wish to use it. There are many ways to make a backup. As long as you are copying the files you want onto another drive, you should be fine. Side note: the process you describe is not a backup though. It is only a copy. If you would do the same thing and put it somewhere else, then THAT is a backup. 1 time is a COPY. 2 times is a backup.
  24. Do a test call to see if that works. Make sure your microphone is not muted. Run the Tools>Options>Audio Settings and see if your mic is selected and working. Without knowing more about your system it sounds like the lack of bandwidth will cause no audio to be delivered. You could try closing browsers or other items that use the internet to free up some of that bandwidth.
  25. I am signing up for SugarSync and was wondering if anyone would like to refer me to get "Bonus Storage"?
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