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  1. Nearly a year ago Brent did his Roc Talk segment on the VA Talk Show about this exact issue. I have skimmed the archives and think it may have been episode 5. It was a great and helpful segment (as always)
  2. Thank you so much Patty My b-day celebration started in Catalina, Arizona this morning. We went to the Biosphere 2, you know where those 8 people locked themselves in for 2 years to see if they could survive?? Anyway, pretty much a bust, but makes for an interesting scientific research station nowadays. We crossed the border in our RV from Mexico yesterday after having driven for the last 2.5 weeks along the entire Mexican Coastline. B-day dinner looks like it will be at a hot spring area on the 1-10 outside Phoenix (we are trying to get to Vegas for the rest of the week) So, whirlwind as usual. It's great to have my mobile internet back, I'll tell you that. It's been a nice b-day, and thank you so much for the warm wishes
  3. I am the former Membership Director of my hometown Chamber - I was the "Chamber Girl" and I LOVED it! I was the one responsible for making the new guests feel welcome and did I ever love my job, it was PERFECT for me, they paid me to talk all day! But....I'm not telling you anything when I say how cliquey chambers can be! I took it as my personal challenge to take all newcomers and introduce them to all attending business owners, whether they liked it or not, ha ha - people got used to it and it made me feel good about breaking through this small town "good ole boys" stuff. I am late in responding to this thread, and so you have probably moved on. That's the best piece of advice you could have gotten, sorry they made you feel so bad
  4. Thanks Karri - what an improvement. I really appreciated that! You rock
  5. Thank you so much Tawnya - and here is our holiday card to all our family, friends and colleagues Click here to see our Christmas Greeting We really have been thinking of you and Arnie while we are down here - how can we not?? You were right about so many things We are having a great time, and I'm hoping to get re-connected with the VANA group for the New Year! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
  6. Yeah! I love that article, way to go! Thanks for sharing. I now am planning a "news" section on my site...to much good stuff coming out of here not to be promoting it. Awesome!
  7. Please don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your membership, you will be so sorry when you decide your business could be benefiting from all the resources, but because you waited to long now you have to pay full price. The forms are a fantastic offer, just the forms alone would be worth the money. Access to the RFP's - we are already seeing results from belonging to an elite pool of VAs competing for the RFP's. Better chances of finding clients, worth EVERY penny! Networking with other supportive, intelligent professionals also investing in their business, and willing to help this industry grow, is a place I want to be, don't you? Join us now, while you can get in on the deal!!!
  8. Hey Tawnya, Thank You too! I had a nice afternoon - yes, the VAGT was small, but I really appreciated the intimacy that allowed for personal business story telling. And, the walk down the pier afterwards was a really nice wrap up, I loved it I'll look forward to another one the next time I am in your neck of the woods, Thanks again!
  9. McAfee Site Advisor published a quiz on phising (it's not there anymore, darn it or I would link it) But it put two websites side by side one legit, the other a scam. The examples were major and recognizable like Bank of America, PayPal, MySpace. I did really good on the quiz, missed one, but it was a challenge. The details to look for on the scam site were always very slight - wrong tense that sort of thing. One of them did have a misspelled word, good hint it was the scam page! I think having the two to look at side by side made it easier, but if you are ONLY looking at a scam site, it wouldn't be so easy... Thanks for the reminder of just how careful we have to be, Rosie
  10. Last call for Thursday's VAGT in White Rock. Hey Tawnya, Cosmos isn't that Greek Restaurant by any chance, is it? Looking forward to meeting some of the BC VAs
  11. From the warm, turquoise blue waters of the Aegean Sea to the cold white caps of the Pacific Ocean - waterfront is my favorite place to be! I'm looking forward to the VAGT Can I put in a request for some sun? We must have brought this rain with us, and I think after a week solid it can stop anytime, I'm soggy already! See ya Thursday, will be a good lunch
  12. G'Day Deirdre, and welcome to VANA. I am absolutely touched by what you and your partner have decided to do in fostering less fortunate children - its the route I always said I would take if I decided to have children. Keep up the good work, I look forward to getting to know you
  13. G'Day and welcome to VANA Susan. I hope you are enjoying all this forum has to offer, learning and networking, it's just GREAT! There are rumblings around my household that we may be going to Australia for Dec/Jan/Feb - if that happens, I'd love to have a VAGT. What'dya say Tawnya? You and Arnie wanna meet us down there? Personally, the only way I can justify the flight time is to spend a month or more - then it is worth every single hour on the plane ( I can NOT believe there is not a smiley in a plane around here????)
  14. We saw BNL in Vegas last year - what a fantastic show that was! Here is a group of guys who TRULY love what they do, no way to hide it. How was it? Did you have a great time?
  15. Welcome Lisa Finding VANA was your best "next step" in getting started. Tons of valuable information on this site, and friendly, experienced VAs to answer any questions. Looking forward to getting to know you
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