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  1. Yeah! I love that article, way to go! Thanks for sharing. I now am planning a "news" section on my site...to much good stuff coming out of here not to be promoting it. Awesome!
  2. Hey Tawnya, Thank You too! I had a nice afternoon - yes, the VAGT was small, but I really appreciated the intimacy that allowed for personal business story telling. And, the walk down the pier afterwards was a really nice wrap up, I loved it I'll look forward to another one the next time I am in your neck of the woods, Thanks again!
  3. Last call for Thursday's VAGT in White Rock. Hey Tawnya, Cosmos isn't that Greek Restaurant by any chance, is it? Looking forward to meeting some of the BC VAs
  4. From the warm, turquoise blue waters of the Aegean Sea to the cold white caps of the Pacific Ocean - waterfront is my favorite place to be! I'm looking forward to the VAGT Can I put in a request for some sun? We must have brought this rain with us, and I think after a week solid it can stop anytime, I'm soggy already! See ya Thursday, will be a good lunch
  5. I wanted to join you all tonight for this seminar - but 2 a.m. is just a wee bit early for this gal! I'll be sorry to miss out, and will catch up from the archives Enjoy yourselves, learn lots.
  6. I am really enjoying the Podcasting & Blog Hoping tour - such a creative concept, some great questions about our industry out there - Sharon you are doing a great job here.
  7. Wow - Tawnya! Guess I know what I have to look forward too, I am two emails in for a problem (of my own doing, but still....) I refuse to make the phone call, even though that's what dbf mutters each time he walks by and sees me messing with PayPal "gonna take a phone call, ya know" No, I don't know, I won't do it. LOL ARrrgh, TGIF!
  8. I can NOT believe I missed the blogging/podcasting chat...of all the luck! Missed the International Podcasting Expo last weekend as well, it's just classic. I am determined to get into podcasting, obstacles or not! Looking forward to the archive of the chat
  9. Terry those are fantastic - thanks so much for sharing. Was that already a week ago that we wrapped things up? Already looking forward to next year. Who's going to San Fransisco in April?
  10. Paula, I love that you talk so much! And it's true you are also a great listener. When we were on our unique Dallas adventure on Sunday (no comment), I felt like you were an old friend that I had known forever. Thanks for being so fun and having such a sunny attitude in the rain! Awww, thanks Sally! I think we are old friends, aren't we? And Nina too, since she looks so dang familiar! When we lived in Washington, I HAD to buy a print of some little kids, all covered and sheltered from the rain....all except the one in a yellow slicker, hoodie off, looking to t
  11. Wow, Patti, right on! You've got a full plate here at VAN - I really appreciate that you are volunteering so much time to help all of us here, it all makes a big difference!
  12. Hahaha, well, Tena, now I'm going to tell on myself a little bit...... At one point in the conference I confided to my new friend Jane that I was having moments of "UUgh, I really don't want to be the girl that people look back on and say 'Oh, I remember her, she was the one who talked so much!'" and then I laughed because as those fleeting thoughts came on, I dismissed them.....like it or not, I do talk that much, always have always will....LOL. But I am also a very good listener and love learning interesting things, 1CoolDog totally qualified (www.1cooldog.com). Sylvester and his dog
  13. Congratulations Kimmer! That is exciting. I was at the conference last week, and one thing we learned is, if we are going to get media attention from press releases, they were going to have to be OUTSTANDING press releases.....so again....way to go, you clearly have that down!!!! I'm with you Sally, still have reading to do, but would love to discuss his presentation
  14. Neat presentation on the photos, Sally! I had such an awesome time. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this has changed everything for me. My business is so new, I really feel enabled to proceed with a better plan of attack now. The brain power in that hotel, holy cow, we coulda been dangerous!!! ha ha Looking forward to the coming year, lots of work to get done Oh, Tena, I remember you - we almost didn't get to eat at the banquet together, lol!
  15. Wow - Terry!!! What chaos! Glad you made it safely - if not eventfully (of course trips that go as planned don't make near as good of stories) Rest up girl, here we come! See ya tomorrow, safe flights everyone. I'm so completely looking forward to this!
  16. Congratulations - that's quite the acknowledgement! Kudo's for the great job moderating....impressive
  17. Great idea, Karri! Looks like it's about a 20 minute trip from the Holiday Inn - I'd most definitely be interested in taking a little sightseeing expedition.
  18. That's a really good point you make, Terry, IAOVA has a registration cut off date for the block of rooms and asks that we use the event code "VAC" Even if we book by other means it'd be only right to let them know we are part of the conference. Thanks for the link to the roomate list. See you there!
  19. Sorry to read about all the cancellations - it does happen, I know, but it's still to bad to not get to meet you ladies - was definitely looking forward to that. Today's task for me is to get a room booked, I see the reservation cut off date is next week - but that's for the conference rate of $89.....online there are rooms for $74, and I remember reading something Karri posted awhile ago about an even cheaper room. Is anyone left without a roommate from these cancellations? As for my flight, I have to leave that up to the very last minute, there's just no way around that one eve
  20. It's official, you can add me to your attendee roster Yes, I did have to pay "Late Registration", in my book that's better than never. I am still unable to book travel, as I have no idea if I will be departing from California, Nevada or Mexico for that matter. All I do know, is I am officially registered, this changes so much for me Looking forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as I can. Safe travel everyone!
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