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  1. I am a long time virtual assistant with 11 + years of experience and I am offering an unpaid internship opportunity. Learn more and apply for this internship at https://alyssaavantandcompany.com/internship-opportunity/ Thank yoU!
  2. I too use Calendly.com I am using free version right now.
  3. I am looking for a VA mentor or coach to help take my business to the next level. Last year I tried the multi-VA model and I feel like I didn't do well with it. I really want it it to work though as I am wanting to help others by training them to become a VA. I have the basics down pat as well as some areas of specialization, but taking it to the next level is where I need help. Who do you recommend that is affordable for coaching / mentoring? Anyone here?
  4. Hi Ladies, I am feeling quite STUCK right now...unmotivated, down, etc. I have been doing my Creative VA Partner biz since April. As always its been up and down just like my writing business was over the years. I did ghostwriting from OCtober 2007 until now...and added other services in April 2010 to create Creative VA Partner. My goal is to build a team of VAs and for me to be more of the project manager / spokesperson. We have very specialized services. And I want to consult with clients and help them to see what they need. My niche is coaches. I need something to really make a splash in this arena and get noticed. I'm in a funk as the income has dipped here recently and the holidays are coming so I know how the income does during this time of the year. Any ideas for additional income streams, ways to make my big break? ways to beat this funk? Thanks Alyssa
  5. Hi there Have you found someone to do your site. I set up Wordpress sites for clients and can do this at a very reasonable price. Let me know! Alyssa
  6. I have seen some talk here on the boards about insurance in the regards of insuring your business, but as sole proprietors, business owners, etc where do you obtain your health insurance? I have need for insurance and don't know where to turn.
  7. What is this "RSS feed" in Hootsuite that everyone is talking about? I have never heard of that. What about just using Hootsuite for more than one twitter account one facebook page and Linked in? Will that cost me? That's what I use it for now.
  8. I am looking for a screen grabbing tool that I can actually resize or edit after I grab it. I know of Snag it but it is $49 and I really don't have the extra cash for it right now. Can you recommend others?
  9. I'm in the process of having my personal VA put together my business / operations manual for my company. I am having trouble knowing what all should go in it , how it should be formatting,etc. I know this might be a personal preference but I like to have a "cookie cutter" or "Mold" to go by. . . or at least give me some idea. Would anyone be willing to share theirs or a template at least? Thanks,
  10. This is a great way to look at it. Currently I work 24 hrs a week but only have 18 hrs of client work (paid). I hope to up the paid client work and have at least 2 sub-contracting VAs. Just now getting into that at the moment. 300 hrs of billed work a month sounds awesome what a great goal. I need to think along these lines myself.
  11. Right now I'm looking into Basecamp myself since I'm creating a multi-va team and everyone must have access to the "tasks". Interested in seeing what others do.
  12. I think of it in the # of hours I can work instead of # of clients. I am a multi-va practice though too so that does make a difference, but I have established up front how many hours my co-va's want to take on too so we know what we can and cannot handle.
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