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  1. Do I look like a Darth Vader to you? Are you sure you want him to answer that? You don't look like a Darth Vader to me, but this is Brent we're talking about....and we all know he likes to be a PITA.
  2. I tried to download the e-book but the link did not work. Is it still valid? The original post is from 2003, so I would guess that it is probably not.
  3. Unfortunately we have members from all over the world - since the bulk of our members are in the US and Canada, events are scheduled during the day in the US - 7pm US Eastern Time is 8pm Atlantic Time (Canada) and 4pm Pacific Time (US and Canada). Outside this range, we lose a lot of people. I will be there tomorrow night starting at 3:45 Pacific. If nobody shows up by 4:15, though, I usually leave. I apologize I haven't been able to be there the last several weeks - something always seems to come up. I was all set to be there last week, but then the Great Blackout of 2011 happened, and I had no power :/.
  4. I apologize that I wasn't there last night - I didn't have internet because of the Great Blackout of 2011. The password for the Thursday night seminars and VAjot doesn't change like the insiders does. And yes, even if Linda or myself or Tawnya isn't there, you can still use the room at that time for meeting and getting to know one-another - no moderator is required.
  5. Mago - this is an older post - the Wednesday VAjot has been moved to Thursdays since the beginning of 2011.
  6. Goofball. Rubio's is about 8 minutes from my house too - the original Rubio's, as a matter of fact. And I THINK I went to Rubio's with you one time, lol.
  7. I just moved to San Diego, and am looking to meet some fabulous VAs here. Anybody local interested in having a meetup?
  8. Due to VAvirtuosos this week, we will be holding our normal VAjot social night 1 hour earlier, at 3pm PT/6pm ET. You can still access the seminar room here. For those who don't know, VAjot night is our weekly Networking and Social evening. We get together to share stories and network with others of like mind. We talk about everything from business to personal. There are often several experienced VAs in attendance, all ready and willing to help and support anyone who asks. Though it is not required, we do recommend you have a microphone as it makes it a better experience for all. Rocnred, our resident audio guy, just recommended a headset in this thread, which is definitely on my purchase list. You can also usually purchase one fairly inexpensively at Walmart or another local retailer. Whether you're in the research phase, just starting out, or have been a VA for years, we invite you to join us every Thursday night (regular time is 4pm PT/7pm ET).
  9. Dana - you better be DVR'ing that - and figure out a way to post it so we can all watch, hehe...or I'll have to find a Canadian proxy to go through so I can watch on the CBC site after it airs, lol.
  10. Tawnya, I know Dana just got that exact same headset, and loves it. I think her exact words were "Holy sound, Batman". Hehe.
  11. Wow, Linda, couldn't have said it better myself! To re-iterate some of what Linda just said: Come to VAjot nights! Our regulars are a bunch of fabulous, mostly experienced VAs who love to answer questions and help people out. This is also our social night, as most of us work alone from home, so this is our "watercooler night" as I like to call it. We sit around our virtual "watercooler" and chat about anything and everything: problem clients (no names, please!), successes, failures (learning opportunities), personal, business, you name it! Sometimes it may seem like we just sit around and joke with each other, but bring your questions, comments, and concerns - we're always happy to stop the banter to talk business. I know that 4pm PDT can be a little early for those on the West Coast, still technically business hours, but please come late if you need to - we'd rather have you late than not at all! VAjot is slated to last one hour, from 7pm EDT to 8pm EDT, but we often are still talking at 8:30 or 9, so if we're still there, you're welcome to join us. And get a microphone! It's much easier to participate in the conversation if you have a microphone. There's a thread around here where our FABULOUS audio guy Brent (Rocnred) shared some suggestions for microphones, I'll see if I can find that to link to it, but honestly, for the purposes of VAjot, you should be able to get away with spending $20 or less at Walmart to get something serviceable. I own this and this, both of which work great, and both of which Brent (he of the ridiculously expensive microphones) has even grudgingly said sound good. Linda - my accountability for this quarter is to work my rear end off to get to the financial place where I can do some things I need to do in my personal life. I really don't want to say more than that, and some people know what I'm talking about and why, but that is my goal.
  12. Jodie, Since I originally posted this, my life has changed a lot. I lost my full-time job, which forced me to really get serious about my business. My business has changed somewhat as I'm now doing mostly Wordpress work, and not a whole lot of "VA" work. So I don't have my 40 retainer hours, but I do have a decent amount of business. And it's just going to keep getting better and better. Yes, it is. I have no doubt of that. My fabulous friends/mentors here will kick my butt if it doesn't.
  13. I'll be there! I'm speaking this time, on the basics of ePublishing for eReaders such as Kindle and Nook. There's a great line-up of other speakers as well, so I encourage you all to get your seats before they sell out!
  14. Jodie, Since I originally posted this, my life has changed a lot. I lost my full-time job, which forced me to really get serious about my business. My business has changed somewhat as I'm now doing mostly Wordpress work, and not a whole lot of "VA" work. So I don't have my 40 retainer hours, but I do have a decent amount of business.
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