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  1. There used to be a SoCal VA group, but I haven't been able to locate them since I moved to San Diego, unfortunately. They don't seem to be active anymore.
  2. Ruth, I know, I've been listening to her music non-stop for about a week, and I really love it all. I have access to a couple of other songs as well, that she recorded at the same time as "Break the Silence" - they're all amazing, I'm hoping she'll post a couple of others on YouTube as well!
  3. Hi... I Liked, Followed and Subscribed Good luck to Janessa, she is a beautiful girl with a great voice ka Kathy - if you want to enter the contest, make sure you post a comment on my blog - that is the official entry!
  4. Okay, I'm sweetening the pot here. Especially for all you newbies - here's a contest you can't afford to pass up. Like, Subscribe, and Follow Janessa to enter for a chance to win a prize that Brent and I have decided to offer - details at http://bit.ly/janessaleigh. Free website package and hosting for 1 year.
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I went through something similar last year/early this year, so I understand what you are going through. Praying that all goes well.
  6. You suggested Wordpress??? I am in shock! Next thing you'll have a huge Twitter following or something. Glad to see you are slowly coming around Brent He's even letting me re-do one of HIS sites in Wordpress....
  7. Do I look like a Darth Vader to you? Are you sure you want him to answer that? You don't look like a Darth Vader to me, but this is Brent we're talking about....and we all know he likes to be a PITA.
  8. An update: The person has responded to an email I sent, and we have worked out a settlement to the matter. Thanks all for listening to me vent, and for your sympathy and advice.
  9. Whatever contact form you are using is loading 4 different javascript files. Try disabling that and see if it helps - if that's it, you can try a different contact form. It's also loading (or trying to load) jquery a second time - that could well be your culprit. Looking at it with the YSlow Firefox plugin, the majority of your load time is coming from various components of that plugin. Also, install the Use Google Libraries plugin - will load some things from Google servers, which are faster and many sites use them, so people are more likely to have a cached version in their browsers. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/
  10. I suppose I was due a lesson in who to trust. And in reality, there were signs that maybe I shouldn't trust this person, but I ignored them. My mistake. I designed a site for another VA awhile back. I had a 1/3 deposit (less than my usual 1/2, but hey, this is a friend and colleague, right? - plus I gave her a 33% discount off my normal rates), but no contract (my mistake, I know). I created a test site on my server, and loaded up the custom theme. I told this VA to add her content on my server and we could tweak the site and get it ready to go live, and that she could pay me the remainder before I transferred everything to her server. She's been dragging her feet on this for awhile, the last I heard she was having trouble making words flow for her content. But I was patient, because she was a friend and colleague. She asked me for a final invoice in August (should have been a clue), which I sent her, and which has been sitting, unpaid, in my PayPal account ever since. But I was patient, because she was a friend and colleague. So, last night I discover that her site *IS* live, and the theme is almost IDENTICAL to the one still sitting on my server waiting for her to enter content. But it has ANOTHER VA/web designer's credit in the footer. Thoughts? I'm so angry I could spit nails, and while I'm tempted to plaster this VA's name (both of them, actually - the "web designer" who aided and abetted her had to know something shady was going on) and what she did across the internet, I don't want to stoop to her level. I've sent her a message on Skype, which has not been responded to. I've not yet sent an email, because I'm trying to calm down first. I know I don't have a whole lot of legal standing, since I never got a contract signed - my fault, I know. I do have emails and skype messages with "verbal" agreements, but probably not enough to stand up in court. The amount involved is probably not even worth fighting for anyway - which I know she is probably counting on. It's not even really about the money - it's about the betrayal and the sheer audacity of this person. What would you do here?
  11. Yes I had noticed that, in the beginning but I had my husband test it and he said it was ok... so I thought it was just me! Even I had can't bother to wait for it to load sometimes. I'll have to figure out something to make it faster then. Could it be that it is a wordpress? I have heard the plugins can cause a delay.. Again, thanks for your help, Eleni Yes, it could definitely be plugins - try disabling them one by one and see if that helps.
  12. http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/cash-vs-accrual-accounting-29513.html That link explains cash vs accrual accounting, which is what you're talking about. I use the cash method, which is the most common method in the US. As always, YMMV based on UK laws and standards - you may want to speak to a local accountant to make sure you follow the rules where you are.
  13. Agreed with what Ruth said. I am completely paperless. I have my contracts signed through EchoSign, which has held up in court in the US as legally binding. Not sure about the UK with that. In addition, I have a very specific file naming process and file system in place. I have one folder where I keep all client files, named (of course) Client Files. That folder has three sub-folders: Archive, Current, and Prospective. Each client then has a sub-folder within one of those three (depending on their current status with me), and the client's folder has sub-folders named Setup (which includes the proposal, the contract, the client data form, and any other "setup" documents), Billing (invoices, receipts, etc.), Correspondence (misc correspondence, saved emails, etc.), and Client Data (all work product inputs and outputs). Archived client files are saved intact for 6 months per my agreement, and then the Client Data and Correspondence folders are deleted (unless there's something I feel I really need to keep). The Setup and Billing information is archived in a separate area for specific time periods, before being deleted.
  14. Andrea, Coming from a coding background myself, I felt the *exact* same way when I started working with Wordpress. Once I began to understand how all the pieces fit together, however, I realized how flexible it really is, especially if you get into coding custom themes. One thing I found that helped in the beginning was to code a site as static HTML first, and then convert it to a Wordpress theme. Since you say you have a coding background, I have a feeling the light will come on soon enough - it definitely did for me. That said, if you plan on having a simple site that only you will maintain, it might make more sense for you to do it in a way that works for you - static (X)HTML or the like. If you're planning on getting big enough that eventually you'll want someone else to help maintain your site, you might stick with WP, which is easy to maintain and update (all out theme changes are more difficult, but changing or adding content is dead simple). Just food for thought. Let me know if I can be of any further help.
  15. Hi Andrea, welcome to VAnetworking! There are no calls involved for our webinars - completely web based. A headset/microphone is encouraged for VAjot night, but not required - you can use text chat if you don't have a microphone, but it makes it a better experience for everyone if we can hear your voice - plus, we'll probably remember you a lot more. As for VA Talkshow - that is no longer active, but I will look into it.
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