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    Faimly, movies, reading, sitting in backyard drinking coffee and being still.

About Me

With more than twenty five years of experience as an Executive Assistant, both in the public and private sectors, Brenda Flenoy provides a fresh and innovative approach to outsourcing professional services to business owners, coaches, authors and speakers. As the owner of Virtual Horizons Unlimited, she helps business owners set priorities and create the balance they want between life and work.


Brenda’s professional skills contain numerous components, making this the driving force of her business. She posses drive and determination to help her clients succeed; understanding her clients and how their strengths can greatly improve her client’s life and business. Brenda is resourceful in finding the appropriate solutions for her client’s challenges.


Brenda is a long time resident of Texas and enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, watching the sunrise or set and watching an occasional scary movie.


If you would like to know more about Virtual Horizons Unlimited, feel free to visit Brenda’s website at www.virtualhorizonsunlimited.com [/font]

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