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  1. Thank you so much, ladies!!!! Although, by the end of the day, my desk isn't so neat! Kim
  2. Hi All, Here is the story that ran in my local newspaper on Friday, April 11 for their weekend edition. http://www.fauquier.com/news/2008/apr/11/m...irtual-reality/ Thanks, again, everyone. Kim
  3. Cynthia, Thank you so much for posting a comment on my story! I truly appreciate your support! Hey, I also won a prize in the Webmomz.com drawing for "Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day! That was a nice surprise. Kim
  4. Hi everyone! Thanks to my participation and publicity in "Doing Business in your Bathrobe Day" on February 11, Webmomz.com has included me on their web site! http://www.webmomz.com/bizinbathrobe2008-Photos.shtml Thanks for your wonderful responses everyone to my previous post regarding this! http://www.mediamage.com/cvaforum/index.php?showtopic=12255 Kim
  5. Thanks, guys. I love that bathrobe and when I wear it, my 10 month old loves to cuddle because it's so soft and plush. Here is my official press release from PR.com. http://www.pr.com/press-release/71849 Kim
  6. Hi everyone, My local online newspaper is great as it allows me to post news on my own, and so I am trying to take advantage of this to promote my business and the industry along with my blog. I've included the links below. Tomorrow, an official press release will go out via PR.com in the past tense with revised text about "Waivasir.com Celebrates Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day". http://www.fauquier.com/newsbyyou/73/ http://www.fauquier.com/photosbyyou/ Thanks for reading! Kim
  7. Great job! I enjoyed reading it, and your son is adorable! Kim
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