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  1. Thank you so much, ladies!!!! Although, by the end of the day, my desk isn't so neat! Kim
  2. Hi my fellow VA's! Here is the link! I also posted it in the PR Topic. http://www.fauquier.com/news/2008/apr/11/m...irtual-reality/ Thank you!!!!! Kim
  3. Hi All, Here is the story that ran in my local newspaper on Friday, April 11 for their weekend edition. http://www.fauquier.com/news/2008/apr/11/m...irtual-reality/ Thanks, again, everyone. Kim
  4. Hi Everyone! Well, not quite sure why the article is not yet online...so I'll keep bugging the reporter. It came out in the Friday weekend paper for the Fauquier Times Democrat. Overall, I think it was a great article! I am getting e-mails from people who have read it and are interested in either subcontracting for Waivasir or getting certified as a VA. Thanks, everyone for your input!!! Kim
  5. Hi All! Well, we just wrapped up my interview! As Judy suggested, I had her send me the questions beforehand. Oh, and no picture was taken, so I have to provide her one. Should I send her my professional pic on my website (it is a brand and recognizable, and its on my blog) or one of me at my desk - a tight shot? The reporter asked me about VANetworking, and was a little confused between it being a forum versus actually networking as a VA, so I broke it down for her and plugged VANA and Tawnya as its founder. She said they are not allowed to let me have final approval, but that she would read it to me over the phone. She said she'll call if she has any questions while writing it. Ok, I have to get ready and meet a potential client. Thanks again for your input everyone! Kim
  6. Hi Miriam, I have a background in HR and IT recruiting, among others, as well. You can post it on Craigslist or free telecommuting job sites. You should mention that it is a telecommute/work from home and 1099 contractor position. For the location, you can mention: Only U.S. Based Candidates Will Be Considered, or something along those lines if he only wants US candidates to apply. If you have an hourly rate or a range, you can decide to post it or not, but the other sales rep might know what he or she will make, but at least you can get only candidates willing to work for the fee your client sets. You should also note if it is commission based only or hourly plus commission so you can weed out those looking to be paid hourly and not on commission, or want more than what your client is willing to pay. It's just that you will get a flood from all over, so try to be as specific as possible. Depending on how experienced you want the person to be, you'll need to decide if you want to mention the word "Virtual" so you are not getting general VA's who want to do sales calls. Be sure not to include the phone number or e-mail in the post, and note No Phone Calls Please, yadda yadda. I am actually meeting a potential client tomorrow who read my e-mail response to her posting on Craigslist! Good luck in your search! Kim
  7. Judy, Thank you so much for your input and the informative links! You make a good argument of why I should not do it at my home. Well, at least they have a photo of me at my desk in my robe, so could it get any worse!? LOL I actually made sure it was a tight shot, too, to avoid showing my equipment layout. The timing of your post couldn't have been better! I will definitely let you all know when it is published. Also, I did check with the business license department, and they said it is fine for a reporter to visit and has no bearing. Thanks, Judy! Thanks everyone! Kim
  8. Kim May I suggest you consider a few things based on what you mentioned above? Perhaps you should look into the legalities by checking with your local business licensing division for those who work from home as well as your Homeowners Association before doing this. Just to be on the safe side. Perhaps you can ask the interviewer to give you a few days to secure a few things regarding your business before the interview. This way you can make sure you are safeguarding your business and not jeopardizing it while enjoying your public advertising opportunity. Just my humble opinion. ~Delilah Delilah, Humble, yet great advice! I'll contact them tomorrow to be on the safe side. Thank you, Kim
  9. Hi Darrell and Terri, Well, it looks like I have some tidying up to do! Darrell, I live in a subdivision of homes with a home owners association and they have strict rules and regulations for home-based businesses, and in addition, my county's zoning laws also require that I not have clients visit my home. I actually prefer not having clients visit my home and not having to worry about the risk of them getting injured on my doorstep or falling down my stairs. Insurance would be really high, too! Lastly, I don't want the neighbors to think I have a P____ or D___ ring or something going on when they see cars and people coming and going during business hours. LOL. We are also not allowed to put any signage advertising our business. I love being invisible, cuts down the chances of being burglarized and neighbors don't even know that I operate a home business, unless they know me. It's a quiet neighborhood with children playing in the streets, and I wholely respect that. Can anyone give me some input as to the types of questions you were asked by the reporter? Did you provide them questions beforehand? Did you refer them to IVAA for the statistics or get them yourself? Feel free to e-mail them to me at my business e-mail or any other VA information that I can share with readers, as it would be greatly appreciated. It is scheduled for this Friday. Thanks, Kim
  10. Hi my fellow VA's, I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that this was respectfully resolved...in one case, at least. Thank you for your input concerning this matter. Kim
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