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  1. Hello Fellow VA's, I have an average of 12 team members on my multi-va team. I am having trouble finding the best way to calculate and run payroll. Especially as the hourly rate is different for different clients, and some of the projects are flat rate monthly. This makes it difficult to find a program that will allow me to enter different hourly rates, etc. for an individual. To date, I have been using a project management and time tracking integrated program, and entering the information into an Excel Spreadsheet that is already set up with the calculations. This seems to be a bit more tedious, and open to the potential for more errors. I am wondering what anyone else in the same or a similar situation has found helpful for payroll. I am open to any suggestions and/or questions! Thank you!
  2. Hello Everyone, I see a lot of meet-ups all over the US and beyond, but none for my area. I know there are a lot of VA's here though! If you are in the Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado or Yolo County areas please post below! I would love to set up a monthly/quarterly meet-up somewhere between all of these areas. It would be a great time to exchange tips, challenges, successes, etc. -Amanda Lawson USA Virtual Assistants Roseville, CA 95747 My Website Email me
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