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About Me

After many years of having my skills and talents unfulfilled by the “normal” working world, I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. I truly wanted to create my own destiny. I still wanted to work hard, but I wanted to work at something for myself…instead of always putting my life on hold for everyone else’s creation. After working my way up in many different positions from Real Estate & Escrow to Automotive Industries and even Construction Industries…I realized I may have reached my full potential within those companies…and it wasn’t enough for me. The challenge I craved just wasn’t there.


I started working from home part-time doing loan processing and website design, I was sticking to what I knew how to do best. I was still working full time and taking on whatever else I could do, I knew that my ultimate goal was to be able to quit my “9-5” and go into business with myself, for myself. About 6 months into working two jobs, I decided it was time to “take the plunge”. The economy wasn’t getting any better, and either was my pay or my commute to work.


In December of 2009, I began working full-time as a Virtual Assistant. I specialized in website design, document creation formatting…and anything else I could get my hands on. A few successful months later, I decided to create a team. I didn’t like the idea of turning down work, or not being able to complete a task for a well-known client. I wanted to have a complete team or network of virtual assistants that I could refer work to. I created California Virtual Assistants with the idea of being able to “screen” a group of local virtual assistants who all wanted to work together to create the same goal. In 2011, we expanded to cover the entire US, and became USA Virtual Assistants.


Everyone on the team is their own Independent Contractor, most of the time with their own Virtual Assistant business. They are either looking for more work, or just looking to be a Subcontractor on a team. Everyone chooses a few categories that they are experts in, and works from those categories. This concept has worked out great, not only for the girls on the team…but also for the clients.


Every one of our clients knows that the person working on their task enjoys that task, so they put everything into it. Our clients also take comfort in knowing that they can make one phone call, and get everything they need done…from marketing to form and document creation…to social media. Our team has the ability to do it all!


Now that the team is established, I am able to focus on my true passions…Real Estate Transaction Coordinating, helping other WAHM’s and my family.

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