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  1. Kathy, you could ask her to make payment with an International Money Order (issued by the main post office in her city) which is usually less costly than an international bank transfer (issued by a bank providing foreign exchange services). She could also send you a money transfer through Western Union if this service is available in Kenya.
  2. Hello Colleen My suggestion is that you time how long it takes you to proofread a full page, then estimate the time for total pages of each book. Let the client know that it is an estimate. I do proofreading and have found that time varies according to the content and grammar level. Success with your project.
  3. Thanks for sharing, Kelly. I checked out the site and plan to sign up to test its effectiveness. Rosaliene Bacchus
  4. Congratulations Kathie What marvellous recognition for your services to women in your country! Thanks for a job well done in promoting Virtual Assistants. Rosaliene Bacchus
  5. Hello Naijeria It's so sad to see another country in turmoil. My prayers are with you and your people. Hold on and make the necessary adjustments to survive under your present conditions. May the Lord keep you and your family safe. Rosaliene Bacchus
  6. Love the logo, Tawnya. Join with others in suggesting pens, note pads, mouse pads, magnets, business card holders, coffee cups. Would like to add lapel pins. I wore a "Virtual Assistant" pin to a networking event. Everyone who spoke with me wanted to know what it meant. Rosaliene
  7. Thank you for your kind offer, Doreen. I will forward my request by email. Rosaliene
  8. Doreen, your document of one-hour projects is a great idea. I'd be happy to see your list. Is it available to other VAs?
  9. Thanks, Bonnie. Very interesting teleseminar. I had no idea that intuition counselors existed. I need to put my intuition to more use.
  10. So sorry to learn of your loss, Ntoweett. You and your family are in my prayers.
  11. Hi Rebecka Words ending in .......sation is the British form. Words ending in .......zation is the USA form. Former British colonies and Europe use the British form. In am not sure where Canada and Australia, both members of the British Commonwealth, stand on this. Countries that prefer American English, like Brazil, use the American form. As I grew up in a British colony that also had an American presence (there was an American airbase in our country during World War 11), we were exposed to the variations between the two forms of the language. You'd be surprised to discover there are many more differences.
  12. Hi Leisa Love your Home Page! It had me hooked to the end. Great job I also like your business name and tag line.
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