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  1. Congratulations Kathie What marvellous recognition for your services to women in your country! Thanks for a job well done in promoting Virtual Assistants. Rosaliene Bacchus
  2. Hello Shannon Your Press Release is well-written. However, I would suggest that you re-write the last two paragraphs as they sound more like an advertisement. Congrats on taking this step and all the best
  3. We had a great turnout at our first meeting on August 25th. Great positive feedback. Come join us
  4. Tawnya, a big thank you to you and the contributing members for providing this material for our use. I have added a link to the Series on my Web page "Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?" http://www.rosalienebacchus.com/files/WhyH...lAssistant.html
  5. Thanks for your kind offer, Tawnya. I already have a link to the Virtual Assistant vs. Employee Comparison Chart prepared by Michelle Ulrich, founder and President of The Virtual Nation. I thought it best to use her figures as she is based in the USA. I am in the process of updating my website and accept your offer of using VANA's VA Ethics and VA definition. Thank you.
  6. Congrats to fellow winners, Simone and Cheryl Angela's personal email notification earlier today came as a real surprise. What a treat! The whole process of claiming and receiving my prize was flawless. Angela, you have a great eye for those details that make clients come back for more.
  7. Interesting article, Rita. I am building my business by alliances with other professionals and VAs that complement my services.
  8. My problems are nothing in the face of this woman's loss. May the Lord comfort her in her distress.
  9. Congratulations on your new daughter So happy to learn that you and Shelby are both well.
  10. Congrats, Nancy Hope it brings you good business.
  11. Well done, Carrie It will be a valuable learning experience for you both.
  12. That was quite a large article, Darrell. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Welcome to the flat world. Economies and businesses around the globe are facing the problems of outsourcing. Our success as VAs will depend upon our ability to continuously innovate the way we do business, anticipate the needs of our clients, go beyond their expectations, and have a real impact on their success. For those who have not yet read "The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century" by Thomas L. Friedman, I strongly recommend that you do so.
  13. Hello Mary Beth Well done! This reads much more like a Press Release. Please note some proofing and minor editing that I have done. Your fourth paragraph - "Marino emphasized ... she explained." - needs some rewriting to clarify your ideas. I would also suggest rewriting your last sentence in the last paragraph.
  14. A big welcome to all you new SoCal VAs Look forward to meeting you all at our next meeting. Paula, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your plans for building the SoCal VA Group.
  15. Hello Mary Beth I'm sorry to say that your Press Release reads more like an interview. Some months ago, Diana Ennen wrote an excellent article on how to write a Press Release. I used it as my guide when I did mine recently. Unfortunatley, I have been unable to locate it for you. Perhaps someone else will find it for you.
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