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  1. I have used OneNote and it is much prettier than Evernote for starters, at least Evernote free. I never got quite comfortable with the synch for OneNote, but that was me, not the program. I've used both and am using Evernote right now because of the price and it was in my line of site when I got the 'synch revelation'. Just recently, a group I work with has been discussing 'budget collaboration' and experimenting with more EverNote aspects for sharing, etc. We'll have a Rube Goldberg assembly of tools, working with Google Apps, Evernote and Dropbox, but again, the keyword is Budget.
  2. Its hard for me to say which I love more - Evernote or Box.net. Both have saved my bacon time and time again. And yes - I have both of those sync'd w/ my iPad and phone, too. OOH - and I can even access it through LogMeIn (also on my phone and iPad!!) I used to be a big Dropbox fan, but I've found Box.net is more compatible with my iPad and since I often need documents when I'm out and about, I can save them for offline use in Box, and that doesn't seem to work with Dropbox, which is the reason for my switch. I have both, I utilize both, but I like Box just a little bit better. Eve
  3. Evernote is so cool! I bought it along time ago to use in place of OneNote. Now, I like it even more. A colleague recently found it and his delight at his discovery was great. I am using it to take notes on an ebook and develop scripts for Camtasia videos this weekend. The sync account makes it as versatile as other online gems such as dropbox or Amazon cloud. I can access them from any of the many computers.
  4. One small start -- I did it, I put some adsense ads in the sidebar at a wp site. Concrete Dust I've not done it because, 1. while i may be misunderstanding, it looks as if my host, 1and1 doesn't want a lot of clicking banners, etc on the mysql. If that becomes a problem, I will be moving my affiliate sites to another host. (I know some don't like 1and1, please don't let this become a discussion about hosting opinions. That belongs somewhere else) 2. Sometimes I cannot get things to work in the sidebar for Thesis, using the openhook plugin 3. if I have enough excuses, I can always
  5. Only report is that the process is certainly begun. I want to make that affiliate program work.
  6. The Dragon niche is probably a wide open thing -- you can offer learning tools.
  7. 2 votes for the headset. i use it for a mic online and recording, plus the listening is marvelous.
  8. I've been 'toying' with more affiliation marketing since I first learned what it was. This quarter, I'm committing to getting what I have into shape and expanding it. Then, setting aside time where I am the client in order to keep my business pulse up to speed.
  9. I like to use PLR to kick off an idea. I've used PLR as a rough draft to make ebooks, short courses and reports that I can give away quickly on my different websites or use excerpts as blog posts. When you find something that fits your niche, there is a good chance that you know extra information that you can weave into the content and make it feel really yours. Some are written from a different language perspective and if you just toss them in without any editing, your readers know it wasn't you. After you've VAd all day, your brain gets fuzzy. Someone else's help can help get t
  10. The air card sounds like something you don't use perpetually or by the month. I had a Verizon card that was actually a little wifi on its own capable of running 5 connections. It was about $70/mo for 5 gigs. They said watching movies would use that pretty fast. I used it for one trip and sent it back. Had to pay for the time I used and restocking fee. Not cheap, but met the needs. I wasn't savvy enough to ask for an air card, it seems. It worked fine, but we can get dsl at our house for less and use unlimited bandwidth. I couldn't justify both.
  11. Terrific opportunity, Amanda. That is really zeroing in on your niche with the 'umbrella' of another entity instead of the risk of being lost in the mail room at the potential bridal salon.
  12. Thanks for this update and reminder. Both for the service and for the gracious offer.
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