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  1. I've used Jetpack for a couple years. There are several options to activate within it; some cost and some do not. I never used any that were not free. It is a heavy speed user and could slow a site, but has some cute graphics tracking visitors to the site. The counter isn't very 'smart', so when I worked on a site, the numbers went sky high. BUT, I've been deleting it from all the WordPress websites I've set up as a precaution. I have no proof, but this plugin was the only common denominator for at least one site that was compromised with peculiar hacking This post sort of spooked me http://thehackernews...for-making.html I was one of the people who used a name for the id, etc. at WP.com That has since been changed and the obsolete blogs have been deleted. Then, after recovering the problem website twice, in a heart to heart conversation with the peeps at the 'abuse department' for my host, I decided this was an extra 'toy' I didn't need to mess with. I haven't had any updates or installations that pushed it though. .
  2. I'm excited to see the offer in the other forum for Michell Schoen's classes. I didn't get in on that seminar/workshop, but I've taken some of the classes offered by Michelle and Lon. Using the techniques they share, I've been able to make some effective and successful videos. I love Camtasia -- knew I would, but took my sweet time about investing in my business and software. I want you to have some fun with the newest one that is a pattern for a Thanksgiving Turkey using Hand and Shoe shapes and construction paper. There are some extras in the video too. Enjoy cutting paper! I really did try to get the thumbnail changed. It looks better on the YouTube Channel!!!
  3. I use a backup plugin that sends me a backup via email once a week. If i"m making major changes, such as themes, I will also export the file, especially for websites or blogs that have a lot of material. The auto-update option at your wordpress site or blog works so well that I never do it manually any more. The newer versions also let us upload zip files for plugins and themes that mean I don't have to 'publish' or ftp anything. That is really nice. Enjoy your WordPress, it is wonderful.
  4. Thank you all so much for your interest and assistance. The forestry council has found a solution through these networks. Their needs are met and this request is closed. You all ROCK!
  5. A Missouri non-profit organization has a website on the MOLW system. They know they need to move, but they are clueless. One of them has been doing the web work, but he is in the process of moving. I have no experience with the MOLW or if the change over is going to be more complicated than I think. Their site is Eastern Ozarks Forestry Council They need a bid before Thursday, March 28 so it can be submitted to a board meeting. This needs to be very close to a pro-bono bid as you can tell by reading their website. It could develop into a small, ongoing thing for updating, but they won't ever need much or many bells and whistles. If you think you can at least help them transition from the MOLW site to a siimple installation on GoDaddy, please send your bid to me with you contact information and I will pass it on. They will need: 1. help them set up an account at a host they can communicate with. 2. help them move the data from MOLW to the host 3. If you can get an agreement, possible ongoing updating Edited: They are going to need everything. I don't think they even have a GoDaddy account yet. I have, with other non-profits, worked in exchange for a donation letter for my taxes. Their bylaws have something about exchanges for membership, etc. Better give you my email -- judy@barjdcommunications.com You will be working directly with them. This is not a 'referral' situation. Thank you.
  6. I have one author client who has a moderately successful series of young adult books, The Confessions of April Grace She has a google alert set up to find when her books are referenced and reviewed, etc. This morning she had one from Zippyshare.for a pdf download listing her book title. We have an excerpt on the website, so I thought that must be the pdf file. It wasn't. The supposed pdf of her book led to a 2433 page pdf (didn't wait to open that) which could only be accessed through an online link that led to the Amazon page for The Hunger Games and other Suzanne Collins books. This link looked a lot like an Amazon affiliate link for a Three Tree Books which didn't have dirt in google searches and also mentioned 3D strip books which google said were a comic book format. I expected something else when I did the google search. curiouser and curiouser.
  7. Welcome back, Julie. Best wishes for your decision. When you look at profitability, there is net $$ and net fulfillment to consider. I am moving from an onsite situation too; it is scary to give up that little bit, but the point that THEY are moving me out stressed to me that nothing is certain. I've worked harder the past week getting things ready to launch in a new direction, connecting with my network (nothing screws up marketing/networking/promoting me like a little security). I have contacts and plans that will cover the little bit of security and truly free me up for other things. With LESS pressure from someone who doesn't see where the pressure needs to go. I'm less into compulsive eating and more into stepping outside or picking up my exercise tools. We're all here because we're good at what we do and we love it. Hold your head up and fly your flag!
  8. I have used OneNote and it is much prettier than Evernote for starters, at least Evernote free. I never got quite comfortable with the synch for OneNote, but that was me, not the program. I've used both and am using Evernote right now because of the price and it was in my line of site when I got the 'synch revelation'. Just recently, a group I work with has been discussing 'budget collaboration' and experimenting with more EverNote aspects for sharing, etc. We'll have a Rube Goldberg assembly of tools, working with Google Apps, Evernote and Dropbox, but again, the keyword is Budget.
  9. I've seen the same recommendations to wait. I started 'waiting' because I'm trying to figure out creative things to do with the new tabs options. I'm working on several for clients, getting them ready for launch, but yes, waiting. Another reason for waiting could be that things will change even during these few days and we would end up having to fix them.
  10. When Leanne first told us about firewalls, I installed them on all my wordpress sites and install it automatically on all new ones. I have gotten hundreds in one day as well, with a steady stream of a few every day. I've set it off a couple times with media uploads. Edited: I was just checking the timthumb plugins. It is interesting to see some which have been updated in the past few weeks to overcome security issues.
  11. I'm 24 (that's been while). My page is JudyAnn Lorenz - Bar JD Communications http://facebook.com/socialmediamarketingstrategy
  12. If you look under the tab that includes the page and everyone, the comment is there. Search still won't let me comment 'as my page'. I do it with others. There is a setting somewhere in the admin part of the page that opens that privilege. There used to be a double like that only counted as one, but let the page be liked by the personal account and the fanpage. That isn't working on other pages as well as yours, so it may have been discontinued. The best I can do is a link to your site this morning. Have to run.
  13. I have liked your page, but at the moment can't access it to leave you a message from my page. JudyAnn Lorenz - Bar JD Communications Congratulations on getting your page going.
  14. This fixed it for the client. She said "When I save-as, my extension file box had, at some point, been turned off. Problem solved." I think the dropbox thing is a good one because there is less chance for any file corruption. I have an old desktop that can't upload pictures right everytime.
  15. Thank you, Ramona! That did work. This will be so reassuring to my client. She is terrified some of her work may be locked in a deep vault of 'dot.dat'!
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