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  1. Me too. I'll surely just stay at home with my kids. This holiday season is just my only chance to spend quality time with them.
  2. Learn more about SEO. http://goo.gl/Xg9eR Hope that helps!
  3. I suggest you create as much keywords as you can. We also use long tails like the previous members.
  4. My suggestions are much like the others. Combination of Google Adwords, link building, SMM and SEO will really help you a lot. No doubt you will be surprised how much traffic it would generate to your website. Let me just remind you that you should also be responsible in maintaining this "traffic" as days go by.
  5. Very informative advise, @vanetworking! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Wow! This is what I've been searching for. Thanks!
  7. I've learned a lot on this thread. I am practicing a couple of techniques for SEO but I didn't know much about plugins. Good thing you guys shared some here. Thanks!
  8. I started as a full-time. When I got pregnant, I decided to go part-time. After a year, I tried seeking for tasks which are totally different from that of a VA. But after just 3 months, I returned and even loved being a full-time VA.
  9. It is our #1 rule that we check our emails regularly. We try our best to respond to anybody's email as soon as we open our computers. We believe that it is also a sign of being professional - be it for the Client or not.
  10. I think skills should be asked first rather than anything else. Honestly, I am weak when it comes to talking about rates already.
  11. I have basically more men Clients than women. Though I have experiences before where I used to work for more than two in just a single project.
  12. Back when I was not yet a VA, I have a lot of FB friends I really didn't know - both personally and professionally. I just added them to ask for life points for one game I am really addicted to. But after several years, I realized that I needed to filter and organize my friend's list so I would be able to know more about the people who I really wanted to have updates about. When I lost interest to that game, I even deleted those FB friends I just added because of that game.
  13. I believe VAs really need to be organized especially in terms of emails - be it owned by the Clients or the VA itself. It is (most of the time) their way of communication so VAs must know where important emails are located and how they can be easily searched even after years.
  14. I started as a Virtual Assistant (VA) November, 2010. And it's a nice feeling that I am part of the majority results of this poll.
  15. VA - Someone who is multi-skilled, multi-tasking and able to juggle a lot of responsibilities/tasks/projects.
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