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  1. Hi all, When it comes to reviewing your client's receipts, do you expect them to provide all receipts to you? If some receipts are missing, do you follow up with the client to ensure that every receipt is accounted or do you go ahead and submit the transaction providing it is clear what the transaction is? I have one client who is very good and we always work together to ensure that, if possible, every receipt is accounted for. If she is missing anything, I follow up and wait to enter the transaction until I have the receipt. This way her and I both know all receipts are accounted for and her books are in order. This is how I prefer to work. However, another client that I have is not very good and providing all receipts. It causes many delays with followups etc. and she is always looking at reducing her costs. I decided to proceed with many transactions without receipts if they are not available to help save her costs and have advised her of this. Just wondering if this is acceptable or, as a proficient bookkeeper, do you always insists on seeing every receipt, if possible, before submitting the transaction? My feeling is to always see receipts if possible and only work in the other manner for the more difficult clients who don't produce when needed and complain about costs. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for the input. Very helpful! I totally agree that starting hourly for 3 months is a good idea. I did this recently for a client and it worked very well.
  3. Thanks for your response. How do you figure out how many hours they need?
  4. Hi everyone, as part of my legal virtual assistant business, some clients are asking for bookkeeping services. So far I bill by the hour at my regular rate. I have a new client who is asking for a flat rate. First of all, if you charge by the hour, do you charge less than your regular rate? If you charge a flat rate, how do you figure out the rate? I assume it depends on the number of transactions monthly, how many accounts, etc. How would I figure out a flat rate for let's say 25 transactions monthly, one operating and trust bank acct, one credit card account, reconcile all accounts monthly and file HST report with CRA quarterly? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi Tracey, I am working my way through the VAC program to get my VA business up and running. As we are both from Ottawa, would love to connect. Is the VA meetup group still ongoing? Denise
  6. Hi Tawnya, As a newbie and just starting the VAC, I would like to take as many webinars as possible. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to this webinar, as well as most webinars, as they are scheduled when my kids are just arriving home from school. Are the recorded versions of all webinars available? Thanks for the help. Denise Oliveira
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