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    Swimming, boating, writing, walking, zumba, yoga and entertaining. I love art and my walls are filled with prints and paintings of all kinds. Owner of a labradoodle and 3 cats, all rescues. Oh, and I am the Mom to an obnoxious teenage. ;)

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  1. Hi Danna, I am glad to hear you attended your first #VAVS. There is no doubt it is one of the best programs on the 'net for VAs. Tawny Sutherland and Danielle do a terrific job putting the entire event together. I am amazed every year with the professional and personal approach to helping VAs learn from each other. Thank you for committing to yourself and to your goals. Best, Janine
  2. This surely sounds like a great meet-up and a beautiful location in which to have such a gathering! Happy Travels to all that attend! Janine
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