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  1. I've been far out of the loop this year with my back surgery recovery. I did attend a personal conference last month and had a great time (it was for weight loss surgery paitients - was great to go and be one of the big success stories!) Right now, the only one on my radar is the VA League Retreat in Orlando in February. Really excited for that one. It's always very small, but so much gets done by everyone there, such a tight knit group. I'm looking forward to working on the goal I've already decided to work on while there. BUT I'm also REALLY excited to get into that heated spa and pool a
  2. Just a huge thank you to all of you who attended my session. It was a tough one for me, but I hope you all walked away seeing that we all start at the beginning and can do whatever we set our minds to doing. YOU CAN DO IT. I honestly believe that. This industry is amazing and the support and love that I get from it every single day makes me very humbled. Having said that, if anyone has any constructive critisim, I'm looking for ways to improve the message. Things I can do differently. I plan on doing some things with that webinar and would like to rework parts of it that *I* think need twe
  3. Yes, we will absolutely be doing it again if all works out well. I encourage everyone to try to attend that will benefit from this. It's cheap and includes your lodging for 3 nights, 2 meals per day and snacks.
  4. Heh... the website is http://valretreat.com Thanks for talking about us!
  5. Not too late, we have a few spots left If something is preventing you from coming that I can help with, please email me! We want the RIGHT people here for this. It's a planning retreat so have a goal in mind and let's get 'er done. That's the whole point
  6. Yes, VANetworking is sponsoring and we're thrilled to have you folks, of course! We have just FIVE spots left now. I'm so happy that people are coming and we have such a variety too that I honestly think this is going to be a really useful and fabulous retreat. Usually retreats like this are small and you're able to help each other and get some worthwhile stuff done. I'm excited, I know I'll be working with folks a lot while there but I even have a small goal I want to work on myself while I'm there! (And, no, it's not JUST to get in the heated spa with a glass of wine... although I'm mak
  7. So, we're about half full already! We are now offering a 2-payment option and it does include THREE nights in the house so you don't have to worry about Friday night if we work late, also includes most of your meals. Just wanted to update on where we are with this. SO excited to have a working retreat geared towards virtual assistants!
  8. I'm SO excited to finally be announcing this! Ever want to get away and work on your business in a positive environment? Now's your chance! Visit http://valretreat.com/ for more information. Orlando, FL Feb 6-8, 2013 It's in a private home, so we are limiting this to 12 people only. Affordable 3 pay option goes away soon, so if you want in on this, register quickly. We do expect to fill up. This is a WORKING RETREAT - make sure you read the FAQ on the website for information, but this is a "down and dirty" get-it-done thing, not a party and not a "sit and listen to someone
  9. DVVAA has regular VA meetings - http://dvvaa.org/ - GREAT ladies. I kinda wish I lived up that way!
  10. This year looks very good... and if I can toot my own horn... Lanel Taylor and I are presenting at 8:45am - called "How to Rawk Your Summit Experience" and it's going to be SO much fun. Seriously, we didn't want something all stuff, and it is seriously fun and informative thing we have to put together. I promise - get up early... we are also giving away a wireless headset during our session. We want to wake you up, energize you and make you laugh. I promise we will do all of that and more! Lanel is getting up at 5am for this, so you guys can surely do it for one day. The recording will NOT be
  11. Welcome! I'm not in IL, but you might check around, I'm pretty sure there is (was?) a rather large group that met monthly for lunch? vac@ivaa.org might know as well, but I'm just not 100% sure.
  12. It's not just for Texas people! LOL. Get a ticket, woman. Fly to Austin, you can drive up with Janica and I! Oh, and it's not just for VAs, actually very few are VAs. I may be in way over my head here.. LOL. 2000 people? Maybe I should rethink this... *laughing* Kidding... it'll be fun
  13. Just checking to see if any other VAs will be attending the eWomen conference this year in Dallas? http://www.ewomennetwork.com/ is the website (banner is at the top for the conference). I'll be there Wed-Sun, supposedly like 2000 women go to this thing so looking for friendly faces. *laughing* I'll be there rooming with Janica Smith from Adminismith. I just joined eWomen last week and signed up for the conference, kind of a whirlwind crazy decision - so much for my budget! Hello, window!
  14. *laughing* a like button. awesome! I thought about setting all the events up in Facebook, but I wonder if that's just annoying/overkill...
  15. TexVAL is sponsoring an hour long social chat and learning lunch Wednesdays. See our events calendar for more information. These are open to ALL VAs, not just our members (we do have other member's only stuff, of course). Many thanks to Tawnya for helping us out with our chat room too It starts really soon for this month - drop by http://bit.ly/texvalchat
  16. Secrets of Six-Figure Women. It helped me be confident in my income and grow it a little too by changing my mindset and how I view money.
  17. For me "food included" is usually breakfast and lunch. Dinner is almost always on your own for conferences.
  18. I definitely prefer panels with 3-5 people having a conversation. My biggest complaint right now about our industry conferences is that there's too many touchy feely things. That's great, but really, coaches and marketers, coaches and marketers. Yawn. I would also rather those panels have more experienced VAs up there (unless it's a newbie panel, of course!). I see so many "new" VAs touting their coaching programs and making promises that they will never keep and suddenly, they are speakers too? What? Get some street cred first, ya know? Anyway, that's my feedback. (and remember, don't as
  19. I dunno. I might leave the mail merge code in there... and make a little joke about how he needs a VA!
  20. Kylie... you scare me. Susana, glad you decided to come. You will have a great time!
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