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  1. From http://www.irs.gov/2014-Standard-Mileage-Rates-for-Business,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced The new standard deduction starting Jan 1, 2014 is $0.56, down a half cent.
  2. I loathe QB Online. It's slow, it's clunky and they are forever tweaking it to get us to like it, but it just doesn't happen, unfortunatley, for me. I use hosted QB. I refuse to log into a customer's computer via logmein or anything like that. It is too time consuming and is not a good use of my time - or their money. Clients can either use the hosted service we provide or we can help them find someone else. It's one of our rules of doing business. Having said THAT, we do have a few quarterly clients that we do review work for that send us the QB file and that's fine, but for every day or weekly work... it just isn't for us.
  3. Yes, and keep in mind that Quickbooks (or any other accounting software, really) IS just a series of journal entries. It's just the "CC entry" is an EASIER way of doing it. You can absolutely do a JE instead but it is easier to just use the built in functionality.
  4. So true. So true. So true. Really, it's about building your business and circle of influence. The drive-bys aren't giong to buy your stuff, but the people that know people that know the person that you know that heard you are great... well, they might.
  5. A lot of people will have their niche find them. I say just start somewhere. Be open to taking other work, but hone into one type/market/etc and just go for it. Everything will find it's way to you if you just allow it.
  6. Hello and welcome to VANetworking. A lot of successful VAs have started their businesses part time while working full time. I think the key is that you have to still do the work and not get complacent. Even doing this full time with a team, the income is affected if I slack off. Best of luck and again - welcome!
  7. Welcome to VANetworking! A really great place to start out with research and information!
  8. Hahahaha, small petting zoo. Sounds like my house! Welcome to VANetworking!
  9. Howdy from cold wet and rainy Austin, Texas! Welcome to VANetworking.com!
  10. I can nearly guarantee you that you are overthinking it for sure. What I usually tell people is to just write something down and go with it. If you need to hone it down later, you can do that. That's the beauty of it. You CAN change it if it's not working. Just get something down and go with it. Don't get caught up in the planning stage because you'll sit there for far too long. Hang in there! This part was my least favorite xoxo
  11. I've been far out of the loop this year with my back surgery recovery. I did attend a personal conference last month and had a great time (it was for weight loss surgery paitients - was great to go and be one of the big success stories!) Right now, the only one on my radar is the VA League Retreat in Orlando in February. Really excited for that one. It's always very small, but so much gets done by everyone there, such a tight knit group. I'm looking forward to working on the goal I've already decided to work on while there. BUT I'm also REALLY excited to get into that heated spa and pool and chill out a bit. Other than that, that's all I have for sure coming up. I will probably fly out to Idaho to have a weekend meeting with my business manager at some point after the retreat so we can go over things.
  12. Another Keepass fan here. I've used it for years when my tech dude told me to
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