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  1. From http://www.irs.gov/2014-Standard-Mileage-Rates-for-Business,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced The new standard deduction starting Jan 1, 2014 is $0.56, down a half cent.
  2. I loathe QB Online. It's slow, it's clunky and they are forever tweaking it to get us to like it, but it just doesn't happen, unfortunatley, for me. I use hosted QB. I refuse to log into a customer's computer via logmein or anything like that. It is too time consuming and is not a good use of my time - or their money. Clients can either use the hosted service we provide or we can help them find someone else. It's one of our rules of doing business. Having said THAT, we do have a few quarterly clients that we do review work for that send us the QB file and that's fine, but for every day or weekly work... it just isn't for us.
  3. Yes, and keep in mind that Quickbooks (or any other accounting software, really) IS just a series of journal entries. It's just the "CC entry" is an EASIER way of doing it. You can absolutely do a JE instead but it is easier to just use the built in functionality.
  4. I've been far out of the loop this year with my back surgery recovery. I did attend a personal conference last month and had a great time (it was for weight loss surgery paitients - was great to go and be one of the big success stories!) Right now, the only one on my radar is the VA League Retreat in Orlando in February. Really excited for that one. It's always very small, but so much gets done by everyone there, such a tight knit group. I'm looking forward to working on the goal I've already decided to work on while there. BUT I'm also REALLY excited to get into that heated spa and pool and chill out a bit. Other than that, that's all I have for sure coming up. I will probably fly out to Idaho to have a weekend meeting with my business manager at some point after the retreat so we can go over things.
  5. Oh My! It's the end of November, folks! How many of you just panicked? My team hates me, but I'm going to say the word... that four letter word (errr, number) Okay, ready? 1099 *cue running and screaming* Yup. Okay, now stop panicking. Stop procrastinating. Go through your cilents files and figure out which vendors will be getting a 1099 and get those W9 requests in the works. If you get them NOW, when you are rushing around to issue the 1099s, it won't be the end of the world. I promise. Start hounding those clients for vendor contact information you're missing. Keep a list and mark them off as they get in. Follow up weekly, keep after it now so that you can freak out about other things in January. HUGS. We can do this!
  6. Hi there We have a few construction clients. To be honest, most of them just simply cannot handle the volume of paperwork and the scanning that that would entail. Most are local to me and I send a courier twice per month to pick up the paperwork, we do the scanning and we handle the filing and all of that (we converted them to paperless for our needs). They still want all of their paper back, so I send it back to them to file. It's a tough industry as far as paperless. They are one of the last to hang on to their paper files. If you could work out something that you have stuff forwarded to you, it might work. Or if you have a new/younger construction office that would be cool with you doing it virtually, it's totally doable, you'd just have to make sure your marketing is going to those that you truly want/need.
  7. Hi Pamela, I've heard of it, but I haven't checked it out... you might want to start a thread on Wave Accounting to see if anyone is familar with it more. We pretty much only do Quickbooks at this point. I've tried so many different options, but we keep coming back! And thank you, it's been a LONG couple of years. I'm finally recovering a bit more from my double lumbar fusion and feeling more human - well, whatever human is
  8. For those of you that don't know, I'm scheduled for a double lumbar fusion (back surgery) on Wednesday. The recovery will be a little different than my neck fusion last year. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel, but I've gotten things as settled as I can with my team and clients to take at least a month off. Just wanted to post here so you guys know I didn't fall off the face of the Earth
  9. If you want to be in multi-user, yes, you need to purchase an additional license seat. Call Intuit and they can help you.
  10. 2nd only to year end for us bookkeepers is quarter end. For me, I have the internal financial statements for each client along with reviewing everything and if you're doing payroll, there's federal and state forms. If you do multiple states, well, then you have multiple STATE forms too. Yay! We have a two prong approach. We have recurring tasks set up in TeamworkPM for each client, but we also keep a Google spreadsheet that is shared with the whole team so we can check on each other. I sometimes wonder if I'm missing an easy way to track this though. Hmmmm... So, I wanna look and maybe steal ideas... LOL! How do YOU keep up?
  11. https://www.shoeboxed.com/ I have a client that wants to try to use this. I'll be honest, I'm a bit on the fence because anything like this never ends up working how I want it to - I spend more time fixing mistakes or whatever than actually doing the bookkeeping. Anyone ever try it? What'd you think?
  12. In QB, there the class system. I'm always interested in hearing how you or your client use them: 1. My real estate investor, we use them for the various properties so we can run P&Ls by property 2. My magazine use the issues as classes so we can view P&L by issue 3. I have one guy that has 5 businesses and only one checking account so we use the classes per business name (and personal) to make it easier to do the taxes (and see P&L by company instead of using different QB files) --- yes, we've had this discussion with him MANY times. LOL What about you? Any interesting ways you've found to use the class system?
  13. If you want to track it someone, you can use a "contra income" account (basically have it as an income account, but it will be negative, so let's say 10% discount on $100)... you would show $100 Sales Income and -$10 Discounts (that would be in the income section of your P&L HTH
  14. Just a huge thank you to all of you who attended my session. It was a tough one for me, but I hope you all walked away seeing that we all start at the beginning and can do whatever we set our minds to doing. YOU CAN DO IT. I honestly believe that. This industry is amazing and the support and love that I get from it every single day makes me very humbled. Having said that, if anyone has any constructive critisim, I'm looking for ways to improve the message. Things I can do differently. I plan on doing some things with that webinar and would like to rework parts of it that *I* think need tweaking before I give it again. If you have anything that could have made it better or that you think needed more information, I would be very open to it (know that I have a thick skin so no need to blow smoke in my ear). Feel free to send me a private message here or email me. Thanks in advance and thank you for showing up at VAVS7 and taking a huge step for yourself and your business. That's what it is all about. Investing in yourself. It's, honestly, the best online VA conference out there. Tawnya always goes the extra mile, bringing us good content and a wonderful experience.
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