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  1. Heather Wilches-Brooks>>> I would be ecstatic if I won the brand new M90Z touch screen PC for my virtual business support company. Not just because I rarely win any contests but because it would bring new light to my business and more capabilities for my clients, for my network and increase exposure of virtual businesses worldwide. 2011 has been the year to remove office clutter- and it most certainly would help with that! It has the oomph I need for my business and I can control it all with my fingertips- how amazing is that…pretty cool! The security system will allow me to continue to provide services without the hassle of spammers or hackers and overall, the M90Z puts the green back into the world which is always a plus. So, I would love to win! And winning the M90Z would help bridge the gap between now and the future and that is what business building is all about- I hope I win!
  2. Welcome Julie! That is hot but being in Florida seems to be just as hot I know you will find some great tips and techniques here as we all do! And congrats on starting your new biz!
  3. I have to agree with Jerri. What you are describing sounds more like an "employee" than a "Virtual Assistant," at least in the United States. The IRS has rules that determine whether you are considered an employee or an independent contractor. For example-- You state that the "normal staffing rules" apply. Staffing is an employer/employee relationship. You also stated that "You Virtual Assistant needs to be trained, managed and monitored just as if they were in your office with you." Again, this is an employer/employee relationship. My clients give me tasks to accomplish, without any "training, management or monitoring" from their end. My contract states what the scope of work that I do for them and when I return it to them. It specifically states that it is up to me when and how I do the work without additional instruction from them. Your comment "All the best with your offshore outsourcing!" also leads me to believe that you have a mistaken idea about what a Virtual Assistant is and how they perform their work. You may have some good points regarding communication between Client and Virtual Assistant, I do not believe that you fully understand about the Virtual Assistant industry. I have to say I also agree. If my clients had to train me, they are no further ahead in their business than when they first hired me. Some of your descriptions are ok but it really sounds a lot like "micro managing"- which my clients do not do nor do they have time for. We are business owners utilizing our skills and knowledge to leverage our client's businesses while improving our own. We all offer special "niche" services and that is our value we bring to the table. If a client really had to train us, why would they hire us when they could hire someone who was already an expert in that field or task? What is it that you do? You seem to speculate on what you think a VA is and that (your description) is not what we are.
  4. Hi Michelle, I am in. Let me know if the VACommentators will continue, thanks.
  5. Welcome to VANetworking- I think you find this is an awesome resource! We may be in business by "our self" but we are not in business alone!
  6. Many of us have real estate clients and I know- they are asking what new programs will help save time but offer everything they need. Well, for the past year, I have been working with ePropertysites and I cannot say enough about them. They offer everything in a nutshell so do check them out if you haven't already. The plans are extremely affordable and here is a breakdown of their offerings: SPW, virtual tour, tags (like scan tags- the hottest techie tool out there), text to call with lead capture, voice over or rep, flyers, sign riders, even water bottles w/agents brand for the open house and so much more! Plans starting at 10/month....but wait- they have marketing and syndicate feeds to over 80 resources and listing presentation flips- OMG! Do I sound excited? I am because literally, the amount of traffic (and I pull stats to show the value to my clients and the ones using this program decrease DOM) is fantastic! Be the one your client turns to and let them know- they will thank you!
  7. I think we all go through that and get so overwhelmed that we don't see what's right in front of us. It's so great to see you back! Thanks so much Patty! It ironic how things happen like that- like the old saying- people don't know what they have until it's gone...so true and can be applied to one of the main reasons I came back. At any given moment, I could get advice, learn a new technique or find a resolution to a problem I was having and even share some things I have learned....right HERE! It's good to be back and looking forward to ever exciting and prosperous 2011, which is knocking on the door!
  8. Thanks Linda! I did first thing ;-) And already started reading through and taking her suggestions! Glad I finally came to my senses and came back- to stay!
  9. Ok, that is pretty cool especially since I was updating my signature! Thanks for sharing!
  10. My name is Heather and I have been in business almost 5 years. My website is www.HeatherWilches-Brooks.com and my specialties are supporting Entrepreneurial Professionals virtually including real estate, career coaches, resume writers, and anyone starting their business, etc. I love-love-love social media and all the cool features that are available and especially love LinkedIn! On a more personal note, I am in the Ridge of Central Florida…to in-towners, I am in the “hub” although it is considered centrally located between Tampa and Orlando among the orange groves. It’s pretty funny because if I didn’t do what I do for a living and having my business is my only source of income, I might find myself having to move somewhere else. I am married and will celebrate my 2nd anniversary December 6th and my hubby is disabled…he tries and sometimes, that is all that matters. I have two very smart and beautiful daughters (I Know all of us moms say that;-)) that are 10 & 11 and my husband has a beautiful daughter who is 10 and a son that is 8. My fun time….I LOVE to bake…I mean elegant cakes and pastries and my friends and family always put their requests in for almost every occasion- which is extremely cool. I have been baking since I was 7 and would love to open my own bakery someday but I am extremely happy with what I have grown without a lot of help. I actually joined back in 2006 but was so overwhelmed with “what am I supposed to do” instead of reading what was being offered, I found myself trying to recreate a wheel that there was no need for. So, after growing and redeveloping my business, I am back to launch everything in high-gear and share!
  11. I have used clickbank and while nothing is really "wrong" with it, there are many other programs that virtually fuction the same way. I never earned extra money by using them- but have with others. It's not hard to learn and you can set it up with fair ease. Kind regards- Heather
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