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  1. I'm putting together one just for social media. I have a general tab for general strategies, then a tab for each major social media site. I'm going through a VA Classroom on Social Media Strategy then I'm going add in all the notes and articles I've found helpful until I have a complete resource for evaluating, launching, and growing a social media marketing platform. Otherwise I have stuff all over the place and can't remember it all.
  2. What do you recommend for client project management? I'd like to find something that allows me to invoice through paypal keeps track of time allow the client to see the project keeps track of contacts. I am thinking of using DigitalSorbet but wasn't sure if there's another out there for less then $30 a month or free. I don't have many clients yet but I want to build the business with something that gives me a good foundation, time efficient and not break the budget.
  3. I was planing to figure it by project but to do that I wanted to know an average per hour rate. Thanks for the input!
  4. I am starting to get potential clients interested in hiring me to help them in setting up a Wordpress site. What is the average going rate to charge someone. No template editing, simple install with probably a few plugins, setting up pages, etc. I am also doing the graphics for their business so I'm wondering about pricing there, too.
  5. I have multiply businesses, but I'm trying to bring them together more. For example, I have a background in selling handmade items but I am wanting to phase it out so I have shifted that experience into a branch of my VA business in which I am helping small business like that market their business better. I am going to be adding not just advertising through a site I've created but I will also offer social media, website, and email marketing management. Once that's up and running I will add training, couching, and learning materials to it. I was working on some affiliate sites but with trying to get my VA/Business marketing business going I've been behind on it. I'm thinking of shifting my Work at Home Mom site from affiliate to a site similar to my handmade business marketing site so it's focusing helping mom-entrepreneurs market and grow their business.
  6. I have heard of scams like that done to work at home job applicants. The company has them purchase equipment or software that they say will be reimbursed. But then the equipment never arrives and the reimbursement is bogus. There's all kinds of them out there using check fraud. I've heard of the Paypal messes businesses have too, Tawnya, even bad as having your account froze with lots of earnings stuck in it.
  7. Tawnya, thanks for your input. I can totally see that happen, too. Your thoughts confirm a situation I am having going on right now as a matter of fact. I wasn't sure if was an out of ordinary case. It's too bad because I can see by hiring another VA who specializes in it would be very good for business growth.
  8. You might have noticed from other posts, I'm exploring to decided on my target audience (mompreneurs, real estate are my other two interests). My niche is social media, online website/blog, and email/newsletter campaign management. I want to be my clients go to person for their online presence. What you do think about having a target market be other Virtual assistants? Since VA's are busy with their clients needs, they need help with their marketing, maintaining their online presence. They may specialize in other services but lack the skills or desire to learn about social media, too. They want to grow their business but they don't have time to consistently be writing, scheduling, and keeping up on their marketing. Do you see it as an in-demand niche? Would I be able to charge the same rates to another VA as I would a non-va client?
  9. I'd say go with Paypal and later get a merchant account. This is coming from many years of being in business for myself and seeing what can happen when you accept checks. It only takes one bad client to make a huge mess of your bank accounts. I get customers in my handmade business asking me to take cash or checks by mail instead of Paypal or credit care and I decline. If they have a problem paying by credit card or paypal then they can buy a loadable credit card. If they can't, they probably weren't worth having as a customer in the first place.
  10. Thanks Tawnya. I was considering that after I have been in the business longer. What I am speaking about is real estate va specific training that leads to certification - a paid program versus self study.
  11. Do you feel a certification is needed? I am searching for resources to explore this as a niche and target client area but I can't seem to find anything outside of signing up for a course. I have been considering my target to be mom-entrepreneurs is large and varied. Since I have a interest in Real Estate, I thought I should explore the possibility of having it be my VA focus. Do you focus on a particular service (mine would social media, blog management, ezine/newsletter management), or work as a generalist? What skills do you feel are "Have to know This" to break into this niche? Any resources you recommend for a RE VA want to be? I would consider certification once I funds start coming in to afford it. I plan to get certified in social media management, too.
  12. I took the plunge and decided on my name/domains. I'm going with Go Social Virtual Assisting at gosocialva.com. I also grabbed up gosocialgrow.com where I plan to sell training materials to help mompreneurs improve their online presence. Thanks for your help getting pass this big step.
  13. I have been focusing on choosing my niche services and target market. I have decided on my niche as online marketing services; social media, blog management, and email/ezine management. I want to help my target market evaluate, create, and manage their online presence. I've chosen the domain: gosocialva.com to market my virtual services. I plan to expand the idea to also offer training and coaching on gosocialgrow.com. Now I am at the point I want to make sure I've chosen my target market. I'm thinking of focusing on the mompreneur. A woman who dreams of growing her own successful business. I will be offering services, training, and coaching to help them reach their goals using online marketing. A mompreneur may be an handmade business owner, a direct sales marketer, or small business owner selling services. (I have a passion and experience in these areas). I chose this target because I know there a lot of women out there that want to have a successful business so they can be home for their family, but they either don't know how to market online or don't have time to keep a consistent online marketing plan running. With the combination of both virtual services and training I can offer something to both those just starting out on a business and those who are already making money but are ready to leverage their time better and outsource their social media and website management to someone. So down to my question: do you think momprenuer is a viable target market? Am I going to general or should I focus on a even smaller target?
  14. I can relate your dilemma, I have been trying to decide on a name for a few weeks. I am not pushing myself to decide since I know I can work on others areas of the business planning while I take snippits of time to think over and research name ideas that come to my mind. I jot them down on paper to keep at my desk. This gives me a chance to glance over and see how the ideas feel to me. I'm almost to place where I am ready to commit to a name, but glad I didn't rush it because I wouldn't have thought of as good a name as I discovered recently.
  15. Thanks for the opinion, we have social services here in the US too. I will keep this in mind. I never would have thought of that but now that you said it. It makes me suspect others will think the same as you did.
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