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  1. I agree, Pamela! It was a lot of fun talking with other who think like me. I am trying to sort through information each day. I don't want to miss or forget anything I learned last week. My family is going to start thinking I'm hooked on webinars because since the VAVS I've attend the VA Insiders Webinar and spent time chatting with Amy Kinnaird on the phone learning more about Social Media Managment as VA niche. But I know that continually learning and looking over what I learned at the conference will only continue to encourage me to push forward in getting my VA Business going. How do you others keep your conference notes, links, and downloads in order? I'm creating folders on my pc, and will eventually sort my bookmarks by topics, too.
  2. What a fabulous week it's been. I've learned so much and have really enjoyed meeting others like myself who desire to have a successful VA Business. Going to make a to do list of what I want to do with all the resources we have gotten. Thank you thank you Tawnya, Danielle, presenters, and sponsors that made this possible.
  3. I can't put into words how much I am enjoying this conference. Never in the many years of working at home I have found such a warm group of fellow entrepreneurs. It makes me that much more excited about starting my own VA business! These seminars are a wonderful and I feel blessed to be a part of them! Thank you, Tawnya and to all the speakers.
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