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  1. I've hit the ground running this year. I've set my goals in quarterly increments, I find it's easier for me to focus on them if I do it that way. First quarter goals (Jan - Mar) Study WordPress until proficient - I've completed Beginner and Intermediate course. Starting Advance course, next month (Feb) Study Email Marketing until proficient - Starting Beginner and Intermediate course today (19 Jan) Land first client - As of 17 Jan, I've landed my first client, idea at that! (YEAH!!!!) Continuous goal is to keep the momentum flowing!
  2. Tawnya, I totally agree, it's definitely sharpening my skills.
  3. Thank you ladies! I've been studying Wordpress and have learned so much. And I thought it would be a good idea to create a portfolio for several reasons. #1 Marketing and #2 Experience. I posed this question in another group and rec'd unfavorable comment tones, some later came back and jumped on the ban wagon. I currently have 4 built, the goal is 12. Thanks Danielle and Tawnya! Tawnya, I'm looking foward to meeting you in Vegas...
  4. Hi Shelly, Sounds like you're a bit frustrated, which is understandably so. My suggestion is to do your homework, read up on the VA Industry so that you will know all that entail in being a successful VA. I researched over a year, after being an Administrative Assistant for over 20 years, I was shocked at all of the diffferent software and programs that a VA utilize on a daily basis. So, spend some time getting to know what's ahead of you. I would like to say it's easy as pie, but I can't. It's not really hard, however in my opinion it's a lot of information consume. I think in order for you to make this a long term career you have to be prepared. Fab Guide - How To Become a Virtual Assistant, this is the very first book that I read, which laid the foundation as to what a VA really is and is not - what a VA does and what a VA does not do. Best of luck to you, this is an excellent forum, I've learned so much from them on top of the 1 year of research. Shelia
  5. Hi Jenna, Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out! Shelia
  6. Hello! I've taken a few Wordpress courses and decided to build a few sites for a portfolio page. The sites are mock, I would like to know your views on using mock sites. Also, any feedback/constructive critisim is greatly appreciated. http://www.prosperityva.com/portfolio-6/ Kind regards, Shelia
  7. On last week I joined IVAA and will be attending the summit in April, would love to meet everyone who is attending.
  8. Thanks Eshland, I appreciate the compliment and am glad that the download was informative. Kind regards,
  9. Never heard of a rack card...checking into it!
  10. Hi Shona, I faced the same dilemma, I mimicked what stores now offer...Bundles. Bundle #1 - xx hours Bundle #2 - xx hours Bundle #3 - xx hours   Kept it simple and stressless
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