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    I Love Nature, My Spirituality, Working towards my goals, Researching things to gain knowledge. Computers, my family their well being and education, and finding ways of creating assets for the future. I like swimming the beach, going out, driving and sight seeing, all the little things that others miss, caring and staying healthy.

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  1. I have yet to find a client but I am working on it I was thinking of contacting some of the local businesses and asking if they would be interested in outsourcing some of there work. But then I'm not sure what to charge or how to present my services to them.
  2. I was also wondering and wanted to ask the question if I write up a proposal to service a client how do I determine my price? Since I am a newbie at this I'm not sure what the market for certain services or work is.
  3. I have a business proposal template not sure if you mite want to take a look at it. Also I don't know how to attach it to give you a copy of it.
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Diana Cruz and I am very much interested in becoming a VA. Unfortunately I have not been able to download any of the software or programs. Not sure were they are at. I did how ever download the e-book on getting started. I am also using 2 pages in my website as my VA website. I was wondering if that was Okay? and silly me I finally realized were I was suppose to complete my profile and add my webpages at. Maybe that was because some time I don't have enough time to go thru everything. I do have a question. In regards to applying for the projects and the task that are available I ran across some that you place bid's on. Can Someone explain how I would bid for the project being a Newbie and all? Also which is the webinar that I would join for the start up of the VA business? Thanks !
  5. Congratulations on your choice of being an independent business owner. Much luck to you and your endevors.
  6. Hi every one My name is Diana Cruz and I am a Newbie to Virtual Assitance and a Newbie in the Ocala section of Florida. I have a online website that deals with personal and professional development thru alternative methods and I am incorportating Virtual Assistant services. I am glad I found your website and will be able to post questions on starting my services and incorporating them with my website as well as recruiting others to do the same. I am a customer Service Professional with lewis virtual services thru the arise company. I have been doing that for a few months now and would like to grow and develop into a profesional virtual assistant business offering not only services to the business industry but also to individuals within the community so that they may also have an opportunity to grow and reach their dreams and goals. So once more Hello everyone and thank you for accepting me as a member of the VA Network.
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