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    I Love Nature, My Spirituality, Working towards my goals, Researching things to gain knowledge. Computers, my family their well being and education, and finding ways of creating assets for the future. I like swimming the beach, going out, driving and sight seeing, all the little things that others miss, caring and staying healthy.

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About Me

My name is Diana Cruz. I am a Hispanic female. I have always wanted to start my own business. I enjoy help others. I have worked in the medical field for over 10 years in different positions. Moved on to the Board of Education in New York City were I worked for 5 years as a non instructional technician/school aid. I move on to a job at a tourist attraction Garden were I was trained as an assistant manager and a all around person. I ended up making a career change in 2005 were I chose to be a entrepreneur.


I have since been working for myself with little success but have not given up and continue to work towards my goals and financial freedom with the responsibilities that come with entrepreneurship. I have been a member of Arise Work at home solutions for a year now I have certified to work with some of there clients. I am interested in offering my virtual services to the small business community to expand my internet business. I am new to the Virtual Assistant industry and would love to rub elbow with the more experienced veterans so that I can gain the skills to be successful. My VA profile page is within my website located at http://www.developme2.com/index_files/VAservicesbio.htm


I have the desire to help individuals and those that have learning disabilities to develop their natural abilities and accelerate their learning skills. I have develop DNA Alternative forms Services with Sub-divisions of developme2.com. I have personal and professional profiles that go by the names vijnana4eternity, vijnana3000 blog, personal building blog and any personal or business profile. These sites have been develop as informational sites that offer products, services and information on Personal and Professional enhancement thru mental, spiritual and physical development. We believe that the best time spent is the time spent on your self developing your natural abilities and expanding your education.


I in no way claim to be a medical professional or physician. I am only providing information that is available to individual if they are interested in the subject matter and in creating a positive future for themselves and their family.


I myself use the information that I am presenting to the public and would like to see more individuals be successful in their personal and professional life and goals. I am a naturalist and down to earth. I believe in alternative, homeopathic, and holistic remedies and in preventive health. I also believe in the powers of the mind and that we can choose to be advanced at our abilities by retraining our minds. I believe in mental health and how else can we accomplish that but by being masters of our own minds. So visit me on the world wide web at the link provided. http://developme2.com If you have any questions or would like to provide any comments you can email me at D.Cruz-DNAaltServices@outlook.com or at customercare@developme2.com

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