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  1. Hi Denise! Denise here Think your instinct's a good one. I've always adopted clients' sig blocks when corresponding as their representative using an email at their domain. None have dictated this, but have all appreciated the proactive, professional touch supporting their brand.
  2. Hey Tawnya, Don't get me started on Windows 8! The worst OS I've ever experienced. Almost dead in the water after upgrade to 8.1 so I dug out an old laptop with Windows 7 and did some minor maintenance. Hoping but not holding my breath that Windows 10 will be an improvement this summer. And saving for a Mac. I'm using apps from within my Chrome browser, and this didn't happen to me in the upgrade, but here are a couple of articles that might help you with your issue: Uninstall Google Chrome - Chrome Help - Google Help Disable Chrome's Windows 8 mode - CNET Good luck! Denise
  3. Hi Denise, I'm amazed that a "friend" would send you this. Assuming that a friend would also know your location and be generally familiar with US prices, it also raises a huge red flag. If serious, I would find it blatantly offensive. $5.75/hour is nowhere near a living wage in the US, much less an appropriate business or freelance rate. But to keep things "cool" and not take the bait, I might reply as if it were simply meant to be a joke. Could that be the case anyway? Best, Denise
  4. Hi Danielle, Like Lily, I don't have officially stated office hours, but follow a pretty regular -- but flexible -- routine that suits me. Think I used to have something in a contract addendum or even on my website stating that my office hours were "generally from" x to x, M-F, and time zone. But after awhile this seemed unnecessary and also a little misleading, since I'm never "on call" while working. I don't chat, don't answer the phone unless we've scheduled a time to talk, and don't constantly check email. I like to concentrate on the work at hand, without interruption. At the same time, I make sure to respond to messages within a few business hours and if I can't reply in full, at least let them know I received the message and give an ETA for a complete response. So instead of spelling it out in a contract, it works best for me to set honest and reasonable expectations, starting with the initial inquiry or consult call. Understandably, clients want to know how responsive we'll be. They may have had others leave them hanging for days on end and need to know that won't be the case. Occasionally, I'll talk with someone who is "always on" and wants the same in access to a virtual assistant. I'm honest about that not being the way I operate. But more and more these days I'm finding people very understanding and respectful of turnaround and response times and boundaries, because they need and have them too. The bottom line is doing what feels right for you, and that can change over time. Removing the stated hours from your contract, or calling them "general" or "subject to change" might give you the flexibility and freedom you need going forward. And expectations of existing clients can be gently adjusted, too. Good luck! Denise
  5. PS to the below. I also prompt them to change passwords that I've had access to. It's a best practice that shows good faith and also makes clear my responsibility has ended and the hand-off is official
  6. Hi Danielle, I have an article in my contract that states: RETURN OF PROPERTY. On termination of this Agreement, or whenever requested by the parties, each party shall immediately deliver to the other party all property in its possession, or under its care and control, belonging to the other party to them, including but not limited to, proprietary information, customer lists, trade secrets, intellectual property, computers, equipment, tools, documents, plans, recordings, software, and all related records or accounting ledgers. That's pretty clear cut, but the reality is a little fuzzier, eh? Email attachments alone make this a complicated issue. When a client sends me a digital "copy" of something, it's for my temporary reference and use, to get the work done. The keeping and organization of their digital documents is not my responsibility. However, similar to your situation, from time to time a client hollers for help finding something they've misplaced. If I still have that "copy" of it, then I'll send it. If I set up an account for a client, MailChimp for example, I make sure it's in their name and that they have all login info and full administrator access. I'll then add myself or ask them to add me as a user with appropriate permissions. In other words, their office is their office and mine is mine. Keeping this as separate as possible and the responsibilities clearly divided protects us both. With so many accounts of all kinds getting hacked these days, it's more than enough responsibility to oversee your own stuff. If a contract ends or just gradually fizzles out, it's time to get rid of any info that you might be held liable for or that would conflict with your contract if retained. And to hand off access and remove yourself from tools you've kept control of. (Remove yourself as a user, from a shared folder, etc.) Keep just enough to show that work was performed and to serve as backup for billing, but the rest really needs to go. Maybe set yourself a reminder to do the purge if you haven't received any fresh work from a client in X length of time. Hope this helps a little! Best, Denise
  7. I also use one general agreement with tweaks to the services description. Saved in versions for introductory, project, and ongoing.
  8. Nice to e-meet you, Christin! Very interesting. So it sounds like you've come full circle from general to niche and back to niche+general? So far I've gone general to niche, and am very careful to resist the temptation to take on things that will distract me from it and/or dilute my specialty. Then it's refer, refer, refer! But at the same time I keep an open mind and eye out for things that closely relate and might be good opportunities to add value in-house. Best, Denise
  9. Kathy, you seem to be doing things just right technically, and have already gotten some excellent advice here that I hope has helped. From a more personal observation perspective, I've noticed that I close sales more often than not when I: - am confident that my KSAs match the inquiry well - feel good about what the prospective does and how they presented their request (Are they personable? Would I be happy/excited supporting their mission?) - feel relaxed (well rested, comfortable, fully prepared, undistracted, unstressed about the outcome <- if this one doesn't work out it leaves room for something better suited) When any of these are out of whack, it doesn't tend to go well. If the first two are not true, I normally will not accept the consult request to begin with, and will instead try to refer as appropriate. Hope this helps a little Best, Denise
  10. Welcome, Delonne! What a big world and yet a small one, eh? Wishing you the best on your renewed journey as a VA. I dropped mine for awhile due to "everything-to-everyone" burnout and came back re-energized by a niche that makes me happy. Think you'll find the support you need here Warmly, Denise
  11. Welcome, Piotr! A wealth of info here to help you get started. My husband is an archivist/librarian at one of our national parks and loves it. Maybe not as dry as medical archives. But both so important! Best, Denise
  12. Welcome, Colleen! I see you're located in my home town, that I miss so much. Wistfully waving hello from Pigeon Forge, TN
  13. Welcome Mahedi! VAnetworking is a wonderful place for research, training and networking.
  14. Welcome Wendrie! Just checked out your website. What an incredibly interesting niche! Love how you're clearly targeting it.
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