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  1. Hi Shannon, welcome to VAnetworking! Sounds like you have built up quite the following on Facebook, that is great!
  2. Hi Kim, welcome to VAnetworking! Look forward to getting to know you more through the forums.
  3. Hi Sarah, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about getting your business off the ground.
  4. Hi Lyra, welcome to VAnetworking! Congratulations on getting your website up and running!
  5. Welcome to VAnetworking! I agree with Tawnya as to creating graphics to see how long they take you to create so you can build your pricing structure.
  6. Hi Sherry, welcome to VAnetworking!
  7. Hi Nancy, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions.
  8. Hi Crystal, welcome to VAnetworking! Feel free to share your website with us.
  9. Hi Jason, welcome to VAnetworking! Looks like your FB cover photo appeared blurry because you posted the mobile link. I've updated your post for you. As Tawnya said, you'll want to post engaging content consistency on your Facebook Page.
  10. This webcam listed here is what Tawnya and I both have and we like it. I'm on a Mac but she is on a PC and it works for both of us. It has a built in mic but I do use an external mic for better quality. The mic we both use is listed at that same link.
  11. Hello, welcome to VAnetworking! If you are looking for clients I recommend you join the VAinsiders Club. This forum is for VAs to network and learn from one another.
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