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  1. Hi Judy, welcome to VAnetworking and the VAC!
  2. Hi Tammy, welcome to the forum! I'm so happy to hear that VAVS helped give you the extra push to move forward! Sorry to her about the recent passing of your dog. Look forward to networking with you in the VAinsiders and Forum.
  3. Yes I mainly put my pricing on my website so I don't waste time on consultations.
  4. Yes I agree. Lots of things for restaurant owners. Another idea is helping design their menus. You can even help them with marketing ideas. For example, if it was a pub you could do a trivia night once a week or month. You could manage their reputation by responding to all reviews posted on Google or yelp etc.
  5. Hi Juliette, welcome to VAnetworking! Congratulations on getting your website up and running, now to find the clients!
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