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  1. Danielle

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Sounds like you might have figured it out, but thought I'd mention that a lot of themes have it built in now, there's usually a custom header/footer section somewhere in your theme customizations.
  2. Danielle

    Providing Interview as Entrepreneur

    Wow congratulations Angela! I say go for it as well! Let us know the link when it's posted and I'll share it on our networks.
  3. Danielle

    Recommendations to guide potential clients

    If I don't have someone to personally recommend to prospect, I tell them to post an RFP at VAnetworking's job board. I explain that it's free to post there as well. I always make sure to use my affiliate link, then I get a $5 referral. I'm not sure of the best way to find VAs to outsource to. I have VAs contact me on my website all the time about working together and I usually take a look at their website to see if its someone I'd be interested in working with. Then I keep their contact info on file with what they do. I've posted RFPs myself and have found a few good connections for outsourcing as well. Maybe we should start a thread in the forum in the VAinsiders area and put our information so we can all learn a bit more about each other. Maybe something like: Name: Contact Email: Website: Who do you work with: Specialties: Or something, and we can create a little database on our VAinsiders Forum. Maybe Tawnya has some ideas on that.
  4. Danielle

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Candra, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about starting up.
  5. Hi Sophia, welcome to VAnetworking!
  6. Hi Teishla, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions.
  7. Hi Stephanie, welcome to VAnetworking! I don't think you need a specific certification, but if you don't have much background experience it could be helpful. We have our VAvirtuosos Seminar Series that is taking place in November. If you have an extra $37, I suggest attending. I think it would help you get started and answer a lot of your questions.
  8. Hi Tyeisha, welcome to VAnetworking!
  9. Danielle


    Hi Ann, welcome to VAnetworking! I see you are already a member of IVAA , that is great!
  10. Hi Marilyn, welcome to VAnetworking!
  11. Welcome back to VAnetworking Nina!
  12. Hi Latoyia, welcome to VAnetworking! Tawnya provided some great suggestions to improve your website. I noticed on your blog that at the bottom there is a "You may also like" and it links to other posts that aren't on your site. I recommend removing that as you are leading people away from your website.
  13. Danielle

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Amanda, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about getting started on your own.
  14. Danielle


    Hi Elizabeth, welcome to VAnetworking! :)
  15. Hi Elaine, welcome to VAnetworking! :D

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