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  1. Hi Jen, welcome to VAnetworking! Have you decided what types of services you will offer clients?
  2. Hi Chuck, welcome to VAnetworking! That is awesome that you were able to bring on a past employeer as your first client. Wahoo!
  3. I've always had issues exporting my videos in Camtasia on my Mac. I finally asked Camtasia how to fix the quality issues and here is the article they referred me to. It has fixed my issues so wanted to post it in here in case anyone has this issue. https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007279948-Camtasia-Mac-Exported-Video-Had-Faded-or-Incorrect-Color
  4. Welcome to the forum! Why don't you just start with one and then move onto the next once one is set up. It can be overwhelming trying to learn them all at once. Who is your target audience? You might not even need all those networks. Let us know and we can figure out which network you should start with. Also, when you stay you are struggling setting them up, is it just that you don't know how to use the networks in general or you just aren't sure what to post to them or fill them with etc.
  5. I second Audacity, it's free and one of the best ones I've found. I use it regularly.
  6. Hi Bettina, welcome to VAnetworking! I just posted a comment on your other post before I read this so now I see what services you are going to offer. I think you have a great niche in mind, now we just have to get you set up and find some clients.
  7. I would try and figure out where Chiropractors hangout. Do they go to any networking events, conferences or meetups? I see you are based in LA, I bet there are some things around you that you can attend. Find out if they hang out on specific Facebook Groups etc. You want to be wherever they are and try to get yourself noticed by helping them out any way you can. What services will you be offering them? You may even visit local chiropractors offices just to get yourself out there.
  8. Hi Amanda, welcome to VAnetworking! What a fun niche! Feel free to post your link to your website so we can take a look.
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