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  1. Hi Tawnya, I do both. I like joining/being part of an established VA team and I feel like it's dipping into multiple pools at the same time/sharing the marketing duties. I also love directly working within a team as we all support each other, I'll get referrals as well as refer clients to them, so it's a nice little set up.
  2. Hi Traci, My apologizes for my delayed response. I had written a response but did not realize it was still open when my chrome froze. I do appreciate your response, tips an heads up on your post. I actually have been checking the RFP section on the VA forums I am a part of my daily routine. It hasn't always been clear whether it was a VA firm or an RFP directly from the client (not that I wouldn't work for a client, I just wasn't sure how often VAs posted there or if they preferred other methods) and I was also trying to be proactive as well. As for your post, I did see that come in. While I am somehwhat techie and definitely a problem solver I did not feel very confident in quite a few of the programs you listed. I do plan to further my training in a few areas as well so that I can feel more confident that I'm not missing something, as with some things I had tought myself by feeling around/trial and error on my own. Thanks again! I really appereciate it.
  3. Thanks so much, as always Tawnya! (sorry it's been awhile) I have been trying to network and engage within groups but unless there is a specific RFP I'm not noticing any other way to tell if someone is opening to subcontract. And I definitely always have my eye on the job boards! And yes, that makes sense on pricing. I do understand it varies but was just looking for a general rule, so that helps. I need to see what that really looks like for me. Thanks!
  4. Hi There, I have worked as a subcontracted VA to other VAs before and it was enough work for what I needed at the time, but now that I am ready for more I'm not sure the best ways to find VAs who are actively looking to subcontract/outsource. Any advice for cold e-mailing VAs? I am also interested in hearing rate advice as well. Do you change your rate much for subcontracting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Haha, thanks! Unfortunately I'm no longer a coffee drinker either, it drives me nuts. So I will turn to tea..and sniff around jealously when my husband makes it for himself (he had sweet maple flavored the past few days... :dribble:it smells like pancakes in a cup!)
  6. Dear coffee, I'm sorry we broke up. I'm sorry I cut you out of my life for so long. I've missed you terribly! I don't know why its so hard for us to get along. I hope we can work things out because I feel like you were meant to be in my life. All this time apart...I have yearned for your warm touch against my fingertips. Seeing you locked with the hands of another (usually my own husband) and smelling your old scent that has always made my heart race for you but now lingers daily as a reminder of how you continue to share yourself with the lips of another, I can't help but miss you more. Stealing a quick moment together now and then, when I can no longer resist the urge, won't work for me anymore. I need you. I know we were both responsible for the pain that was caused. I know I have changed on the inside. I know there were those who wanted to keep us apart at any cost, no matter how much pain it caused. I have kicked out our biggest enemy, my gallbladder, out of my life and out of my body. And I hope this can help us be closer again. My heart skips a beat and my body trembles when I'm with you..but that's okay as long as we are together and you can get me through each morning. Please, let's figure out how to work things out. --- By the way, for those wondering...it still didn't work out :/
  7. Awesome, such a simple but helpful tip, thanks for Tawnya sharing Tawnya.
  8. Congrats Kathleen on your website and great idea! I was thinking of having one myself in the future for a few of my websites (and my husband's) so this is great. My VA website is almost done, I finally created a freebie that anyone can get for signing up to my newsletter and I plan to give away free hours once in awhile as prizes (hopefully I think up some good ideas). The suggestions here are great, I'll definitely be looking into the PLR link and love the idea of contests as well as asking for prize donations instead of only creating them myself. Best of luck to Kathleen, I wish you all the best with your launch! High five & Genius on!
  9. Welcome Breanna! What a great description of why love being V.A. And yes you're website is definitely very cheerful. I look forward to seeing you around.
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