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  1. I would recommend Rebekah Zobel Jones of My Fabulous VA. It is her specialty and I have found her to be excellent at what she does, professional, prompt and extremely knowledgeable. Good luck!
  2. Welcome Bree, nice to see you around! As Patty says, good luck with your new adventure!
  3. Patty!! You poor thing, I cringe just reading everything you've been going through. I hope my stalk-ee gets better soon, thinking of you and wishing you better times ahead. Miss you!
  4. I have to say that after I saw this yesterday, I was so shocked I had to wander away to process it. While my contact with Denise was only occasional, we had connected and become online friends several years ago. She struck me as an extremely positive and genuine person whose kindness came through clearly in whatever medium she was communicating. My thoughts are with her family during this heartbreaking time.
  5. Hi Jerri, While you are correct that some carriers will not deliver to a PO box, UPS has delivered to ours. I have a PO address because I live in a rural address and UPS found our property (with some help from me) and drove into our yard, scaring the bejeepers out of the horses. Both the driver and I were howling because the horses were acting so insanely and we decided that it was because they had never seen a big brown truck before, lol! If I need a delivery sent via a courier and the carrier doesn't like PO addresses, I have the package sent to my husband's office. Being virtual, I have never had a need for a client to use my mailing address for the purpose of using a courier. Hope that helps!
  6. Nope. It will be great to meet you Dana, you seem to have a ton of awesome ideas around being a legal VA! : I haven't yet 'officially' registered, I was waiting til today for the chocolates, lol.
  7. I can't believe that I get to say this, but I just booked my flights, so I guess that means...(please insert drum roll here) I AM GOING TO THE IVAA 2010 SUMMIT!! Being Canadian, of course, I wanted to go to Montreal last year, but having a 3-month old I didn't want to leave my new little wee one. But, this is a new year with new opportunities and I am soooooo EXCITED to get a chance to meet all these fabulous VAs I have been reading about for years! I can't wait to meet everyone! Whew....that felt good. Oh, and a special thank you to Rebekah Zobel-Jones! I have been debating attending the Summit and being undecisive, etc., etc., and she got me off the fence and did a great selling job of the benefits of attending a live VA event (which was actually a goal for Year 2 in my business plan and here I am at Year 4 ). Thanks, Rebekah!
  8. It must be a Canadian thing. As a resident of Calgary (you know, site of the 1988 Winter Olympics ), some helpful newscaster reminded us the other day of how we had a Chinook during our Olympics and temperatures were warmer here than they were in Miami for 6 DAYS!!! I bet you thought winter was cold up here, lol...
  9. Hi Tracy, Congratulations on starting your new VA business and . It sounds as if you have a wonderful outlook on life that should stand you in good stead with your new venture. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more on your journey as you progress towards your goals! All the best,
  10. Welcome back to VANA, Serena! I always look forward to your input and I am glad we shall be seeing more of you here, all the best!
  11. Dana, great story and a perfect illustration of the potential pitfalls when hiring an overseas VA company. It sounds as if you most definitely went above and beyond and gained a valuable supporter, nicely done!
  12. I keep hearing the same thing on Twitter. I am wave-less so I can't comment one way or another except to say I don't know if I am really missing anything. p.s. Brent, you really should send us a pic of your office, inquiring minds wanna know! Clandestine bomb shelter?? HA!!
  13. I would just like to take a minute and thank Bernice for graciously offering up her home as the location for our Calgary meet up this past week. She was a wonderful host, thanks so much and I look forward to meeting everyone again at our next meet up!
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