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  1. Nope. It will be great to meet you Dana, you seem to have a ton of awesome ideas around being a legal VA! : I haven't yet 'officially' registered, I was waiting til today for the chocolates, lol.
  2. I can't believe that I get to say this, but I just booked my flights, so I guess that means...(please insert drum roll here) I AM GOING TO THE IVAA 2010 SUMMIT!! Being Canadian, of course, I wanted to go to Montreal last year, but having a 3-month old I didn't want to leave my new little wee one. But, this is a new year with new opportunities and I am soooooo EXCITED to get a chance to meet all these fabulous VAs I have been reading about for years! I can't wait to meet everyone! Whew....that felt good. Oh, and a special thank you to Rebekah Zobel-Jones! I have been debating attending the Summit and being undecisive, etc., etc., and she got me off the fence and did a great selling job of the benefits of attending a live VA event (which was actually a goal for Year 2 in my business plan and here I am at Year 4 ). Thanks, Rebekah!
  3. I would just like to take a minute and thank Bernice for graciously offering up her home as the location for our Calgary meet up this past week. She was a wonderful host, thanks so much and I look forward to meeting everyone again at our next meet up!
  4. I am always up for a meeting and would love to meet other VAs! I also have 2 little ones, so making any of the current Calgary VA meetings hasn't worked for me so far, but maybe with more notice I can do it! Karri, I would love to meet you, that would be great if you came (can you tell I'm a fan? lol)
  5. Congratulations Karri! I enjoyed your quote, I can so relate and I bet so can many other people who will read it, lol!
  6. Congratulations Jaime and Darrell! What a great article, you must be hyped, that is so exciting!! Just goes to show that persistence can pay off, my hats off to you both!
  7. Not only that, but February 2008 is a leap year, with 29 days in February and five Fridays. The month starts with a Friday and ends with a Friday and this only happens every 28 years, the last being 1980 and next in 2036. Somehow, I don't think all those Fridays are gonna help me with my time management, but who knows?!?
  8. Hi Tawnya, I don't know the 'quick' answer, but research garners the following. Two sites I came across list GST charges to eBooks if sold within Canada: http://store.fullblastproductions.com/Stor...mp;type=Promise Applicable taxes (in Canada only): GST will be added to book prices, eBook prices and shipping charges. http://www.squarepegsolution.com/Products/EBooks.html Introductory price for the e-book including FREE 360 assesment Cdn $35 Canadian residents will be charged 6% GST. A quick perusal of GST/HST and e-commerce at Canada Revenue Agency http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/gm/b-090/b-...e.html#P51_3971 gave me a dizzying description of GST/HST and 'intangible' and 'tangible' services and products and no clear answer to whether they are or not GST applicable and ended with the even more confusing statement: Consequently, the characterization of the supplies in the examples is provided for illustrative purposes, and businesses are encouraged to request a GST/HST ruling from the CCRA for certainty in respect of characterizing a particular transaction. Right, so you are going to ask the government every time you sell an ebook. Don't you just love government websites, Hopefully, someone else knows the actual answer to this, sorry Tawnya!
  9. Congratulations Kathie, what an amazing and well-deserved honour! Best of luck with the final outcome!
  10. Hi, As I have understood it, Tawnya is correct when she says you can claim the GST paid on purchases made relating to the business and they will be refunded, but only if that amount exceeds the amount you recovered from your billing. Chances are pretty good that as a startup you have spent more than you have made , so the recommendation to me was regardless of the $30,000 rule, definitely get a GST number. I gather the reverse is also true, if you bill more GST than you spend, then you have an amount owing. My accountant explained it to me as it should be a zero-balance, whatever you pay out should equal what you receive. But, the only way to take advantage of that reimbursement as a new business is to get a GST number. They are some limitations for past purchases made and this link explains that in more detail, hope it helps! http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tax/business/topi...istrants-e.html
  11. Great article Tawnya, it makes me want to go out and hire a VA, LOL!!
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