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  1. Hi Nancy and welcome to our VA Network! We are here to help answer any questions you have regarding starting up your VA business so make sure you pick our brains.
  2. Don't forget to check out all our FREE VA Resources inside your VA Member Lounge. New VA Coloring Book added
  3. I charge my full rate for everything I do. Tell them it would be more practical from a money point of view to have you log in and do their emails in lumps like 9am, noon and then end of day or something like that. Monitoring it 24/7 isn't practical unless they are selling $10,000s per day then I could see them having a fulltime VA doing this 9-5.
  4. It's really going to depend on who your target market is. What colors are they attracted to? So first off, who is your target market? If educators than yellows, if financial people then green. As far as complimentary colors, same goes. It's all dependent on who your target market is and what colors speak to them.
  5. Hi Crystal, glad to see you join us! Great webiste and love the color you choose. Looking forward to networking with you here and learning more about you.
  6. Hiya and welcome! So looking to get to know you through your participation here. Great website, good work!
  7. I would use whatever you are comfortable with. My Accountant tells me what I have to use and no reason you can't tell your clients that Sage is what you will be using for them. It's your business, make it work how you want it to.
  8. I'm super excited this month as I dive into some major preparations for my next Virtual Assistant online conference #VAVS in October. This will be the 18th season I've hosted this event and every year I come up with a new idea to make it educational yet fun. Speaking of FUN...I'm putting together a SWAG BAG for each of our special attendees and I'm looking for products of interest to Virtual Assistants and freelancers. If you've ever heard of a bundle sale, it's the same idea. GO HERE TO LEARN MORE & submit your SWAG BAG bundle (Please share this email with your business colleagues to help them build their lists too!) Hosting a successful and profitable webinar can be overwhelming, trust me! But it doesn’t have to be > A BIG THANKS to my VA, Danielle who looks after the fine details to make sure my event runs smoothly without a hitch each and every season. I convinced her this year to put together a NEW training program, Proactive Webinars, to teach others to do exactly what she does for me at #VAVS. Imagine having all the training and resources at your fingertips to WOW your audience and convert them into paying clients with webinars. Danielle's step-by-step training program will give you all the knowledge and tools to set up and host profitable webinars right away. AND she is giving us a $70 coupon code, thanks so much! (What a great new service you can offer your clients!) Learn more or order here and use coupon code: VANETWORKING At the very least pop over here and grab her handy FREE fillable "Day of Webinar" Checklist that you can download right now to help relieve some of the pressure on that big webinar presentation day. Ok, back to work for me so I can get our speakers lined up so you can buy your ticket to #VAVS coming to your LIVE October 21-25th! To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com PS - Want to be a Sponsor at #VAVS in October? Apply here
  9. If you are offering bookkeeping services you may want to use Sage. My bookkeeper uses Quickbooks. There are many options out there and each bookkeeper has their own preferences. If you are just looking after your own books as a VA you might just want to use Wave as its free. Receiving receipts can be done a number of ways. They could scan them in and drop into Dropbox for you. My bookkeeper has me keep a record of all my receipts in a Google Spreadsheet. I just put date, amount, tax and what it was for and she does the rest.
  10. Wow, what an inspiring reason for you to be successful with your VA business. We all need to have a purpose backing our business, a WHY to make it happen. Sounds like you have yours.
  11. Welcome Laura! It was our long weekend up in Canada so I missed your post as I was taking some much needed time off. Love your website url name ... Adminderalla, so smart, witty and memorable, good job on that! We are all looking forward to you sharing and being a part of our VAinsiders. If you have any questions, please ask. We have just revamped the inside and always looking for feedback on how we can make it better for our members.
  12. Welcome to our network and so glad to have you participate in it. Wow how cool you own a horse. I have a secret love for horses and they love me but have never went anywhere with that love. Heartland is like my all time fav show I'd love to see you get active in your VA business and we are here to support you so ask away if you have any questions.
  13. Hi Lyra and welcome to our network. Way to go getting your website online, pat on the back! A website is your storefront and very important to your credibility online. Being you are a brand new member, hang around and start participating and sharing and others will start to notice you. I personally only give website critiques to our VAinsider members who have been here for awhile. If I gave them to everyone person who joins up and writes one post it wouldn't be a good use of my time and hope you understand. Hang around for awhile and people will reach out and support you more.
  14. Welcome to the network. This is a great service offering and a very good niche to get into. Very much needed service for your clients. As for how many you can do in an hour, I suppose you want to know that so you can set up your packages? I'd start by just treating yourself as a client and working away at creating your marketing images. Keep a company menu or how long it takes you to create stuff too so you can start making up packages to market to your clients. Check out this blog post out on that topic. We are actually looking for a volunteer to help with our Canva graphics, maybe this would be something you'd be interested in applying for? This would be a good way to get that work experience you could use (plus testimonial for your website) to help your figure out your pricing, etc.
  15. That looks much better seeing it from the proper link. Disregard everything I said about the image being blurry, it looks awesome! Double check with Facebook guidelines what type of text info you can put on your graphic. I know for ads you can only have a specific ration of text to image. Might be the same for headers but not sure. Good to check into.
  16. Hi Sarah and welcome! What a good idea taking on a job that may pay less but give you time to pursue your dreams as a VA, smart! You’ll do awesome in this career and look forward to watching your business grow. Make sure you check out all the free resources to help you get started inside your member area.
  17. Hi Jason and welcome to our network. With regards to your FB Page, congrats on getting that up and going as that is quite a feat in itself. Your header image is super blurry and I cannot even read it on my computer so you'll want to fix that first and foremost. The size of a FB group cover can be found here. Make sure you fix that immediately especially when you are marketing yourself as a Social Media Manager as you should know size of images on these social networks. Under your about page you have a Calendly Link to schedule a Discovery Call with you but it doesn't work. I'd fix that too. I can't say much more about your FB page at the moment as that is all that is on it. You'll want to flesh this page out a bit and put 6-10 posts on it this week to show credibility and authenticity to your work as a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager as stated on your page.
  18. How cool Jen, congrats on that first client! It's always the hardest one to get but once you get one, more on quickly on the horizon.
  19. There is no training specific to Real Estate Niche that I'm aware of at this time.
  20. Great! It's next Wednesday, July 31st at 1pm PT. Just log into your VAinsiders.com member area for details.
  21. Welcome Rachal! I coached a VA awhile back that wanted a niche and was a Jackie-of-all-trades. We went through the process of writing out her skills, but she still couldn't decide on one to call her niche as she loved doing any type of administrative work. I suggested she then write out the things she loves. One of them was animals. Turns out her niche ended up to be working for companies that had things to do with animals like veterinarians, animal shelters, etc. She loves her niche!
  22. I help service-based entrepreneurs, like Virtual Assistants, make money in their business! I provide some awesome networking and training tools from startup to finish that will help these entrepreneurs find and retain happy clients in their business.
  23. Hiya Christa and welcome! I look forward to getting to know you more through your participation here.
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