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  1. Every business is being hit right now but people all still have needs and if you can find that solution for them, it can be a golden opportunity for you. What are real estate agents biggest problem right now is it marketing, showing homes, or what? If it's showing homes (people don't want to let strangers in their houses right now touching things, etc) then maybe you can come up with a solution like hiring a videographer to go in and do open house videos for realtors from the eyes of a person wanting to buy a house (looking in closets, opening cupboards, looking at areas of the house not normally shown in the pictures online for example). My point being, think out of the box of how you can fix realtors problems right now they are having with covid and find solutions for them. ie) Offer packages to help them put together open house videos LOL
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing you make this happen and will be cheering you every step of the way. Any questions, just ask!
  3. Great mission statement! I wouldn't worry too much about having one, I've never won a client because of mine. In the olden days it was important to have one as we needed content for our website. Nowadays people just want to know you can get the job done for them within the time they want it done. Mission and vision statements are really just for our own egos. I don't even teach this to new VAs anymore as there are more important things to concentrate on like building your list. Plus, I've noticed over the years that many new VAs get stuck on this task of creating their mission and vision statements. They get hung up on this and then give up on starting their business. Again great mission statement and now you can check that off your startup list and move on to getting yourself booked out with a full client base.
  4. These scammers are getting so smart nowadays. It's hard to distinguish good from the bad anymore. Red flags are so important like, do they want you to buy stuff for them (never do that!). We as VAs also should not have to give out much more contact info than is on our website either so be wary of these types of questions. In the end if it sounds too good, it probably is Thanks for sharing your experience with us Rob, it will no doubt help another by sharing. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to our network and hope it becomes a valuable resource for you.
  6. Yes in my signature you'll find a $7 OFF coupon which you can use once.
  7. If you have not tried it out yet you can use the coupon code in my signature to get your first month for $7.
  8. Hi Twyla and welcome! I'm your neighbour in Maple Ridge, BC. Sounds like you have a ton of experience and will do well in a career as a VA. As for what to charge, read through this blog post to get you started. Also inside your free VA member lounge you'll find the pricing formula worksheet together with a video on pricing. You can also learn more about finding clients at my blog posts like this one. Any other questions, just ask
  9. Hi and welcome! Glad you have joined us and look forward to networking, sharing and learning with you here. Any questions, just ask
  10. Anytime you feel paranoid or worrisome about applying to a job, there's probably a reason behind it. Your gut is telling you this isn't the way it is supposed to be. Listen to it. Have you tried our job board at VAinsiders.com yet? We don't have as many jobs come through as the big boys but we do our best to vet out the scammers and instead entice high-quality clients. Just one client from our job board can pay for your whole year with us.
  11. Just ignore them, don't waste your time responding back. They are scammers! Put that email into your spam box and click delete Don't let them suck any more of your energy out of you.
  12. Both are scams. Anytime you need to deal with cheque cashing and transferring money, make a mental note they are most likely scams. The client should be buying your monthly retainer/services and you doing tasks for them, period. Not shuffling money around.
  13. Scam! You should never have to pay for anything. These big job boards like Indeed and Freelancer are hard to gain clients from. And if you do find a legit client then they only want to pay you $2/hr as the competition is stiff on these job boards. Have you checked out our VAinsiders Club yet? We do our best to pre-qualify the jobs that come through our board and won't even accept jobs that are less than $20-25/hr on it. Being that we are a small membership there isn't much competition either and usually only 1-3 VAs are applying for the same job on our board. Landing just one client from our job board pays for the monthly membership too.
  14. If it sounds or feels like a scam most likely it is. Report them immediately to wherever you found the job.
  15. Here's my before and after. Only took me like 15 minutes to tidy up. I find when it gets to this point it overwhelms me and just taking a few minutes to clean up at the end of each day can lead to good productivity for me the next.
  16. Hi Miranda and welcome! My VA business allowed me to raise my 3 children as a single mom. I saved a ton of money on babysitting services working from home LOL! My daughter @Danielle works as a VA now so it's a multi-generational career for my family. Let us know if you need help or direction and we will do our best to get answers for you.
  17. Hi Merk and welcome! Let us know how we can help you further grow your business.
  18. Hi Jen and welcome! Great to see you looking into working from home as a VA. With your work experience it should be a breeze for you to transition to working remotely. Let us know where you are at in your startup and how we can help you further progress.
  19. Hi Shawn and welcome to our network! Was great to see your introduction and learn a bit more about you. Where are you at with getting your business up and running? If we can guide or help you let us know, just ask
  20. Hi Amy and welcome! Yes read that article that Danielle mentioned first and as questions arise, write them down and come back and ask us for more support. We are here to help you find your path to VA success.
  21. Hi Tracey and welcome! There is a whole forum section on working part-time and getting started. You can view it here.
  22. If I was starting out again, I think the first thing I would do is invest money into the growth of my business, for example: 1. Get a website first and foremost 2. Start building my list next 3. Network with other VAs so you can learn the industry quicker. ie) My VAinsiders Club 4. Outsource the startup crap I didn't want to do. If I had have invested a bit of money in the very beginning into my business instead of wasting time researching all the free resources out there I would have been up and running (with clients) right from the get go.
  23. Hiya Teria and welcome! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Enjoy the boards.
  24. I'd be discussing it with your client. Explain it exactly like you said above and show your client that this is costing them more money because the edits take that much longer.
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