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    Launching My VA Business

    It never hurts to have a welcome packet to explain your business protocols. Your welcome packet can just be an email or a link on your website explaining how you work with your clients too. Things to include would be: 1. How you communicate with your clients. Phone numbers, text, skype, etc. If you use a project management system like Asana then you'll want to give them instructions (videos or however you do this) how to sign up. 2. What your business hours are. Your contact information, etc. 3. How they pay you and when. If retainers maybe more details on them ie) do you carry hours over till next month or snooze and lose, etc. 4. Extras you may charge. Do you do rush jobs, etc. 5. Any other relevant information you feel a client would need to know to work with you.
  2. Tawnya Sutherland

    Question about Medical experience

    I recommend you learn WordPress and create your website using that. Here's some resources to learn same. You'll learn enough creating your own website in WordPress to be able to offer WordPress maintenance services to your future clients too so bonus! Coding is not needed anymore to maintain websites with all the DIY website options out there nowadays.
  3. Tawnya Sutherland

    Image or coding for my website prices?

    I fixed your URL as the one you put in went to not found page and probably why no one responded. Here's correct link https://yourpersistentassistant.com/virtual-assistance When you say "too busy" what are you referring to? Overall, kudos for even having a website, most VAs don't so pat yourself on the back!!! Personally, I'm not fond of your blue watery background and feel it makes it hard to read your content. Black font on this dark background makes it hard to read. Your header takes up quite a bit of your main real estate (above the fold) area of your website and I'd love to see that wider yet half as tall. That would bring your content up above the fold to ensure it gets read. Under your Virtual Assistant services page I think I would first write a general paragraph explaining your services/niche, etc. I'd probably move that list of services underneath your packages and pull them up top. Also give that bullet list a heading ie) List of Services we can offer your business (or whatever), but something to explain what this list is about. As well you could add that you can create customized packages for your clients and to contact you regarding same with link to your contact page or phone number. Love the Guaranteed Confidentiality statement but maybe elaborate on that. Looking great and love seeing our logo on your page to give you further trust/credibility with your client prospects. TIP: Use your affiliate link instead of going directly to our site. I made you an affiliate so log in to your dashboard to grab your affiliate link for VAinsiders. You can make 25% commissions on any sales which will help pay for your membership in the future. Make sure you add your PayPal email in your dashboard under "Affiliate Info > Payout Method" else you won't get paid. Website is looking great!!!
  4. Tawnya Sutherland

    Aspiring VA from PA

    Welcome Liz and glad you are joining us! We are here to help you with your new career and anything you need to know about starting up just ask. Hopefully, you've already logged into your member lounge and checked out the free resources there. If not, go here. Love that your grandchild inspires you with side hustles, so much fun! I will be moving 5 minutes away from mine in April and looking forward to sharing more quality time with them doing arts/crafts or whatever they love doing. If you have 110% seriousness factor to get up and running you should be in business in no time. Enjoy!
  5. Tawnya Sutherland

    new client..need some tech help

    Yay, congrats! As for learning about youtube channels you could take the Training Track called Video Marketing. As for podcast check out the webinar archives in the VAult...Why You Should Be Podcasting by Kelly McCausey Both of those resources will lead you to more training I recommend by both those people. Also many times we don't know how to do some of the things our clients will need us to do. Just be upfront about that with the client and be willing to train yourself. You don't have to say you completely don't know how to do that skillset but instead say yes you are currently learning this skillset and look forward to using this new knowledge to help that client make more money in their business.
  6. Tawnya Sutherland

    Question about Medical experience

    Hannah you can definitely niche yourself as a "medical" VA. You could work for surgeons, doctors, hospice, old folk homes, therapists, nutritionists, etc. Definitely add that as a special skillset you have. When you say you are learning to code, what do you mean there? I don't know many VAs that having programming behind their belt so didn't want you to feel you had to learn this. You'll find that each VA is unique and we all have different skillsets. You just have to figure out what you love doing and focus in on clients who need that type of work so you can market your services to them.
  7. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello from Spain

    You'd never know English wasn't your first language from your writing, it's great!
  8. Tawnya Sutherland

    Launching My VA Business

    Client onboarding is basically a phrase someone made up so they could sell you products surrounding that process. Onboarding a client is fairly simple and usually goes in this order: 1. Get them to pay your retainer upfront (usually online through Paypal). 2. Get them to sign your contract (I do this after I get their payment as once they pay it's easier to get them to sign as they want you to start working for them right away). 3. Talk to them on the phone to get pertinent contact information (contact info, passwords, etc.) to help you service them. 4. You can also send them a document stating your business protocols (hours you work, how you'll communicate with each other, how payments are made, holidays, sick-time, etc.) Each VA has different protocols. As you can see, there isn't much process to prepare to onboard a client. The hardest part is getting them to pay and sign that contract.
  9. Tawnya Sutherland

    Business Mailing Address

    I have a UPS Store mailbox (Costs me $150/year) and gives me security knowing noone knows my real mailing address. The one thing I love about UPS is that they have a Suite # instead of PO Box. Looks more professional. Funny thing one time someone was in front of my UPS mailing depot and phoned me to say they couldn't find my office. I then had to nicely explain that I work from home and that is just my mailing address.
  10. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello from Spain

    Hi Delia and welcome! Glad you found us and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here.
  11. Tawnya Sutherland

    hello from ny

    Hi Nancy and yep we are here, sorry for the delay responding! I only come into the forum on a daily basis and missed yesterday because of some work stuff. I gave my critique in our group coaching session. Like I said there you did a fine job. I would change your paragraphs from centred text to left justified as centred text is hard to read online and frustrates a user. Any paragraphs/headings over 5 words should not be centred. Otherwise, I think your website is awesome!
  12. Tawnya Sutherland

    New VA from New Mexico

    Wow that's quite a story but thrilled to see you back on your feet again and pushing forward. I recommend checking out this blog post I just wrote on how to find clients as a virtual assistant. If you have other questions, just ask
  13. Tawnya Sutherland

    how to work

    I recommend starting here and reading my blog post on how to find clients as a Virtual Assistant.
  14. Welcome, Jacquie! Hope it's not too cold in Eastern Canada. I'm in Vancouver, BC and chilly here for this time of year about -8C. One thing I love about being a VA is that you can work when you want, with whoever you want from WHEREVER you want so this sounds like the perfect career for you! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Any questions, just ask us!
  15. Hi Keisha and welcome! How exciting moving to Barbados, what a wonderful place to live and work as a VA. Sounds like you have some great work history and will do well working remotely as a VA. Let us know if you have any questions during this transition and thanks for sharing with us!
  16. I typically don't reach out to people who like my posts. Saying that, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try doing that. I'm just not sure how you'd approach it without being too "in their face" you know? If someone messaged me, for example, saying "I notice you liked my post and I was wondering if you'd be interested in learning more about this special offer" I'm not sure how I'd react. Would probably depend on my mood that day LOL! If a PMS mood I might ignore them but if in a great mood I might say "yes, tell me more" All you can do is test the waters and see how the reaction is. Let us know what you do and how it works for you.
  17. Tawnya Sutherland

    New Website

    Great start on your website, pat yourself on the back!!! Our website is always a work in progress as you will soon find out. As for some constructive feedback... 1. I love your logo at the top left. See if you can remove the words on the right of it in black as it is redundant. You only need your business name once. Maybe you could put a nice photo there instead to represent your business. 2. There seems to be wasted white space to the right of all your pages (almost like a column not be used). Maybe see if you can extend your copy to use all the space as that will bring more of your copy above the fold. 3. I'd add some visuals (images/pics) to your website too as this helps warm up a webpage and make it more welcoming for visitors. Or videos too if you are more creative. 4. For credibility/trust since you are a VAinsider you could add our logo to your page (use your affiliate link if you do). I also see you are a member of IVAA so add their logo too. 5. On your services page I would do a call to action (either paypal buttons to buy your services or a link to email you about them). Great job and look forward to seeing it grow with your business.
  18. Tawnya Sutherland


    Brittany what PLR did you buy and then I can answer that quickly for you. If it is PLR (and I want to make sure it is first) then no, you don't have to credit anyone where it came from.
  19. Tawnya Sutherland

    Affiliate Marketing and Links

    Think of what resources your clients may need and start adding those to your resource page. Most of the resources we offer at www.VAjot.com are ones that most clients may need at some point. They will probably need shopping carts, email management programs, domain, hosting, website, bookkeeping, cloud storage, etc. to name a few. I keep all my resources on one page and whenever my client needs something like an autoresponder program I'll say, pop over to my resources page and look at all the autoresponders you could use and once you decide on one grab it there. Here's one of my resource pages.
  20. Tawnya Sutherland

    Service Descriptions

    I would do some internet research and see what others are writing. Don't copy other's wording (people know who copy as they use Copyscape to find out so don't do that) but do learn from how others are writing their service descriptions. Keep your wording short and to the point. Be concise as online readers don't have time to waste reading long copy. State the benefit of a service (what's in it for them) like we take care of your bookkeeping tasks so you can work on making more product to sell (or whatever)
  21. Tawnya Sutherland

    Website Services Page

    I think this is a great start and would just add as you have listed. At the bottom, you could put something to the effect of... if you don't see the exact service listed you require just ask us as we can help or lead you in the right direction. (something like that). As well you might want to say something like we can set up packages / retainers to suit any business budget/need, just contact us for more info.
  22. Hi Afshan and welcome! I have been working for over 20 years as a mummie of 3 although all my kids are grown up now. In fact, my oldest daughter is also a VA now so runs in the family. The freedom of this job is that you can work when you want, wherever you want with whoever you want. I remember one week all my 3 kids got chicken pox all at the same time. I would work when they were resting. Nowadays I suppose you could send them to a babysitter or have one come into your house. Somehow I just worked around their sicknesses over the years and feel blessed to have been able to work at home while they were sick so I was there with them. It can be tiring and not easy working through those sick moments but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I was at home with them when they needed me most. Sure I worked until the wee hours during those sickie moments but somehow God gives you the energy to get through it and come out the other side smiling. Another thing you can do is find support groups locally of other mothers that work at home and share the babysitting on school holidays. Like you take the kids half day and the other mom can take them the other half day.
  23. Tawnya Sutherland


    There are really no stats on Virtual Assistants specifically. You could call anyone who works administratively (work at home secretaries, PAs marketers like social media managers), technically (people who work remotely doing technical services) and creatively (graphic designers, web developers, etc.) online as VAs which makes Virtual Assistants a huge market. Almost anyone servicing clients and working from home could be lumped into the group of Virtual Assistants (minus coaches, authors, etc.) I know that doesn't help but may help you word it. Every business owner could utilize the services of a VA in some shape or form. If you look at our numbers at our website, we are the market leader for resources in the VA industry. We have had over 55,000 members sign up to our network. If you look at our stats it shows the interest in our industry as we've been around since 2003. (These numbers probably need to be updated too for 2019). VAnetworking Forum (50,000+ registered members) Twitter (28,000+ Followers) Linkedin Virtual Assistant Group (22,000+ members) Linkedin Profile (2,500+ connections) Facebook Business Page (12,000+ Likes) Facebook Group for Virtual Assistants (10,000+)
  24. Great to hear Marie and thanks for sharing!
  25. Tawnya Sutherland

    Website Services Page

    There is really no right / wrong way to do this. Every VAs service page will be unique as everyone typically offers a variety of different services. Maybe if you stated the services you want to offer we could then go from there grouping and organizing your skillsets into a clear and succinct service page specifically for your business.

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