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  1. Hello, When a new VA starts with a Client, what do you think the VA should have to 'hit the ground running'? Passwords, URLs...what else to make the transition smooth? Thank you! Janine
  2. VAs save their clients time and money. If a client is not doing a service that took them away from doing a higher level service then their VA is saving them money and giving them time to do the higher-revenue work, for example. What are some services that you have provided for your clients that have saved them money? I'm interested to know the specific services.
  3. Hi Elizabeth, Welcome to this fantastic site! You have come to the right place for encouragement, advice and VA resources. As a VA matchmaker, I can tell you that the QB Online Pro adviser certification is going to be so valuable for you! I receive bookkeeping requests consistently and QB Online Pro is in great demand. When you are certified, do send me an email as I will connect you with another VA who needs this service on her team. In the meantime, I encourage you to start slowly with marketing your business. Do what is most comfortable. Are you on FB? if so, create a FB business page and start posting there. Use the icon in your signature and draw people in with value-centered posts. Also, here on VA Networking there are people who need advice in bookkeeping so do peruse the site and help others out. I found that just being helpful opened up new relationships that helped to grow my business. Post back here with questions. Tawnya and her fabulous VA, Danielle offer great direction and focus. Check out Tawyna's programs here. She offers great free videos to help you get started. I look forward to hearing about your journey and chatting with you again. Best, Janine
  4. Welcome!! You will love it here! Everyone is so helpful and you are correct, there is so much valuable information and it is beautifully curated by the Tawnya and Danielle. Jump right in and ask as many questions as you need! We're here to help! Best, Janine
  5. Hi Tisha, Welcome to the Forums! You have come to the right place for all things VA and support! Here are some great freebies to get you started: https://www.vanetworking.com/free-stuff/ Virtual Assistant Networking Forum #VAforum Kick Start Your VA Business eBook Virtual Assistant Start Up Checklist The Hourly Pricing FORMULA Worksheet Marketing Graphics for Social Media VIDEO (1 Hour) How to Become a VA Plus Top 10 Resources VIP Notice to our FREE Training Webinars Market Leading News for the Virtual Assistant Industry Best, Janine
  6. Thank you for this resource, Tawnya and so beautifully laid out step by step. Janine
  7. I use Calendly and I upgraded to the Pro version. So far it has worked out well and the support has been quick and prompt when I have needed it. Janine
  8. Welcome Jacqui! How has business been since you last posted here? Do you have any questions or comments? There is so much wonderful information here. I am still exploring all the tools and resources. Looking forward to learning more about you and your business. Janine
  9. Welcome to VANetworking! You will love it there! There is so much support and the content by Tawnya is phenomenal. Feel free to jump back in and ask any questions. We are all happy to help! Janine
  10. Hello VAs! I am putting together a list of most commonly asked questions of a VA. I'll start the list with the most common question I am asked: How much does a VA cost? I'd like to hear what questions you respond to. Thank you! Janine
  11. Welcome to VANetworking! You are in a remarkable space for all things virtual assistant. I know a little about Project Management certification as I place PMs with clients for my own matchmaking business. Those that have a PM certification are in high demand. But what you will want to know is how to manage a virtual project, which typically can include a product launch. If you work with online coaches, speakers or authors who launch books, products and services, you will need to oversee the projects and know (if you don't know already) about email sequences, affiliate marketing and creating lead magnets for entrepreneurs. I only say this because I have PMs that come to me from being in the corporate world not realizing that the online world can be different. If you want to work virtually so you can retire and travel well, consider getting a PM certification from educators who understand what online projects will require. Best, Janine
  12. Hi Laura, I got a 'kick' out of your avatar and had to double-take! Such great advice here on this forum! Danielle's suggestion to view Tawnya's tips video is a terrific. There is so much value in the trainings Tawyna offers here. Make sure you are signed onto her email list so you can be notified of upcoming trainings. She also offers coaching so I do recommend connecting with her as this service is invaluable. I would say that the most important to tip I can give you is to reach out as often as you can to others in the virtual business. Offer value to the discussions and begin to establish yourself as an expert. VAnetworking is a great place to check in often and then carve out 15 minutes to check out LinkedIn. Facebook and other discussions as well. People will find you and you can begin to gain a online reputation that can secure future work opportunities. Best, Janine
  13. Hi Jess, My thoughts on LinkedIn profiles have changed this past year. While profiles have typically looked very much like a resume, I have found that the opposite is what attracts people to work with a VA on LinkedIn. I have found that people want to see themselves in the profile and less about your bio. And while offering your skills and a description of what you do, they really want to hear "what's in it for them". I find that the most effective profiles are those that use 'what if statements'. So 'what if you could have a website that could convert visitors to customers?' Or, 'what if you wanted to set up an email sequence where you send customized emails to users who opt-in for separate avenues of interests, well, I can do that'. My suggestion is to think about what it is that you do and how you can solve that problem for people who come to your profile. And then create a profile of a few short paragraphs that has a call-to-action directing people to a free gift or a download on your website to capture email addresses that you can nurse into leading people into a phone call with you. I believe these types of LinkedIn profiles are the most effective and then leave the bio for an About Us page on your website. Tawnya offers great advice as well to add a CTA and a freebie. Best to you, Janine
  14. Welcome Debra to VANetworking! There is so much to learn here and the people are so helpful! Please post back if you have any questions. Janine
  15. Jason, Also remember that you are the business owner and you set your own policies and procedures. Explain you want payment up front for X amount of time or to meet a certain goal. Explain that you require 24 hours turn around time for questions and any updates in your contract. I would also consider taking a deposit in addition to payment up front. That way if you go over the job, you can be paid for the work you did. And don't be afraid to say 'no' to people who disrespect your time and value. Janine
  16. Wow Danielle, What a beautifully written instruction. Nicely done and very helpful! Thank you! Janine
  17. Hi Denise, Even though the tasks vary from month to month, you can still package your services. The tasks may vary but they may most likely be the same type of tasks month to month. For example I package social media tasks for one price into one package even though those tasks are not always the same each month. There is more money to be made in packages as people purchase value from you instead of dollars for time. You might also consider the coaching services of Tawnya who can help you. She is amazing! Best, Janine
  18. Denise, When I billed by retainer it was in 10 hour min blocks of time, then 15, then 20. However, I found that when I moved my services to packaged rates based on results as opposed to dollars for time, increments was not the priority anymore. If you find that you are doing the same tasks month after month, I suggest you consider packaging those tasks into one price. Time yourself and than add an additional percentage onto the rate to cover those situations which arise and typically ate into the hours specified for each client. So if it take you 10 hour or 12 hours to complete something you get one rate and the client gets results and goals met. I have found that clients see packaged or bundled tasks as more value than being paid for hours worked. If indeed a service is required that is not specified in the contract and in the package presented, the client can be billed hourly over and above the packaged rate. In that case, the client would be notified ahead of time and also that clause would need to be place in the contract as well. If that specified task is continuous month-to-month, I suggest the package be rewritten to include that service and then adjust the rate accordingly. Best, Janine
  19. Hi Norah, I'm sorry to hear about the obstacles in front of you when you wrote this, but I am inspired by your willingness to relocate to Ireland and get your business back on track. Those are huge decisions to make despite your setbacks and for this I commend you! I just placed a VA from California with a client from New Zealand yesterday to work on her ebook, do some research and help with her webinars. The NZ client told me that it was more important to have someone on board who was a good fit rather than worry about the time zone. Since she was 15 hours ahead of the CA time, it didn't matter unless the work was done. If there was any conversation, some time adjustments had to be made...but it is minor compared to the work being done. When I interviewed the NZ client for my referral business I spoke to her via Zoom at 8 pm EST while it was 18 hours forward for the client in the morning. Honestly, for me it was no problem. Further, I use a walkie-talkie system in my business to send out short questions that can be answered at any time. The product is called Voxer.com and the basic package is free. I send quick one-minute messages to get quick answers if I am stuck on something or just want to check in. In this age of technology, communication issues are less. And for most clients as long as the work is getting done and you are meeting the company's goals, no worries about setting up your business elsewhere. Best to you! Janine
  20. Hi Shannon, You can connect your travel experience for military families. Consider creating custom travel packages specifically geared toward retired military that might be in a later stage of life where now they can find the time to travel with their children grown. Or you can create custom travel packages for military personnel with young families that are kid-friendly but also offer some grown-up time. I love the idea of travel geared toward a specific population. You can lead the events or find people who are travel connections that can do it for you. You can also find travel events that are military-priced friendly too meaning that the cost could be lower for them given so much emphasis now for businesses to give military discounts. There is so much good marketing in this too...that you offer travel packages that are priced specifically for military families and that you take the stress out of making these arrangements for busy military families. I suppose I could keep going but you get the idea. I wish you well and I think you are sitting on a gold mine! Best, Janine
  21. Hi Denise o, I don't deduct any time from the month simply because with or without vacation dates I put in the specified amount of time that I say I will work and manage that time. Now it occurred to me after reading your post that you might perform daily work that requires it be done each day such as answering the phone or making sales calls as opposed to doing social media and blogging; the latter of which can be done any time of the month whether it is a vacation day or not. Is this what you are referring to? If so, then I can see why you deduct time because you can't perform those tasks because the businesses are closed. Please clarify. My thought is that if you are doing work that can be done daily no matter if it is a state holiday then there is no reason to deduct time. Denise, have you considered packaging your work into one bulk rate? I say this because if you charge one rate for all services and meet that goal for the month, there is no reason to deduct time. You say what you are going to do in 30 days and get paid for it no matter the timeline. It's easier and you can make more money that way because clients see value in packaged rates. Dollars for time worked is not as valuable as dollars for goals reached. I look forward to your response. Best, Janine
  22. Welcome bemoregirl to a fabulous community for all things virtual! I'd be interested in knowing what your business will be all about. Do you know what type of admin services you will offer. Since you are retired military (thank you for your service), I have noticed through my interaction on VA forums that many like you want to start their own virtual businesses. This might be a good market for you to pursue as a VA. Being retired military connects you immediately with others in the same industry, which can be a great differentiation factor in your business from other virtuals. Again, welcome to the community and I look forward to your conversations here. Best, Janine
  23. Hello Nancy! Welcome! The best place to start is with your city's rules and regulations as far as registration or if there is any business license needed to operate. You may also need to register your business name. I'm not familiar with the same names as in the US but if you have a county, that would be the first place to check. You will need some kind of internet presence, ideally a website however, I have known some VAs to start out with a really well-crafted LinkedIn page and use that in the interim. The most important thing is to know who your customer is so you are just not marketing to 'everyone'. Be specific with whom you want to serve. Throwing a net to everyone will be too broad but once you hone in on a specific industry or niche you will begin to find customers just in those areas and the marketing becomes clearer. Finally, I have a good friend who is a wonderful bookkeeper. She has a superb bookkeeping business and has informed me that QuickBooks Online is indeed important to know. (If you don't have that skill already.) It is in high demand now...just a tip in case you want to get started quickly. Best to you! Janine
  24. My suggestion is begin building a reputation by sharing your expertise with others. It is called Relationship Marketing. By just putting cards out there, it is like throwing a net and hoping that you catch one or two fish. And this catch may not be someone you want to work with. Go on LinkedIn and create a powerful profile. Then join several groups pertaining to your expertise and skills. Respond to questions people ask and need assistance with. Expect nothing in return. LinkedIn will tell you if people are viewing your profile. Offer a freebie such as a pdf or a free '5 Ways to Do XYZ'. Gather email addresses through your website using MailChimp or MadMimi. Then send out an email on a monthly basis with tips and tricks that you can offer those interested in the work you do. Over time, and organically you will build a reputation and people will call on you. But your website needs to be professional and ready to receive inquiries. Take a look at other VAs and see how their sites are set up. Never copy work from others but you can see how people set up and receive inquiries. Do the leg work. Seek out help at your local SCORE office and get a business plan together for one year up to five years. Set goals and stick with them. You can do this!!! Janine
  25. Hi Tracy, I know a six-figure bookkeeper who is rebranding her business and is in search of bookkeeping partners. I know one of her requirements is QuickBooks Online. If that is something you have experience in doing, I will gladly connect the two of you. Best, Janine
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