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  1. You may need a business license depending on your states laws - I would just google opening an in home business in Kentucky - specifically your county and see what comes up.
  2. I am going to move over to 17hats I think. But I will be using it for full management not just billing.
  3. Along these same lines - does anyone know if you can take a pre-existing Quickbooks system and transfer it to Quickbooks online easily?
  4. Personally when I have kept books I just estimate how many hours they might need a month, muliply my hourly rate by that and give them a flat rate that way. I might would add a little extra hours for padding on that time.
  5. I usually do for about a year or until tax season for the year I worked with them is done, in case I need it for that.
  6. Lisa, if you have a write up for what you are needing I would be happy to pass it along to my coastie wife friends (we have a special forum).
  7. I do them myself but only because I used to work in a tax office and know some of the ins and outs. Question - does anyone know if we can claim cleaning services for our home office on taxes?
  8. Ok so it basically goes by the state she is in rather than where ever the client is.
  9. Just doing business with them. If she were to have them as her clients.
  10. I have a client that is expanding and she is wondering if there are any sites or resources for working with people globally and the local laws for the different countries.
  11. All of my clients have always given me access to their credit cards for booking.
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