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  1. TrustedBusinessVA

    Launching My VA Business

    Thank you so much. that helped a lot. and if I remember correctly, you said most clients do not like retainer pricing right?
  2. TrustedBusinessVA

    Launching My VA Business

    Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I can send my business protocols to them in my welcome packet correct? Or should I not worry about a welcome packet? Do you send your new clients a welcome packet? Thank you
  3. TrustedBusinessVA

    Launching My VA Business

    The services I will be offering are; Administrative Services Appointment Setting with Reminder Services Answering Client Inquiries Client Invoicing Document Creation Spreadsheet Creation Slide Show Creation CRM Management Email Management Online Research Business Advertising/Promoting Services Creation of Advertising Materials Distribution of Advertising Materials Tracking Advertising Campaign Social Media Management Also, I wanted to ask, which business processes should I have put in place? I know I need my client onboarding but that's about it. And if you have any tips or suggestions about the onboarding process, it would be much appreciated.
  4. TrustedBusinessVA


    TrustedBusinessVA Thank you! I appreciate it so much
  5. TrustedBusinessVA

    Business Name Ideas!

    I think you made a great choice.
  6. TrustedBusinessVA

    Affiliate Marketing and Links

    I want to set up a resources page for my website and use it to gain lipstick money through affiliate links but I am not sure how to begin to do that.
  7. TrustedBusinessVA

    Hello, new(ish) VA from PA!

    Welcome! I'm glad to hear you got back into it
  8. TrustedBusinessVA

    New Website

    I just tried going to your link and it took me to a coming soon page. Did you mean for that to happen or is it suppose t be your actual website?
  9. TrustedBusinessVA

    Service Descriptions

    Hey, I don't know how to write amazing service descriptions. Any tips?
  10. TrustedBusinessVA

    Launching My VA Business

    Hello, I was wondering, what would you say I must have already and put together before I launch my business. And what are some things, I can wait until right after launch. Thank you!
  11. TrustedBusinessVA


    I apologize this is a bit off topic of virtual assistance but is there a way I can change my username on here?
  12. TrustedBusinessVA


    Okay, I will definitely work on that. About your #2 again, did you mean make the photos linked to my services page or the services name linked.
  13. TrustedBusinessVA


    Thank you so much for the advice I will definitely fix all of that right away. Your point #2 what did you mean exactly? Like, have each service be a link that goes to my services page? and the page not found thing that's weird ill have to look into it. thank you
  14. TrustedBusinessVA


    My website is up and running. Will you please go check it out and give me any advice. This was the first website I ever created. www.marcusvirtual.com Thank you. I truly appreciate it.
  15. TrustedBusinessVA


    One of the services I provide is designing marketing materials like business cards, brochures, etc. I am trying to figure out if I should just do the designing if the placing of ordering and printing. (Trying to figure out my pricing). What do you think? Thank you.

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