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  1. Sorry, one more quick question Tawnya , since I offer document creation, if my market were to be lawyers they would most likely need legal documents.... with that being said, I don't have any type of legal degree or experience with legal document writing. That matters right?
  2. Thank you for your help. It helps tremendously. But if one niche isn't working I switch to another one as well right?
  3. Very good point. And if one doesn't work out I can always change right? Perfect thank you so much
  4. That makes absolute sense. Thank you. I think I'm going to target Lawyers. Or can I target two professions if so, what do you think about lawyers & real estate agents (or are those two professions to fairly different?) I truly appreciate all the advice you have provided me. I can't wait until I get clients rolling through my door because the first thing I am going to do is become a VAinsider so I an learn even more form you. Your amazing
  5. All Links on my resources page, do I have to be an affiliate marketer of?
  6. That's the thing. I don't have a list yet. That's why I am trying to find an opt-in to use to build my list. The services I offer are as follows: Administration Services Customer/Client Inquiries Customer.Client Invoicing Competitor Updates CRM Management Direct Mailing Document Creation Email Management Hotel & Flight Booking List Posting (Real Estate) Online Research Property Research (Real Estate) Schedule Management Slideshow Creation Social Media Setup & Update Spreadsheet Creation Personal Assistant Services Bill Payments Document Creation Email Management Direct Mailing Hotel & Flight Booking Online Ordering Reservations Schedule Management Any ideas and or help??:) P.S. I want to join VAinsiders but I am still getting myself (my business) up and going so my budget is kinda tight still at the moment. But I would LOVE to be apart of VAinsiders I always have wanted too. And I can't wait until the day I get too.
  7. Hello, The only thing I feel like I am missing on my website is an opt-in, something for my potential clients to download after entering their name and email. But I'm not sure what. I was hoping to get a few ideas and hopefully an opinion on which one you guys think works the best. (I'm not sure if it would help knowing who my target market is but, my target market is Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. - I know that's broad but that's my target market)
  8. Hello, First of all Happy New Years Everyone!! Secondly, I wanted some opinions about service descriptions; When writing service descriptions should I write the whole thing no matter the length or should I make them all the same length and have a Continue Reading button that brings up a pop up with the full description? I was thinking more so having a continue reading button that way it looks more professional and nicer. But I wold lie other virtual assistants opinions Thank you guys! I absolutely love being a part of this community/forum and am able to talk to fellow VAs
  9. rschierer, That makes complete sense. Thank you. Your comment truly did help. I appreciate it, You have no idea. I never thought about like that. Thank you
  10. I do know that if your business name has your name in it it does not have to be registered. That means it must contain only my last name or my first name as well?
  11. Hello, I wanted to know everyones thought on whether or not to show your pricing on your website.
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