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  1. Hello, When it comes to choosing the colors for my brand and website design; is it better to use an analogous, monochromatic, complementary, triad, or tetrad color scheme?
  2. Amber by any chance can you give me the link to your website so I can see how yours look like, please
  3. Amber that was so so so helpful thank you so much. Amber do you have a link so i can see how your looks and Tawnya thank you so much im going to check hers out now :)
  4. When creating my website the only major problem I am having is how to write my service descriptions so they convert. Any tips?
  5. Thank you so much. that helped a lot. and if I remember correctly, you said most clients do not like retainer pricing right?
  6. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I can send my business protocols to them in my welcome packet correct? Or should I not worry about a welcome packet? Do you send your new clients a welcome packet? Thank you
  7. The services I will be offering are; Administrative Services Appointment Setting with Reminder Services Answering Client Inquiries Client Invoicing Document Creation Spreadsheet Creation Slide Show Creation CRM Management Email Management Online Research Business Advertising/Promoting Services Creation of Advertising Materials Distribution of Advertising Materials Tracking Advertising Campaign Social Media Management Also, I wanted to ask, which business processes should I have put in place? I know I need my client onboarding but that's about it. And if you have any tips or suggestions about the onboarding process, it would be much appreciated.
  8. TrustedBusinessVA Thank you! I appreciate it so much
  9. I want to set up a resources page for my website and use it to gain lipstick money through affiliate links but I am not sure how to begin to do that.
  10. I just tried going to your link and it took me to a coming soon page. Did you mean for that to happen or is it suppose t be your actual website?
  11. Hey, I don't know how to write amazing service descriptions. Any tips?
  12. Hello, I was wondering, what would you say I must have already and put together before I launch my business. And what are some things, I can wait until right after launch. Thank you!
  13. I apologize this is a bit off topic of virtual assistance but is there a way I can change my username on here?
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