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  1. This might be a silly/dumb question. Where do I find your signature
  2. I tried using weebly but i don't like the fact that I can't use the fonts i want
  3. Okay I will do that now. Do you ever have coupons or a discount for your Monthly Vainsiders subscription
  4. Not yet but I have ALWAYS wanted to be a member. Do you ever have discounts or coupons for your monthly?
  5. Sounds good to me thank you again. I had a strong gut feeling but wanted to check just incase I was being to paranoid or worrisome
  6. Thank you so much. That's what I thought. I am glad I asked before I did anything. So how do you suggest I message them declining and telling them I cant
  7. A potential client messaged me on freelancer.com, they advised me that they were an artist trying to bring their artwork online. One of my duties would be collecting payments. But they said there are two options on how I can collect payments, which are as follows: Option 1: Checks will be mailed to my address (home business address) and then I deposit them into my own account which then I keep my part of the pay and funds needed to complete services and ten I transfer money to the Company account. Option 2: I have my own bank account and add the clients company account as an external account so customers will send their payments to the company account and then I can transfer funds back and forth. But the thing is, is the thing is, is he told me when I am adding the company as an external account onto mine to say that I am the owner because external accounts are usually only for the owner of the external account. Honestly, both options sound a little bit fishy to me. So I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience and if so what happened? Is it safe to do this. When I told him that in the past a potential client wanted me to do the same thing but with option 1 and it turned out to be fraud that is when he told me about option 2. Please help. Thank you
  8. so I was messaged by a potential client on freelancer.com and I went through the whole entire interview process and everything answered about 20 to 30 questions over the phone typing and then they told me that I had to have a checking account a specific checking account for them to mail me a check for me to deposit into my account for my working materials and equipment. Last time I had this happened it turned out it was fraudulent and a scam and illegal is this normal for a job or not. I don't know what to do.
  9. I made a profile on freelancer.com and a potential client messaged me but be they said I have to pay a $30 refundable deposit. Is that normal? As far as I knew I shouldn't pay for a job.
  10. Very true. That's why im sticking with real estate. and changed my services a bit. Thank you
  11. Sorry, one more quick question Tawnya , since I offer document creation, if my market were to be lawyers they would most likely need legal documents.... with that being said, I don't have any type of legal degree or experience with legal document writing. That matters right?
  12. Thank you for your help. It helps tremendously. But if one niche isn't working I switch to another one as well right?
  13. Very good point. And if one doesn't work out I can always change right? Perfect thank you so much
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