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    I work with wolves, do dog rescue, love animals. Very involved in my grandkids football and dance. I am a photographer. I love to dance, love country music and being outdoors. I live in the mountains so I am outside a lot.

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  1. Sorry just saw this. Journey is a 98% wolf mixed with dog. I work with a wolf rescue and he is one of our Ambassadors. Danna
  2. Lost, need some advice. New client, wants me to send agreement. He needs 10 hours a week. Should I do a retainer agreement, independent contractor agreement or a services contract? I found all 3 in the vault. It's for social media and some marketing/contacting prospective clients, not cold marketing, setting up people he is associated with already I have been working on your policies and procedures agreement, is that enough on it's own? Thanks for any advice. Danna
  3. Welcome Nikki!!! So awesome that you have already found your niche, that's hard for some of us. You sound SUPER motivated, Success is YOURS! Research others sites and see what they are charging. Think about what you want to make per hour and how long it will take you and go from there. Take what you are making now and build from that and remember that you need to go higher as you won't be getting benefits, they pay no rent for you to sit, no taxes, etc. Go thru this site and there are definitely courses on how to set up what you charge. Wishing you the world! Danna
  4. Hi Everybody! I am Danna Cruzan from Wrightwood, California. I live in a small mountain community. I started my VA Business a few years ago under Alpha One Innovations, but recently made a sub biz under that Alpha One Virtual Assistant as my main site just has too much going on . I have two big clients for 10 hours a week each and am in the process of signing one from our RFP section here!!! So excited as he wants 10 hours as well! I recently lost a client, a 5 hour a week client, but I didn't like her anyhow and was trying to figure out how to end our contract so this was a blessing and opened me up for the new client which is a photographer (I am one too) which is a GREAT fit! I started my business as I lost my corporate job to a lay off and at 53 (then) I found serious ageism out there and was competing with 30-35 year olds who would take a lot less money than I needed. So Alpha One Innovations was born! I did all this before becoming a VA Insider at VA Networking and made lots of mistakes along the way and it took me much longer to get going. I am so Thankful I found the VA Networking Insider group and I have learned so much and learn everyday from the GREAT Vault and many video courses we can watch! My goal is to have a multi va business by the end of 2017 so that I can spend more time doing wolf and dog rescue and photography. I look forward to getting to know all of you. Danna Cruzan danna@alphaoneinnovations.com http://alphaonevirtualassistant.com 760-662-8395 FB: https://facebook.com/alphaoneinnovations FB Profile: https://facebook.com/dannacruzan Twitter: https://twitter.com/DannaCruzan
  5. I am attending my first VAVS and it is so WONDERFUL! I will be at EVERYONE from now on!!! Danna
  6. Danna Cruzan The Wolf Woman Entrepreneur Alpha One Innovations Telephone: 760-662-8395 Email: danna@alphaoneinnovations.com Alpha One Innovations: http://alphaoneinnovations.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/dannacruzan Business Fan Page: http://facebook.com/alphaoneinnovations Google+ Page: http:// google.com/+Alphaoneinnovations- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DannaCruzan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannacruzan/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/dannacruzan/ Facebook Accountability Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/612864915536722/
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