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  1. I was contacted by 2 real-estate agents because I was hired by someone to looks for houses to flip. I was asked what I charge. For those who work with real-state agents, What do you charge that's a fare fee? Jason Washington state
  2. Recently I was offered a position of payroll and other clerical duties from home. However the guy said he would only pay me monthly and I had to go buy envelopes, check paper, and regular white (plain paper). I told him I would need a deposit to start and even consider the position. He said he didn't like paying upfront that was to so this to start the position. After a week he got back to me and asked if I considered the proposition. I told him I would if he met my 3 request, the Address of where this was taking place, he paid me weekly, and if I got his location. He has yet to respond. My question is, how do I stop scams or can I and how many so you all encounter? Jason Wa. State
  3. How would I approach someone on say LinkedIn for business?
  4. My problem is wording and creativity. I need help with this area.
  5. Hello all. I know of a business that is home based pretty much and I feel they may benefit from services I can offer. I would like to send them a letter or post card introducing myself and business but am stumped on the wording. Can someone send me an example I can go off of? I want this to be near perfect as this will be my first mailing to recruit a client. Jason jasonleach.va@gmail.com
  6. My sister in law wants to work as a va really bad. Shes great at clerical work, spreadsheets, etc. Does anyone have any idea where she can advertise herself or does anyone have work she can do? Jason
  7. I am a VA for a property management company making and receiving phone calls. For every call, I'm to bill it at 15-minute increments. Every 4 calls are $15. I write these calls down but my issue is at the end of the month I seem to misplace papers. Is there a program I can use where I can be more organized with these calls? Jason
  8. I would have asked for payment upfront, however, with the non-communication on her part I wasn't sure if I were able to meet the quota and deadline she was requesting. I would have had to reimburse her. Jason
  9. I finally got the payment from her. I sent her a thank you note and wished her luck in the future.
  10. I sent her the invoice the same day I sent her my work. The invoice was do on the 30th the same day as the project.
  11. I had a client who hired me to do a name data base for her,400 to be exact in 20 hours. Let me start off by saying she was 33 min late for our meeting to discuss the job. She took a week to get back to me for the info for the contract. I emailed her to ask how I was suppose to get these names, should I tell them anything to get the information and that to took a week for her to respond. Now I have 2 days to get this project done. Ofcoarse I didn't meet the deadline but got her a hundred for her. The end of the month came and she wrote me an termination email that offended even my wife. I stipulated in the contract a late fee which has passed. What should I do? Sorry so long. Jason
  12. In this instance, I have a webpage and not a whole lot of funds to put my site online. Would advertising on free search engines offering free time ie; 3 hours free be an idea to get clients? Jason
  13. Great information. I will look into this today and hopefully it'll help me gain more clients. Jason www.virtualassistancebyjason.webs.com
  14. Welcome, Vanessa. I'm Jason and let me tell you this forum is a very good place to help with your business. I'm a Virtual Assistant and its helped me a lot. Again welcome I know you'll enjoy.
  15. I have to look fo a job aside of my virtual assistance business til I can find more clients. Should I include my experience in my resume or is that a whole new resume of its own? Jason
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